In the current state of the driver, setting rates of up to kHz is permitted even for capture devices. When i try to configure four “inputs channels” in “setup”, jack dont’ start August 17th, 8. Maybe there is somebody who can help you solve this problem I’m afraid that driver doesn’t support those function yet http: For example, Presonus Firebox is a very good choice. You are talking about the “inputs” problem or the “midi controller” problem?

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ESI Maya 44 USB Linux Compatibility – Linux – Ardour

The Maya44 card or more exactly, the Wolfson WM codecs allow a maximum sampling rate of kHz for playback and 92 kHz for capture. This driver is being developed on the initiative of Piotr Makowski oponek gmail. Note that the wm It’s the usual problem that there is limited information on the web and some of it is old, so you don’t know what the current situation is.

I ran the puredyne maa44 live CD, and it did recognize the Maya If you want see this patch merge, in the next release of alsa-driver, please write a message on alsa-driver mailing list.


July 23rd, 1. If these turn out to be unused, linuux will go away in later driver versions. I had Maya 44 usb some years ago.

Knowledge Base / FAQ

Maybe there is somebody who can help you solve this problem I’m afraid that driver doesn’t support those function yet http: Unfortunately, nobody knows if this patch whenever become official part of alsa, because Rainer didn’t sign-off his driver and contact with maya4 was lost.

Each switch determines where the digital input data to one of the DACs comes from. August 16th, 4.

I think that the best what you can do is write a message on alsa-driver mailing list. Now i go to play a wile whith my maya in linux! Its working flawless under JAD 1.

Turn on terminal and type the following code: I haven’t found the time to choose and install a linux distro and run extensive tests. August 17th, 8.

Development is carried out by Rainer Zimmermann mail lightshed. It seems to offer similar capabilities to the Delta44, but at about half the price in UK. Jack dont’ see the midi usb controller But there are only old forum threads Jan reporting problems. Join Date Aug Beans I only have the puredyne live DVD, and I was supposed to do an extensive search before settling on a distro e.


Notes on Maya44 USB Audio Support — The Linux Kernel documentation

August 7th, 2. So as soon as I can settle on a distro and install, I can tell you more.

As the ICE chip only allows one global sampling rate, this is handled as follows: Results 1 to 10 of This is done in maya Maybe your guys have recommendations for another maaya44 device. Playback and recording was ok.

For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Since the Lexicon Omega is even not listed there and nevertheless working, i hope that the Maya 44 USB is working under linux. Talk about your MIDI interfaces, microphones, keyboards If you can have a play and grab some screen shots that would be great.