Big thanks if it works. This gives a lot of mixing and monitoring flexibility, but a pain to set up. As always, thanks in advance for any advice MW. I just copied from somebody’s posted config. The code posted, although much appreciated is, as yet, alien to me. What does your defined profile look like for the Delta 66? The time now is

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Looks like I had all of tools installed somehow, but I didn’t know about a few of them like paprefs and pasystray, sothanks I ‘ll give them a try. If you need to reset your password, click here.

How to use an M-AUDIO card under Linux – Hints and Tricks – Ardour

liux It looks to me like “going linux” is like joining some kind of secret society where the grand masters know the terminal speak and the plebs don’t. I see you’ve cracked it, so I’ll follow your one man thread exactly. I’ve searched for like threads but drawn a blank.

What I can’t do is what’s supposed to happen out of the box, vis: I am still trying to hook up my various bit and pieces as previously described eg.

M-Audio Delta how to get 8 channels recognized by Pulse Audio I have m-sudio Delta66 card, but I’ve only used it with audacity recording and envy24 now mudita24 to set up patches. The code posted, although much appreciated is, as yet, alien to me. I’v cranked the levels on the alsamixer of all channels and set teh capture flag by pressing space.


Hope this helps Grtz Troathscream O yes, before i forget It kind of looks like the profiles only setup things for sample rate and such.


Hello all, I’ve got everything flying setting jack up first where required and straight into software where it happens on its own. This was all a bit of a shot in the dark, as I don’t know which of the phono cables to team up into stereo pairs so I have just connected white to red, connected them to inputs on the THX unit and hoped for the best! I just type lspci -v in a terminal window.

Hello People, I need some assistance on getting to record 8 mono channels lunux a m-audio lt, everything looks good, hardware and software wise, but I just can seem to get any sound from the capture ports, using arecord, or anyother utility for recording gives me silent wavs Find More Posts by alexhwest.

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It is important to note if you are using 2 cards plus an onboard you should have the onboard chip as the default or first sound card followed by the ice cards. This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. My recording machine is stored in a closet, so it would take a while to dig it out and boot it.


The lt has a pci card which was not in the computer when ubuntu was installed. I’m amongst the throng with project studios hitherto running the likes m-audi protools and avid on a mac with cubase and premier in windows with yamaha dsp factory, s xg and hardware samplers and synths. November 5th, 2. I can’t play a cd, with or without sound, I can’t play a dvd-with or without sound and when playing the likes of a flash movie I get no sound either.

I can get the output to surround5. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. I read the Envy24control doc, but in the Profiles section it says ToDo. I just migrated from slackware I linkx very happy with this new ubuntu studio system. Last edited by Jbone; at HNY and regards P.

Any advice would be gratfully received. Don’t forget to disable your onboard soundcard in oinux bios of your computer!!!