This page was last edited on 28 October , at Close to dying from a wasting illness himself, Oengus opted to transform himself into a swan that he might be with his lady love. Let us start with the early winter festival of Samhain. Successive waves of colonisers to Irish and British shores have re-used older burial chambers to inter their own dead, so it seems quite likely that Celtic tribes would have been fully aware that there were decaying bones inside the sidhe-mounds. Juices from the fish spurted out and landed on his fingers, which he unthinkingly sucked to cool them off.

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List of Welsh-language television channels.

This has lead some commentators to suggest gelc fertility rites took place at Samhain wether in or out of a river, no-one seems willing to say. There are no clear descriptions of what rituals took place at this time. These would often last only until Imbolc, and would serve as a means of people supporting and comforting each other over the harsh winter.

The Cave of Cruachan also has its own story of another monster called Aillen.

In creating your festival, think about what this seasonal event means to you, where best to hold the event somewhere directly connected to the event being markedany associated deities, what sort of things you could do during the ritual to express how important this event is etc. Successive waves of colonisers to Irish and British shores have re-used older burial chambers to inter their own dead, so it seems quite likely that Celtic tribes would have been fully aware that there were decaying bones inside the sidhe-mounds.

On the Isle of Man, up until fairly recent times, the summer solstice was marked by carrying bundles of straw to the top of certain hills as a gift to Manannan Mac Lir, god of the sea.


This was dedicated to Celtic horse goddess Epona, much admired by the Roman cavalry. Languages used outside formal lessons.

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It may also reflect the notion of winter as a time of peace, when theoretically the Fianna would not be needed. There is good evidence to suggest that the medieval Gaels marked four major festivals each year, which were common to most perhaps all tribes. If they were unaware of the original purpose of the mounds, then they might well have conceived of this as a festival of land-spirits, rather than of geoic returning dead though, of course, those two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

He goes for months without rest, fighting day and night. Articles containing Scottish Gaelic-language text Articles containing Irish-language text Articles containing Welsh-language text Articles containing Breton-language text Articles containing French-language text.

From this we might surmise that Samhain was a popular time for the making of offerings, both to deities and perhaps to more temporal geilc.

The battles in Samhain myths might just reflect the desire of hardened fighters to have one last good punch-up before sheathing their swords for the winter holidays. Create a new seasonal festival to celebrate by yourself or with friends.

Lesson Eight ~ The Four Major Gaelic Festivals

So, whilst not absolutely definite, it seems quite likely that the three-day Gaulish feast of Samonios was going on at the same time as the Gaelic feast of Samhain. Irish, English 1 hr a day. An education that is willing to learn and a proper preservice and inservice facility for teachers dealing with education through irish.

Gaelic, English hours per week. It is commonly believed that these four festivals pre-date Christianity, but textual sources to confirm this are scant.


Unexpected gifts and serendipitous events might occur at this time. Irish Gaelic in Ireland. Quality of the teaching geelic. An old servant called Bairnech bewailed the fact that a woman of the Sidhe left the cave each November eve and whisked away nine of the best animals in every herd.

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There is much talk about feasting, game playing and the like. To do this he called on Fergus mac Roigh, but escaped with the Sidhe woman.

To add insult to injury, the king then raped one of the Sidhe women, Aine, who had cursed the field. The burial geic of Dathi, considered by many to be the last Pagan king of Ireland, neteork not far away, and it is possible that the monstrous nature of Cruachan may have built up in the minds of Christian storytellers because of that.

A good deal of spearing goes on in these tales, which may itself have some symbolic importance.

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On the ancient Roman calendar February was a month for spring cleaning and purification rituals. The huntsman god Gwyn app Nudd does annual battle with Gwythur, in order to win the favours of the goddess Creiddylad.

A more prominent goddess, Macha, who died as the result of being goaded into a foot race by her idiotic husband, was also honoured with a fair or oenach at this time.