Modified Item see all. Soon there were literally hundreds of similar models on the market, and Rockwell’s competitors also rushed in with similar chipsets of their own. Guaranteed by Sat, Jan 5. At the time of its introduction, the modem market was fairly small, and competitors generally ignored the Smartmodem. Used in great condition.

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Heatherington retired from what was then a large company in While indeed portable, SONY’s cassette-based Walkman was still considered to be a better mobile music solution because the spinning discs were prone to skipping from bumps if you were out for a jog or had the device installed in your car.

The brand name was purchased and revived by onetime rival Zoom Technologies in July No new funding could be found, and in the company assets were liquidated.

Also differentiating Hayes from its competition was the Smartmodem’s use of the guard time. Hayes left the Georgia Institute of Technology in the mids to work at an early data communications company, National Data Corp, a company that handled hayed money transfers and credit card authorizations.

As early as he started efforts to produce consumer-ready ISDN “modems”, betting the company on ISDN becoming a widespread standard—which was widely believed at the time.

Hayes SMARTMODEM 2400 External Modem 3124US With No AC Adapter

Vibrant colors and designs with drop protection. The design was generally unsuccessful, and for the first hayee Hayes lost cachet as the leader in modem design and manufacture.

In this way, the modem could be instructed by the computer to perform various operations, such as hang up the phone or dial a number. All Auction Buy It Now.


Got one to sell? We are a retired couple whom enjoy searching out estate sale treasures and passing them on the final smartmoem or collector. Hayes Smartmodem External Modem.

In fact, there were very few pins that hqyes guaranteed to work on all computers, mostly the data in and out, “ready” indications that said whether the modem or computer was operational, and sometimes flow-control pins.

Your iPhone and iPad is likely packed with important, valuable, and even sensitive information that you might not want others to be able to access. This could be addressed in internal modems that plugged directly into the computer’s motherboard.

Some popular computers, like the Ataridid not even integrate internal slots. The name referred to the way the modems could “ping-pong” the single high-speed link between the two ends on demand, in a smartmoddm similar to the USR and Telebit protocols.

Box has wear and some damage, see pictures. Used in great condition. Soon there were literally hundreds of similar models on the market, and Rockwell’s competitors also rushed in with similar chipsets of their own. A widely hayyes history of computing states that the Smartmodem was introduced in Hayes’s slow entry into the high-speed market led smarttmodem a fracturing of the command set.

In the early s a number of greatly cost-reduced high-performance modems were released by competitors, notably the SupraFAXModemwhich eroded price points in the market. Hayes, having bet the company on a system that was never actually deployed, had no new products in the pipeline.


While home video was introduced in the form of VHS and Sony BetaMax years earlier, if you really wanted to enjoy the highest fidelity in home entertainment, you had to hays LaserDisc, which was introduced by Pioneer Corporation in Lenovo showed journalists around its recently opened campus in Beijing, which aims to create a ‘Silicon Valley environment’ for its 10,plus employees.

The hottest gadgets of 1985

Vena vCommute case for the Google Pixel 3: At the time of its introduction, the modem market was smarttmodem small, and competitors generally ignored the Smartmodem. Oddly it was the Rockwell chip set that also re-standardized the various command sets back on the original high-speed ones introduced by Hayes.

Additionally, the rise of the Internet in the mids made point-to-point communications far less interesting. It had a high-resolution color display, GUI interface, multimedia digital sound and multitasking, making it popular with musicians and creative content pros.

Hayes SMARTMODEM aa Smart Modem Untested | eBay

For instance, the autodialler was a system that automated the action of picking up the phone and dialing a number, and was normally implemented as a separate box that connected to another port on the host computer. April 24, — Guaranteed Delivery see all. Apricorn Aegis Fortress L3 portable storage drive.