I was in Rockville, Maryland, a city I’d never been in, I was standing in front of a courthouse, and I was married to a woman I’d never met. It is delightful in so many ways. Jun 16, Posts: Same cold I’ve had for 2 years, just can’t seem to shake it! Pull it off Napster.

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Mar 26, Posts: Where did it go?

Stage 3 Delta waves appear 4. Product is very very good Product is very very good Product is very very good.

I have spent many a night hugging my tasty bottle of Nyquil. Cadmium Seniorius Lurkius Registered: It makes a dandy eggnog. Sat Feb 17, I figured there must be some magic formula that only the nyquil elves could achieve mastery of.

Nyquil – The Devil’s Brew – Ars Technica OpenForum

Sun Feb 18, 3: This is from another guy’s comedy routine, don’t remember who though, and it’s done from memory. You CAN however get the cherry flavored store brand kind from Walgreens, which works pretty well for the most part. Recently came down with nyqquil cold and was jonsing for the good old nyquil D.


It can also elevate dopamine levels, though, so may have something to do with the dreamy effect you like. San Diego, CA Registered: It also tastes suspiciously like Jager You know, I just noticed that tonight.

Nyquil – The Devil’s Brew

Acetaminophen pain suppressantPseudoephedrine nasal decongestantDextromethorphan cough suppressantDoxylamine antihistamineand alcohol. What the hell is in that stuff? Mon Feb 19, 8: Once I drank a large Nyquil before school one day Oct 6, Posts: The cough has been bad enough that I haven’t slept much for a couple of nights. Mon Feb 19, Both comments and pings are currently closed.

No joke wish I had found this thread Alot sooner… by chance I was picking up meds today from my Dr cough pills steroids and antibiotics and my friendly pharmacist tech was like you know you can get our brand of cough medicine for 6. Mon Feb 19, 5: Tue Feb 20, nnyquil Previous Post we love katamari damacy.


I know, I know. Dec 26, Posts: Now, if I remember correctly, there was originally 7. Ney yourself a few bucks and get some generic Unisom also doccylamine succinate, but twice as strong per dose and a shot of whiskey instead of the NyQuil. That’s right, Christmas colors.

I love that fucking Q, don’t you? Feb 5, Posts: