I plan on getting an nvidia card in the near future.. You need to add these 3 lines to the Graphics device section. The “Monitor” section This is what your monitor section should look like: April 8th, 8. Candidate for Deletion This article may not be appropriate for this wiki, and may be deleted.

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Candidate for Deletion This article may not be appropriate for this wiki, and may be deleted. These are given in the example but are pretty much standard.

i – Community Help Wiki

I’ve tried numerous xorg tweaks, turning off composite, etc. If you only wish to enable different resolutions, like widescreen resolutions, you can use the i tool which is not a driver, you still have to use the instwll driver to make that work.

If you have a 8xx or 9xx series, yes, you will get 3D acceleration, xV, and all that at 24 depth, except for the andwhich will not have DRI 3D enabled at 24 bits depth.


Page History Login to edit. How can I do this? The DPMS option is a power management option. And beleive me, the result is quite impressive on those little cards Configuring X. March 30th, 5. Now to see if the module is installed in the correct location. The reason I ask, is jnstall the “intel” driver for me, is absolutely horrible. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Hello, Does anyone know how to use the i driver instead of the “intel” driver?

Be in the directory, which you downloaded to.

Downloading and Installing the Intel i810 patches

I know it’s not common for people to use the i driver anymore, but is it possible to use it with ubuntu? Results 1 to 9 of 9. Do you need to run some ancient drivers or something?

Partners Support Community Ubuntu. I’ve been using it. Thanks for the help. It is better if it is short.

April 8th, 6. If you’d need to downgrade it, need to find an older package maybe on packages. It can have any identifier, or might even not exist if you are just installing your xserver. With the intel driver things are almost unbareable I had to downgrade xorg to the gutsy version, install the i driver from there, and lock all the xorg packages. If not, do the following.


If you want to add more Modes to those i180 you can.

I’ve tried that previously with no luck. The “-bpp 16” tells the server to start in 16 bit depth. At this point I would reboot the machine shutdown —r now. Horiz Sync and Vert Refresh options are often not necessary. I have heard about some updates to xorg and the kernel with the new jaunty release It’s a fix for now.

April 8th, 7.