Have to do this at home And everything is running smooth, TV shows are monitored with Sick-Beard, downloaded with Transmission, renamed, sorted, moved and archived to raidz. Build custom FreeNAS kernel with the ‘ahd’ driver disabled. Of course you can modify it to your needs as I do. Joined Apr 18, Messages 1 Thanks 0. What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Whilst I have almost got there, I have hit an issue treenas the compiling of the ports after the buildworld completes. I also noticed that in a recent ‘nightly’ they added a -f option for just doing ‘build world’ and the kernel if I’m not mistaken.

Thread starter JustinClift Start date May 19, Just because I can. I tried to install the freebsd on a VMware machine, but after installation and reboot, i get an “Invalid partition table” message on boot. So by commenting it out in the script, and then specifying it on the command line, it did the second part.

Build custom FreeNAS kernel with the ‘ahd’ driver disabled

Before you try to compile the new driver you should look at the source for the current driver and see what version is already being used, you might be surprised. Since I am a netbsd guy and new to freebsd, all the jail stuff takes some time to understand Once I fresnas the chicken and egg problem solved, I will post the details needed.


It does work, after I added all possible rights to the jail, A VM? Resources Latest reviews Search resources. I already have a completed build, but now I want to update the kernel with compiile customized version.

Why do you think you need a custom kernel? Hi Folks, Apologies if this is the incorrect sub forum, I was not sure if I should psot here or under development. When you look at the revision number, refer to this link https: Address already in use Is that like the first and second partition in nanobsd? Have to do this at home Ah, I was trying to do everything in tcsh.

Bashern Newbie Dec 18, I’ve started with easier route. They should make it easier to configure the kernel so it can use more memory though a sysctl instead of a compile time option. If you use the script I created, it’s just easier. What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. Resources Latest reviews Search frfenas.


Build custom FreeNAS kernel with the ‘ahd’ driver disabled | FreeNAS Community

Joined Oct 6, Messages 83 Thanks 2. Thread starter tranced1 Start date Apr 29, This file gets copied into the aforementioned directory by nanobsd.

Yeah, on the motherboard that I’m using in this NAS amd64 is not an option. I understand that those steps won’t work, I just need to compile Freenas from scratch with this option disabled in the conf file, I was unable to find compiling guide for Freenas. Why would I want to have an hypervisor in between?

Joined Jan 3, Messages 6 Thanks 0. I get the following error. It’s a Vm on Esxi6. Durk, I’m not that smart when it comes to compiling FreeNAS but I am smart enough write a script making repetitive tasks easier for myself.