Blair the cat meet bleach

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blair the cat meet bleach

Bleach and Soul Eater crossover fanfiction archive with over 53 stories. 3 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 12 - Updated: May 11 - Published: Mar 6 - Blair, Ichigo K. Join Momo on her journey as a meister at the DWMA as she meets new friends. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. My friend Mizuki says the Hokage is even in council meeting right now. . "My name is blair Cat and i'm honestly just a cat. A cat with high.

Being a shinobi who only uses magic would be a wonderful thing to accomplish.

blair the cat meet bleach

The only Non jutsu using ninja. I can see the shock and surprise on everyones faces now. Or if i'm feeling really happy maybe stab them repeatedly in non lethal areas with my vector spells and just laugh as they struggle to hold on to their pathetic lives as they beg me not to end the miserable existence they cling to in a futile attempt to play at the mercy in my soul.

Of course after what happened that faithful night. Mercy is no longer in my vocabulary. Hirzen noticed that Naruto's eyes when looking at him only held admiration, respect and a familial feeling of love and longing. Hiruzen stands up once more and hugs Naruto close to himself with a smile and a tear in both his eyes. I wish I could change it and I sure as hell would have tried my damnedest to stop it if I could.

I think you should know that each and every single member of that mob Both civilian and shinobi alike were slaughtered like pigs while the big players who were on the council were publicly executed with extreme prejudice. Naruto the academy starts in a few minutes would you like me to show you there?

Taking this chance Yoruichi jumps up and lands on the sandiames shoulder purring and begins to nuzzle the old man who just blushes softly knowing exactly what this cat really looks like. He smiles and chuckles happily before shunshining with Naruto to the academy appearing directly in front of the door to Iruka Umino's classroom.

The hokage puts on his Hokage face and opens the door interrupting Iruka in the middle of his speech to give his students confidence. Iruka immediately sees the Hokage and stops what he was saying. To what do I owe the honor? Can I get you something to drink or eat?

I'm merely here to drop off a new Student who will be taking the exams. His name is Naruto -" Before hiruzen could finish Naruto interupts. My last name will be hidden for awhile as only Jiji needs to know it. Yoruichi having a bit of fun just purrs and Nuzzles into the old man before jumping onto Naruto's hat and curling up before going to sleep. I'll stop by the office after i'm done with the test. I'll tell you how I did and i'm sure I can make you proud.

Hiruzen melts at the sight of the old naruto and smiles happily as a tear flows down his cheek before he pats Naruto gently on the shoulder. I'm sure you'll pass and don't you ever think badly okay? Now get in there and have some fun.

blair the cat meet bleach

I'll be waiting in the lounge drinking some tea and taking a much needed break from my Paperwork haha" Hiruzen says taking the tea that Iruka offered him before taking a sip and walking down the hall to the Jonin lounge where the Jonins were hanging out waiting to pick graduates to make teams. Naruto smiling at the old man wipes his eyes clear of tears of joy before walking to the only empty seat in the room which is in the back at the window next to a rather lazy looking kid and a rather portly kid with the Kanji for 'Food' on his shirt.

Naruto sits down next to them silently as Iruka once again begins his speech before looking towards Naruto. Who knows a few of them may be your future teammates.

blair the cat meet bleach

A blurred image of himself still in the seat he was at shocking everyone in the room. Know this, my likes are my adoptive grandfather Hiruzen Sarutobi the sandiame hokage, My lovely adoptive mothers Yoruichi shihoin and Blair cat and Torturing those who piss me off. My dislikes are far to numerous to name here as we'd be here for a full day in a half. I have two hobbies. One is to master and improve my Hakudo and the other is Training in my Magic to make it more powerful or to find and create new spells.

My dreams HA I have no dreams as dreams are for children. No I have ambitions and goals. And my only goal in life is on a need to know Basis. And as you are not my mothers nor my grandfather figure Hiruzen that means you don't need to know it. Iruka clears his throat catching Naruto's attention. His name is Shit sherlock first name No. The only ones who seem to get it are a rather quiet boy that has buzzing coming from him who simply chuckles and the lazy boy Naruto was sitting next to just a moment ago who snickers a bit in his sleep.

Naruto groans before answering. He's a detective, a person who's intelligence is only matched by his bravery and he has them both in spades. He's the greatest detective in all of fictional history. A detective is someone from a police force who is specifically hired privately or publicly to solve crimes normal policemen can not figure out. My statement was basically me saying "No shit Sherlock. And I'm sorry Iruka but I'm a bit easy to agitate. I don't look at things the way normal people do.

Naruto heads to his seat and sits back down getting a rather loud growl from the boy with red fang tattoo's on his cheeks and the dog in his jacket due to Blair and Yoruichi both sitting on his shoulder and head respectively. Why bring them here? They're about as useless as paper chopsticks are for eating. And I bet that they can't even use Chakra. They both have very unique abilities and I brought them here because I currently am homeless and couldn't just let them walk around unattended.

That would result in many different pranks being pulled around the village. Anything else bone breath? My dog Akamaru could probably kick both those cats butts. During the physical portion of this exam my cats will take your dog on one on one. And if your dog can beat them I'll agree that dogs are better.

But if my cats win you have to say sorry to them both and give them both a bath. By the way good luck with the exam. You seem like my kind of guy despite the cats. Naruto looks at the dog boy a bit confused before giving him a soft nod and a smirk before sitting down in his seat. As the tests are passed out Mizuki looks at Naruto closely seeing his whiskered cheeks beneath the wide brimmed hat. Mizuki sees red and growls under his breath before handing Naruto his test and finishing passing them out.

Yoruichi who currently is asleep on naruto's hat merely lays their where as blair who is currently up and about stretches rather sensually in front of Naruto with a smile and purr. Her body blocking his test sheet as he chuckles and scratches blair behind the ears.

I'll get you a juicy salmon at the market stalls if you let me do this. Small bit of drool coming out of her mouth at the thought of a juicy salmon to munch on fills her head.

She meows agreeing and jumps back onto his shoulder sitting there rather comfy at her place. Naruto quickly runs through the test answering everything rather easily as history and mathematics make up the majority of the test.

Naruto is one of the first to finish his work and he merely begins playing with Blair using a single cat tail plant he found on his way to the village. The cat tail ensnaring Blair in a world of bliss as Naruto merely smiles at her antics while waving the cat tail around in front of her getting Blair to paw and pounce at the puffy ended plant drawing more then it's fair share of "Kawaii's" From the female populace of the classroom.

Knowing Blair is a full blown cat but with high magical abilities makes him chuckle since even as human as she can look, act, feel and even be she is still deep down just a cat and things like this will always grab her attention.

After two hours Naruto and the other students are called out of the classroom for the taijutsu portion of the exams getting Naruto to set both Blair and Yoruichi down on the training field while Kiba places down Akamaru getting Iruka to sweatdrop since he knows they wont get to continue till Kiba's ego is either broken or stroked with a win.

Please try not to uh. It's not like anything bad could happen. Hajime" Iruka says and he steps out of the ring to referee. Akamaru immediately tries to take Blair only to be blocked By yoruichi who slides under the puppy and using her hind legs kicks the dog into the air rather high before blair leaps into the air front flipping as she gains air getting above akamaru.

When in possition Blair slaps Akamaru with her tail slamming him into the ground harshly before she lands infront of him staring into his eyes. Blair begins swaying her head back and forth meowing some getting akamaru to follow her movements with his own head and slight bob to it.

Soon Akamaru's eyes become swirls and yoruichi knocks akamaru into the air once more before Blair shoots a rather Small Jack-o-lantern no bigger then a closed fist at him making the jack-o-lantern explode rocketing akamaru towards Naruto. Naruto merely stands there smiling as Akamaru lands directly on his shoulder. Akamaru didn't even get a chance to attack as the other two were just that good. Well An inuzuka never goes back on his word for sake of his pride.

Blair, Yoruichi i'm sorry I insulted you. And Naruto stop by my compound after the exam is over and i'll give them some baths. My sister's a vet and i'm sure she has special shampoo's for cats. Naruto smiles sadistically and nods towards the boy before handing him a small container. The container holding healing balms of his own design. It's a creation of mine, a healing salve if you will. Tell me how it works kay? Yoruichi and Blair both sitting on Naruto's shoulders before nuzzling into his cheeks.

Iruka sweatdrops at the quick match before slowly calling out names and pairs getting them to fight. After a few hours it's down to two fighters. Naruto has Blair and Yoruichi save his spot on the bleachers. Both giving gentle purrs nad meows of encouragement making Naruto chuckle and wave at them.

I'll show you the superiority of myself over an unwanted urchin like yourself. I'm an uchiha Elite and I will not lose and when i'm done i'll take your two cats as my own. It's not like they want to be with you anyway. Naruto merely stands in his position not really moving and only looks at Sasuke waiting for the signal. Ninja tools like Kunai and Shurriken are prohibbited and only Ninja wire may be used to subdue your opponent.

Hajime" Iruka says starting the match. The moment the go was given Naruto disappears leaving only a blurry image once again. Naruto's fist connects with the uchiha's face harshly. A very sickening crunch is heard when Naruto's fist connects. Naruto's fist lands solid and true directly in the middle of the uchiha's face shattering cartillage and breaking bone. The crunch was Sasuke's nose breaking and his cheekbones shattering. Naruto's one attack sends Sasuke soaring through the air and crashing into the wall of the academy leaving an uchiha shaped hole in it.

On the ground in front of Naruto are a small number of teeth and a small splat of blood. Naruto merely cracks his knuckles and looks at Iruka. Uhh Mizuki take Sasuke to the hospital.

Mizuki takes the unconscious Sasuke to the hospital as quick as he can cursing the demon for injuring him as Sasuke's fangirls quickly claim Naruto cheated where as Yoruichi and Blair both meow and murr in approval happily cheering Naruto on.

Two cats and a kit Chapter 1, a Naruto + Soul Eater Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Naruto walks back to the bleachers getting them both to jump onto his shoulders again before walking into the academy following the others. Sasuke was a complete asshole. I'm so glad you knocked his "Elite" Ass through a wall like that. Maybe it'll humble his already hot aired Ego and let him act normal for once. Naruto merely laughs as he hears this. I did that cause he said he was going to take My cats Blair and Yoruichi.

No one will ever take them from me EVER. Besides, If someone tried i'd just Murder them in the most painful way possible as I impale many of my vector spells into their body shifting their organs around and making sure they suffer unimaginable pain before silencing them permanently by slicing their fucking heads off.

It's the same with me and Akamaru. Hope you pass the next portion of the exam. I'd love to fight alongside you. Especially since you can put that uchiha in his place.

Naruto smiles some and scratches both Yoruichi and Blairs bellies getting pleasant Purrs from them both as he blushes some. Remember you're to do the academy three to pass. Shino aburame your up. One by one the students all do the jutsu's perfectly and receive headbands.

Naruto's turn comes up after sasuke who is allowed only to do those jutsu before being taken back to the hospital to get his wounds taken care of. Naruto being called on last.

Blair Harris & Herschel Savage in The Very Best of Serena Video

Kawarimi, Henge and the Bushin. He just sighs some and answers. I can only use the skills I have been taught over my 7 years outside the village. Iruka sighs and checks Naruto off the list.

You can't become a shinobi this time around. Thank you for letting me participate. It was fun doing it. The skills I do have include magic and other means of attack but I understand that they wont be counted. After a few Minutes when all the Parents pick up their kids who passed Kiba sees Naruto and Naruto waves Kiba off with a smile as a way of saying not now.

I still have to give them a bath. Don't worry about it either you can come to my house after you're done. Here's the way to get there from here.

Just as for kiba or Hana at the gate. Blair and Yoruichi lick Naruto's whiskered cheeks getting a deep blush from Naruto as they then leap onto Kiba's shoulders using their claws to stay in place like normal. Kiba walks off with them both in tow and soon leaves Naruto's vision. When naruto is alone he is approached by Mizuki.

If it were up to me i'd have passed you but Iruka wasn't picking on you either. He must not think you're ready. But you know there is a secret test to become a genin regardless of if you can use Jutsu. His swinging stops then indicating he's listening. It's called the scroll of seals.

It's a sacred artifact holding the villages most powerful jutsu.

The secret test is set up to where the only person taking it is to sneak into the sandiames office and steal a fake scroll. It looks just like the real thing and has only the most non lethal or useless forbidden techniques inside it so as to not cause harm to the one stealing it. I'll meet you here at this forest outside of town at midnight. All you have to do to pass is sneak into the sandiames Office, Steal the fake scroll of seals and meet me at that location by midnight and you'll be a true genin.

Mizuki smiles happily at being able to frame the demon brat for the theft while getting away scott free. Mizuki leaves the area and Naruto sighs some before heading off to the location Kiba gave him Getting to the Compound Kiba shows him around and gives him a tour and stops at the vet clinic run by his older sister.

Kiba gives Yoruichi and Blair a quick bath getting a few scratches across his face and various parts of his body as he is either to rough or forceful with the cats while washing them. Naruto smiles but looks at Both Blair and Yoruichi's coats seeing them shine like silk.

Naruto smiles happily and pets the m both getting pleasured purrs from them both while Naruto himself Blushes at how soft both of their furs are.

blair the cat meet bleach

He puts them both on his shoulders before leaving and saying goodbye to Hana and Kiba thanking them for the hospitality. Naruto immediately disappears like he usually does leaving a blurry afterimage of himself before appearing in the sandiames office giving the old man a bit of a start.

Mizuki is trying to trick me into stealing a scroll of great importance. The scroll of seals. Well naruto I heard you failed the graduation test because of the written portion and not being able to use Jutsu. I find that hard to believe. I want to take this mission Jiji. I'll take the scroll to him with an ANBU tail in case things go wrong. That way the tail can get the scroll and kill Mizuki if I fail. Alright naruto we'll do that.

I'll even set up a hunt for you to make it believable that you stole the scroll. But we can't simply hand the real scroll over to him. What do you think we should do? My magic is better then my Kido but i can use my Kido to seal away my new spell into an identical scroll to the scroll of seals. He gets nailed killing him and his contact. I have a blank scroll the same size as the Forbbiden scroll with the same design. I was going to use it to copy over the current Jutsu and add new ones. The other scroll is rather old so the seals and info on it are starting to fade.

Naruto then smirks before flooding his magical power into the portal getting an extremely large fox head shapped Jack-o-lantern into it. The jack-o-lantern instead of being orange like normal was a deep crimson blood red with a viscous grin plastered on it's face. Hiruzen pales at the size of the pumpkin that gets pushed into the small portal only to see as the scroll gets a pattern of random symbols and kanji to appear before they fade out of existence and the portal closes up leaving only the written warning on it's face.

Naruto primes the scroll by rolling it up as carefully as he can and tying it closed. Naruto smiles at Hiruzen with a sadistic grin and speaks. The timer is set for Mizuki will show up, accept the scroll while attempting to kill me only to be stopped by the ANBU tail you send with me.

Mizuki will "Get Away" with the scroll only to open it and wiping out both himself and whoever his contact is in a glorious explosion of gore, fire and righteous vengeance. Naruto then Waves at Hiruzen and quickly runs out leaving another after image. Hiruzen gives naruto a five minute head start before he sends Neko to watch over him just in case something goes wrong as naruto said.

After that Hiruzen waits till 11pm to call the Jonin and Chuunin into his office letting them know Naruto has stolen the forbidden scroll and is to be brought back alive and unharmed. Mizuki hearing this smiles rather happily as his plan is going off without a hitch. Quickly Mizuki makes his way to the clearing he is to meet Naruto.

Mizuki sees Naruto sitting in the clearing and reads his watch. He see's it's midnight and smiles happily before dropping down. Now give me the scroll and I can give you your headband. I want to make you a genin but until I get that scroll I can't.

blair the cat meet bleach

Naruto are you listening? I'm not retarded you silver haired assmunch. I'm not stupid enough to just hand this scroll over.

Why don't you tell me what you really want it for. I was going to go rouge from the leaf and join a new village that offered me power. But I can't just show up empty handed and I planed on blaming you Naruto Uzumaki.

You damn demon" Mizuki shouts. Don't try and deny it either. I saw your face when passing out tests. So hand over the scroll or i'll kill you. I've always been called that and I just want to know. Fine i'll tell you. Shinobi and civilian alive and it was only stopped when The fourth hokage sealed the demon inside you. But you became the demon once it was sealed. Naruto merely scoffs and tosses the scroll at mizuki who smiles and catches it rather happily.

And when I do. As Mizuki finally dissapears from view and can no longer be heard laughing an ANBU with a cat like mask drops down next to Naruto. Are you sure I shouldn't chase after him for what he said. You're certianly no demon. Just let his dumbass get to his meeting point we need to head back Now. Jiji has probably already let everyone know the truth.

So it's almost time for the big show. Everyone here knows the truth now and are hoping that this will be worth the wait. When naruto reaches once he points out towards the area mizuki had fled when an immediate fireball explodes in an extremely large fashion. The towering debris launched by the force of the explosion is massive as it takes the shape of a massive mushroom.

Almost immediately all the windows in the village Shatter instantaneously at what follows next. Weary and overwhelmed, Ichigo agrees to be sealed by none other than Death himself. Hundreds of years later, a situation arises that forces Ichigo to be revived. T - English - Chapters: After running away, she finds herself in an unfamiliar city.

It was there that she met a strange boy with spiky white hair, red eyes, and fangs. Join Momo on her journey as a meister at the DWMA as she meets new friends, reunites with old friends, and falls in love. Momo x Soul Toshiro x Karin. Rated T for now. I would probably tend to agree. After she runs away, her fellow Soul Reapers are trying to find her, including her childhood friend, Toshiro Hitsugaya. Will Toshiro be able to convince Momo to come back to Soul Society?

Ichigo becomes their guardian and quits being a soul reaper, however mysteriously Zangetsu doesn't disappear,and Shiro Hollow Ichigo materializes into a physical form.

Meanwhile Lord Death discovers 2 new meisters and 3 new weapons in Karakura town one having the most powerful spirit he's ever seen Rated: First Story we ever done! Part 1 by kahemoto reviews What happens when a orange haired soul reaper, a yellow haired hyper active ninja, an alchemist, and a shape shifter meet in the world of Soul eater?

I have also put in an oc. After Fullbringer Arc and after the defeat of the Kishin. Anybody who wants to complete this is welcome to I'm not doing anything with it. She and Soul begin a search for answers that lead them to one very old shinigami. The one called Ichigo Rated: