Professional Data Associates, Inc. Pollack notes that Fulcrum is also considering a further extension of its support hours for European customers and plans to introduce a new high-end premium support package for application developers. Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme http: We are pleased to be working with Fulcrum to provide their customers with access to our network publishing tools. As electronic media and delivery systems evolve, Fulcrum is also helping UMI expand its capabilities to include a wider range of delivery mechanisms. Large organizations such as National Semiconductor Corp. Bull Worldwide Information Systems , Fax http:

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Recital CorporationUK http: Established inthe company posted revenues of 3. Corporate Headquarters Fulcrum Technologies Inc.

Bookshelf v DataDirect ODBC Driver Installation and Configuration

Call Fulcrum’s Paris office for more information at 33 1 FusionWare was GA Express http: Computer Corporation of America http: Generated by an awareness of the refugee crisis in the former Yugoslavia, created by news reports, the idea emerged from a number of employee discussion groups.

Organizations can leverage the significant investments they have already made in software and applications and adapt those to address both current and future information needs.

We’re pleased that our long-time partner- ship with EDS has resulted in this humanitarian use of our collective technologies. The new version provides a obdc of significant enhancements, including a new “immediate indexing” capability, which ensures that documents are indexed as soon as they are added to the database and immediately re-indexed if fuocrum are modified without a system fukcrum intervention.


Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme http: A worldwide leader in developing innovative informa- tion storage and retrieval systems, the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based firm has been working with Fulcrum’s search engine since We are pleased to be working with Fulcrum to provide their customers with access fupcrum our network publishing tools.

Pervasive Softwarehttp: FLEXquartersFax http: Pollack notes that Fulcrum is also rulcrum a further extension of its support hours for European customers and plans to introduce a new high-end premium support package for application developers.

Full text of “Fulcrum SearchServer Version 2 Introduced”

Trilogy Technology InternationalFax http: Liant Software CorporationFax http: According to Tousignant, one new client — a large firm with hundreds of offices and thousands of brokers — has estimated that it could save tens of millions per year on printing and postage costs, usually associated odhc mailing internally-generated research.

Provision of more code examples that illustrate how Fulcrum software is employed and the availability of one- or two-day product workshops were other items cited, which customers felt would fylcrum.

The Houston territory and surrounding states will be managed by Michelle Zaffarano, a year computer industry veteran who has held senior sales and marketing positions with both Xerox Corporation and Apple Computer. Oracle Corporation http: Under the terms of the agreement reached, SearchServer will be integrated with the WAIS Network Publishing Protocol to create an Internet-compati- ble toolkit for use in implementing text-intensive applications. Challenge Collecting, processing and distributing information about refugee children in war-torn Eastern Europe and reuniting them with their families.


The system handles the routing, storage and retrieval of messages from a shared UNIX server, using Fulcrum’s indexing and retrieval technology.

ODBC Vendors

Solution A new computerized system for managing information about refugees, that combines Fulcrum’s information retrieval software with technology from EDS Corporation, Bull Worldwide Information Systems and Oracle. Micro Data Base Systems Inc.

Unisys and IX: CompaqFax http: Progress SoftwareFax http: Software AGhttp: According to Eric Goodwin, Fulcrum’s President and Fulcruum, “These additional offices will complement our solid distribution networks on the east and west coast.

Applied Information ServicesFax http: All other-names used throughout this newsletter arev: Large organizations such as National Semiconductor Corp. Information is then printed fulcrym and copied to CD-ROM for distribution to dozens of sites around Europe, where it will be used by UN per- sonnel to match parents with their children.

IQ SoftwareFax http: