IS 13252 PART 1 2010 DRIVER

Only the circuits in the equipment are so classified. Samples of the atmosphere are taken at 4 min intervals; four samples to be taken during normal operation, then seven samples after the equipment has stopped. NOTE The above constructions may contain cemented joints, in which case 2. Compliance is checked by inspection and by the relevant tests of 2. The equipment shall be designed such that the safety interlock cannot be bypassed until the other means of protection is fully in place and operational. The values in parentheses apply to basic insulation, supplementary insulation or reinforced insulation if manufacturing is subjected to a quality control programme that provides at least the same level of assurance as the example given in Clause R. If such a conductive part is protected from a part at hazardous voltage by:

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For voltage values above the peak working voltage values given in the table, linear extrapolation is permitted.

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Solvent-based enamel is accepted only on winding wire as described in 2. Voltages are for substantially sinusoidal a. Three to six impulses of alternating polarity, with intervals of at least 1 s between impulses, are applied between each of the following telecommunication network connection points of a single interface type: Compliance is checked by inspection and for accessibility, where necessary, by a test with the test finger.

Overcharging of a rechargeable battery. To minimize testing time, the failure is chosen that causes the highest reverse charging current. For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with, the final value, observed or calculated, expressing the result of a test or analysis, shall be rounded off in accordance with IS 2: A test generator specified by the manufacturer is used, representing the maximum normal operating voltage expected to be received from the external source.


For b and c above, the tests of 2. In some cases, the tolerances are different.

IS 13252-1: Information Technology Equipment — Safety, Part 1: General Requirements

Compliance is checked by inspection and by tine electric strength test of 2. If, however, the usage of liquid is such that more than 5 I is consumed in 8 h, it is permitted to increase the quantity stored to that required for an 8 h operation. us

Damp heat, steady state IS Part 4: However, flexing tests need be applied only to screened power supply cords for parr equipment. There shall be no voids or gaps or cracks in the insulating material.

In general, clearances in equipment intended to be connected to the ac mains supply shall be designed for Overvoltage Category II. This marking or statement shall include the following or similar text: If the output power is at a hazardous energy level, a further test is conducted with the variable load disconnected and the EUT operated from the do mains supply.

NOTE 1 No actual clearance or creepage distance exists unless the joint comes apart, for example, due to ageing.

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The appropriate column of Table 2K is used and no measurement is necessary. The transient voltage across the clearance is measured using the following test procedure. For an AC mains supply – line-to-line; – all line conductors joined together and neutral; – all line conductors joined together and protective earth; – neutral and protective earth. Iss operating instructions, and the installation instructions for pluggable equipment intended for USER installation, shall be made available to the user.

NOTE 2 This standard may be applied to the electronic parts of equipment even if that equipment does not wholly fall within its Scope, such as large-scale air conditioning systems, fire detection systems and fire extinguishing systems. However, if us is clear from a study of the circuit diagrams that the specified limits of 2. NOTE 1 Requirements regarding fixing of conductors are in 3. Where a 2001 for a protective bonding conductor does not comply with Table 3E see 3.


Parts tinat will be earthed in the application by connection to other equipment, but are unearthed in the equipment as tested, shall be connected to earth at the point 20100 which the highest voltage is obtained. The dimensional and constructional requirements of 2.

Compliance is checked by inspection and by measuring the temperature of the connection which shall not exceed the values of 4. This requirement does not apply if it is known that the additional equipment complies with 4. Terminals shall be designed to resist accidental loosening of the conductor. I -Test steps Table Z. Provide basic pary and connect the accessible conductive parts and circuits to earth so that exposure to the voltage which can develop is limited because overcurrent protection will disconnect the parts having low impedance faults within a specified time; or provide a metal screen connected to protective earth between the parts, or provide double insulation or reinforced insulation between the parts, so that breakdown to the accessible part is not likely to occur.

Only the circuits in the equipment are so classified.