Raw probably has the best version yet, thanks to the new Corner Grapple position in Create-A-Finisher, you can make a top rope Spinning Piledriver. Rofu used this as his final attack against Rei. A technique used to cut Yuda’s face. The Astray Red Frame can also do this. This brutal attack will wipe out almost all of an opponent’s health and in the demo theatre, poor Ann is the victim of this special combo.

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If not, the slashed ligaments reattach themselves. Rei swings his arms four times, senidng out a sideways energy blast each time.

It was also used to wipe out Yuda’s decoy in the anime. That one word makes one hell of a lot of difference. Later used by Kenshiro against the Nameless Asura.

The user sacrifices his life to defeat the enemy.

Ninjas in media often perform a head-first variant of this move called the Izuna Drop. Odd considering she’s a fairly skinny succubusbut there are signs of her strength around.

As she lands, her hands slices horizontally to his front.


Because of how his power works, he was on the ground, while spinning the enemy in midair using his detached hands. Can also be performed in midair. It would later be followed by Mike Haggar from Final Fight.

Nanto Suicho Ken

Maximum Impact 2 copies Hanzo from Samurai Shodown ‘s version. He sets it up by uppercutting the enemy in the air, and then teleporting into them for the spinning piledriver. Rei Gaiden original technique. Contents [ ppiledriver ]. Used on Rima; a one-handed stab to the chest which causes severe blood loss.

I Wanna Be the Guy / Funny – TV Tropes

The Canadian Destroyerpopularized by Petey Williams, spins a little differently in that it’s a flip piledriver. This attack was used to kill an underling before Spnining fought Yuda. An essential part of the repertoire for the Wrestler in All of Us. It stuns the target with a simple blow. It can be done against wheels and tengu, at the very least. The Astray Red Frame can also do this. Rawyou can create a Spinning Piledriver Finishing Move.

Spinning Piledriver

He then raises his arm with his middle and forefinger raised. Raw probably has the best version yet, thanks to the new Corner Grapple position in Create-A-Finisher, you can make a top rope Spinning Piledriver.


While Mike Haggar used the spinning clothesline first, Zangief developed the spinning piledriver, which Haggar then copied in Final Fight 2. Rei leaps in the air and shoots a blast of energy. Sppinning also borrows the mid-run variant from Galford. A technique Rei performs after witnessing Kenshiro’s Seikyokurin stance, which causes its target to fall into a state of false death.

A technique used to pilledriver Yuda’s face. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

It seems to be that rune’s special ability. Enough spinning could make very large holes in the ground. It is the most graceful technique of shhinken.

King gets one as a Finishing Move of a chain throw in Tekken 5. A rapid slicing attack used by Rei to destroy Zan.