Our Wininitiated NdisRequests must not break the existing functionality. However, we must realize that the baseline PassThru driver functionality is already making NdisRequests as part of the miniport pass-through logic. When we’re done we’ll call PtCloseAdapter to close the adapter handle. The goal here is to make it easier to implement different kinds of filters in the future by making changes to primarily to the filter module. Here are a few:.

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Where filename is a file that contains the NDIS name of the lower adapter to be used followed by the list of dotted IP addresses to block on the adapter. Click here to view Win32 code to query and display binding names.

Networking driver samples

Next, FilterPacket gets a copy of the list of IP addresses for which packets are to be dropped. PassThruStats is the application to get statistics from PassThru.

To get statistics information use the commend:. The binding names that are returned by this query identify i, bindings that can be used in other binding-specific functions.

Here are the basic implementations of these two functions: Then, if you want to affect all adapters on your system, do in a command window:.

Queries made on an open adapter handle on the PassThru driver are synchronous and must passtgru serialized by the Win32 application. IoIs32bitProcess would branch the code to one path for a bit caller and to a different path for a bit caller.


Networking driver samples – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

We’ll also address the “life cycle” of a the handle – including ways to deal with the case that NDIS unbinds the adapter after the user-mode handle has been opened. The companion code is intended to help the reader derive and improve their own NDIS Intermediate driver for Windows platforms.

If your driver supports both bit and bit applications, then you can use a bit application to provide a “pretty face”. Demonstrates the functionality of an NDIS miniport driver without requiring a physical network adapter.

Portions Copyright c Microsoft Corporation; used by permission. There are a few additional details to attend to. Use the PoolTag utility to make sure that there aren’t gross memory leaks. It was a deliberate goal that a minimum of changes be introduced into that base, and those changes are ordinarily identified by comments of this form:. Search for “bit Om in quotes to focus on the top-level information of most interest.

The driver samples in this directory nis a starting point for writing a custom network driver for your device.

NDIS resources

Only one adapter handle can be opened at a time on each PassThru binding. This article and the accompanying sample code are provided for educational purposes exteding. These were the basic steps:. But to maintain cache coherency so that a given counter is fetched or updated as a unitstatistics counters are read or updated atomically.


Use at your own risk.

In its current state the PTUserIo application uses this approach; Win32 handles are only opened only briefly and are closed when the application exits. A fairly frequent topic on the newsgroups is: Here are the two items to be associated:.

There is one additional problem passtrhu adapter handles that must be dealt with. In addition, there is the PassThru. The user-space programs use class names resource information corresponding to values in PassThru.

Tutorial for NDIS intermediate drivers? | PC Review

We simply hold the GlobalLock while we are examining the adapter list. Concurrently run a repetitive test that opens a PassThru adapter handle for five seconds and then closes it.

Two machines bit target and bit host are paassthru to support bit kernel-mode driver debugging. These have been lightly modified to work in the Windows software development environment.