Norm Roll 6 years ago. With the Krank formula 5 driver I now hit regularly yds with Horrible mishits going All of these factors require manufacturers to pay considerable attention to both the metals that they use and how they engineer their design. Just to give an update, to you all out there, still nothing on shafts from Fujikura. I have been told that they are all shipping now. This was a small review he did and the bigger Review with the rest of drivers is going on now and will show all specs and numbers I am sure after they are done with the Big review.

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Krank Rage Driver – Review

If you truely want more distance and forgiveness for the not so perfect hits thenthis my friend is the driver for you. I switched from a Taylormade R9 Superdeep to this Krank Rage because I kept reading the reviews of how this club was so long. Lack of retail distribution makes trying before you buy difficult.

Our newest driver, The Krank Rage Black Driver, incorporates a new tri-forged face that is simultaneously lighter and stronger than our previous model setting new standards in golf driver technology. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We have done demos days of our own and have never sold that many as we do when we were in shops locally.


With new Titanium Metals and balanced weighting, we have dialed in the performance of this Driver unlike any other Driver in history.

You need to put your gamer shaft in this head and see what happens, if you really want to put these heads to the test. Krank golf has done their back and the proof is in this club As most know the resale on non oem clubs is pennies on the dollar.

Rage Black or White

The guys at Krank gave me a club that made me competitive and I recommend it to anyone that wants to hit the ball straighter and farther than they have before.

Aldila is the number one shaft on tour. No tolf it gokf hunt with the big dogs of the industry. I believe that the Krank Rage driver might be best suited for the better player that hits a draw or straight ball flight.

Scott 6 years ago. Krank believer for life!!!

Shelbyville Can go anywhere around Indy. Unlike many of the component ragee we see, from a purely aesthetic perspective, the Krank Rage mostly holds its own.

The Club Report – Krank Rage Driver

Hopefully the Element will be even better and stop the ageing process. I was hitting farther as I golc but the roll I was getting from the power was a pleasant surprise. Thanks Krank Golf, you guys have all the top factory brands beat by a gopf. Good things come to those with patience…. They could use someone with a marketing background to teach them about reaching out to the masses.


Chris W 5 years ago. Vince, Why did you decide on changing the name from Element to Formula 5?

The white driver is pretty sexy. Jack 5 years ago. Please take a moment and click on this link below and fill out the You Choose It Special form. KrankGolf 6 years ago.

Vince, would it be better to use another brand of shaft for all of the preordered element drivers? That alone was enough to get me thinking…. Not bad for the first comp day with a new driver. Ed Schunke 5 years ago. Clay, This is Vince at Krank Golf, I see your order was purchased back in Jan ofwhen did you start having issues with it?

I would never buy any expensive item bike, car, motorcycle, etc without trying it first. Quick…name one long drive competetor.

Greatly intrigued by this article.