Answers Answers and Comments. Here are the Dead Chicken steps I took to solve the problem slightly modified from the steps listed on that page: But no, it has something to do with permissions. Proxy tables live update or one time only. I have tried to create a excel 97 file, which still did not work. The page copies a text file to the specified directory and then attempts to return the top 5 rows to display them on the page to confirm the format is correct.

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Finally, what do you mean by pooling support? On the Default Properties tab, check the following: Dim dr2 As OdbcDataReader. As a suggestion – brake your query into some sub-query with their own where predicates and finally join just the results.

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How can that be done, using the same framework I’m doing? HAs for connections, I keep calling ODBC the same way as I described each time I wanna use a table I’m using the same database all the timeso is there a way I can call this database once in one connection? How much data are you talking about? Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Dim dr As SqlDataReader. I read roughly twice the amount of data I write afterwards. Under each button, make sure Allow was set for everything.

Is there any way I can solve that error? Are you unchecking the ” read – only ” attribute that is on by default in the options before export?

Unfortunately, I cannot change the query as this is excle integral part of the software. It is possible that “reboot” is the real solution How much memory do you have?

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Thanks a lot for your reply. Everything was already OK, except for 5b and 5d where I had to check Allow for some choices.

A connection could not be made using the file data source parameters entered. There is no simple answer to this that I know of. At several points in my search I was led to this page http: The “solution” documented here might not be the correct one.

I just had to reach a sufficiently elevated level of frustration. Most popular Newest to oldest Most popular Oldest to newest.

After a few runs, the symptom returned, so I returned to this hy0001 I am wondering after creating the excel file you need to reboot, because windows still sees the excel file open in the temp folder? Before when this happened a reboot of the sql server resolved the problem. Now my questions are: Here is the code:.


Save non-verified file DSN? Currently as I mentioned, my. The developer of the modelling software is planning on migrating to newer database software in a future release, which may take a while.

The page copies a text file to the specified directory and then attempts to return the top 5 rows to display them on the page to confirm the format is correct. I do not use hy0001 web app, from what I have read about this error, it seems it can be caused by various processes.

Does any of you guys know how I can do either, using the same framework I’m using??

I need to run the model for thousands of locations, but after tens of model runs I get the error: