You can cure an ingrown toenail by amputating at the knee, but that would not be my first choice – thank you. Well, I would find it hard to reason why one window would not take down the app, as applications under MacOS are generally not multithreaded at least per window. If between reboot and modify you insert “find problem code” you will save yourself a lot of grief. And with the small addition of one debugging aid, any crashing program can be forced to quit with little effect on the rest of the system. Wed Aug 23, 2:

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Freeware unsorted

I think that’s enough for now. And let’s not forget the whole button fiasco. Heheh, thanx Tychom, I already knew that.

Listen, YOU said you crashed every five minutes when you were programming. There is no reason whatsoever that normal PS Windows couldn’t have a similar capability — except that Adobe decided not to do it. They refused to buy one.

I have a friend who was a computer holdout. I’ve got virtual desktops.

I hope I don’t have to start censoring myself And probably get them to write me big checks to watch it. When I regain my sanity tommorrow morning I will begin the day by installing this on every computer at work that I can get my hands on. I didn’t 9wx that this sucks, I wrote that it is impractical for working with small document windows.


I did all that macvosion 6 minutes – so there.

Why do people use Macs???

Also, lets not forget Apple’s “think different” floppy drive policy. But who cares, show me how to get a universal menu under Windows.

The floppy-less iMac has been out for q9x two years, get over it already. Now there’s a good one. So the Mac has a lot of really attractive ones, much more than I expect since I don’t have a Mac.

Sometimes this would go on for hours. Those same programs caused hard freezes on the Mac. I found the bug causing the crash within ten minutes of working on it under Linux.

Why do people use Macs??? – Ars Technica OpenForum

The reality is that you NEED some sort of writable storage other than your hard disk. That means I don’t have to stop badmouthing the idiots in Computer Services here What, so you think an idea diminishes in sucking based on how long its been around? On the other hand, you claim the Mac is much simpler to set up so therefore I shouldn’t have any problems with it. I have all my windows maximized. It’s those TV ads, I’m telling you.


IMHO Windows blows both away so bad theres no contest as long as you have hot hardware to run it onbut to say a thing of beauty that someone builds with quite a bit of effort and skill and takes great pride in is not Art is just I would have laughed my ass off if it had turned out I was trading flames on Ars with an Engineer out in one of the process labs or something.

Lugie Seniorius Lurkius Registered: You can even boot off them as of the 1. Dude, it’s just a fucking computer.

BSOD, registry error, reboot.

Yeah, consistency, simplicity and elegance there. Oh and let’s not forget the total flop OS X server turned out to be. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. To call it abysmal is just so much winSnob hyperbole.