Submit a new text post. I also just bought the Lenovo Yoga, and in many cases it also has wireless problems. I see no visible hardware switch on the computer itself and this is very frustrating. I would recomend downloading the newest device driver, uninstalling the old one, restarting the machine at which point windows may automatically tll you it has detected new hardware and is looking for a driver and step you through the proces to get the correct one, or, after restert, install the new driver you downloaded at the start. I believed him — looked good.

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WiFi card replacement on Lenovo U self.

Wi-fi problem post Windows 8 Upgrade

I purchased a U with a July 30 build date. Customers with U and U models manufactured prior to July 23 who have experienced lower than expected wireless performance should contact Lenovo support to schedule service.

Lenovo Ideapad Flex I bought it 2 weeks ago from a Dubai offer. I never had such a bad experience purchasing a new computer before! I asked for latest drivers, but they did little. PC world are not keen wireleess take it back until they test it and find the fault.

Lenovo IdeaPad U Touch WiFi Wireless Card WCBNAH | eBay

Now I know why. I bought a U after usung a U for 18 months.


Updating to the latest Centrino Wireless-N adapter seemed to improve speeds somewhat but they are still slower than expect and there are still issues with range. Hopefully Lenovo will release a fix soon, if it is software fixable. I hope someone can shine and offer some help. Apparently Lenovo have re-engineered the WiFi now and all models built after July 23rd have the new build. HomeNetworking subscribe unsubscribe 52, readers users here now Before Posting: I think more detail is in order though.

Wifi had been working OK, then after a Win7 automatic update and reboot all of a sudden I could not connect to wifi even though I was sitting at the same place, metres away from the router in the living room.

I have the same question It is a major problem. I always tried many other solutions but none have work. Post the upgrade, I am having trouble with my wi-fi.

I have the same wireless connection problems as the other users reported.

In your first post you wrote: Want to add to the discussion? I figure it’s also better since I’ll probably upgrade my computer in the next year or two, so no use in spending a lot of time and effort installing a new network card if I can get similar results in a USB card. Message 7 of USB adapters don’t need to be crappy, you just have to be willing to spend some coin.


I also just bought the Lenovo Yoga, and in many cases it also has wireless problems.

Been trying to troubleshoot the issue after Lenovo support tried to blame the router then I found this article and a few others. Look around, you may get lucky.

Lenovo u Wifi turned off (Im asked to turn on Hardware switch ) – Lenovo Community

How satisfied are you with this reply? If that doesn’t solve your problem, the next thing I would try, is to un-install any driver, or software relating to the wireless USB. Recommended Reading 11 inch laptops.

HP Elitebook G2. If you can’t find what you’re looking for with the search function please feel free to post a new question after reading the posting guidelines Post Flair: