No bandwidth isn’t fast enough in the US yet. Ymfe-s read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and ymfe-s — opens in a new window or tab. RootyRootRootWoo, give us a quick rundown of what you have done? Ubuntu updates the kernel with synaptic every month or two.. Ndiswrapper is not needed. I guess anyone who would know how to harm you computer anyways would already know how to boot into so manually.

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I’m trying to compile a list of default configuration files that people can use if they break their systems.

WINDOWS 7 – Wadea

I find that Ubuntu on my laptop does even better than windows, but yeah, it might not quite support your hardware. Ndiswrapper may work for normal connection but nothing else.

Also works with Mandrake Hey everyone, I need some help getting the sony eyetoy webcam to work in ubuntu, anyone want to help me? If I decide to use Ekiga what options do my buddies have who don’t use Ubuntu? I forgot to write down some info before closing the channel.


You can search https: To fix this, add option: I originally tried other Marvell drivers from 3com site which caused a kernel panic. Detected at boot-up with final BT2 ra0. Ubuntu has a striking resemblance to Windows and Mac, all rolled into a completely different package. Injection and such wireless tools knlppix functional.

WEP works with 64bit and bit keys.

WINDOWS 7 – Wadea – PDF Free Download

To install Onoppix on Ubuntu, see https: Run the following two commands fixes the issue. Use my nick in your replies, so I don’t have to weed it out of the traffic. Injection and monitor mode IS supported.

No linux drivers yet. NdisWrapper will never work with Aircrack-ng Suite Notice: We f5x8001 not use any injecion on this due to it using Centrino technology.

Works well with Debian sarge with kernel 2.

Download Mozilla Firefox, a free Web browser. Ubuntu as well as any other main distro. I donT’ know much abut this I am sorry. Where is the proper place to put applications that I install myself, without using a package? F5d001 No problems with any injection kismet, airodump….



No problems with both 1. These cards are extremely rare but they sport 2x Hirose U. Injection is working alright, but you can only inject data frames arp injecting works, for example.

Then run iwconfig and check if ath0 is in Monitor mode.

C1 uses [ralink] RT However, if you patch the kernel following the instructions at [8], packet injection works great. LordDragonSlayer, you are running these as root or through sudo right? I guess anyone who would know how to harm you computer anyways would already know how to boot into so manually.