Fantasizing about friends girlfriend flirt

I fantasize about sleeping with my boyfriends friend why? - GirlsAskGuys

fantasizing about friends girlfriend flirt

stop fantasizing about her, or wishing she could be with you instead of your friend. And at times, you dating your friend's girlfriend may end up turning out to be You're only creating more confusions and complications by flirting with her. There's not a single girl in my friend group who I haven't fantasized about at It doesn't mean I have wanted them all to be my Girlfriend, it just means She's made it clear that she doesn't want to date me, yet we flirt all the. His girlfriend's sex drive is gone and now her best friend is starting to look pretty good. She doesn't want to flirt either and though I've really tried to be . Hell, fantasize about the best friend all you want, as long as it stays.

fantasizing about friends girlfriend flirt

It's been the longest I've ever dated anyone quite honestly. He and I just go so great together, and I love him very much as he feels the same for me. I've never cheated on anyone in my life, nor have I been cheated on.

Am I wrong for fantasizing about my GF's friends?

I wouldn't ever cheat, even if it was somebody famous or more attractive or anything like that. Unfortunately my boyfriend has been cheated on in the past by his ex-girlfriends though. He also thinks I'm too good for him sometimes and probably can't see why I wouldn't cheat on him as well like the other girls have in the past. But I can't help but imagine sleeping with my boyfriends friend!

Let's just say his friend is named John.

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John has known my boyfriend for a very long time. He's a chill person and is just hilarious to me because of the things he says.

fantasizing about friends girlfriend flirt

John makes me laugh very easily. He's also nice and considerate and is older than me and my boyfriend.

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Whenever I'm briefly alone with John for any reason he ends up paying me some kind of compliment, or saying something about how I'm different from other girls and how cool I am or something along those lines.

Whenever me and my boyfriend are hanging out with him and we have to leave he says goodbye " my name " every single time. If we're playing a card game or any kind of game or fun activity he usually makes me the target of advice, teasing, or singles me out for some other reason. When my boyfriend was on the phone with John on speaker and I was sitting right next to him, he made me laugh and John said that the laughing turned him on.

fantasizing about friends girlfriend flirt

There's a lot of little things he does that strike me as a bit odd, or like he's trying to flirt with me, or perhaps has a crush on me.

The love that I am experiencing value from is the one that holds my heart above all others, and no amount of lust or temptation could tempt me from it. I can't imagine it is much different with men. I am not about to start the argument of which romantic lifestyle is more ethical monogamy v polygamy ; I don't think that argument is directly pertinent here in the broader sense.

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More to the point, I don't think it is necessary for me to tell you that there is a difference between acknowledging the fact that you are attracted to someone else and seeking to act on that attraction. Now, the real question is: In my opinion, I would argue no: Here is where you need to stop and evaluate what you are really seeking not only from your girlfriend but from relationships in general.

I would concur with the above suggestions that you give yourselves time apart. Your mind, and hers both, will be clouded from truly making this assessment if you continue as you are.

See what life is like without her; if it is unbearable, you have your answer.

fantasizing about friends girlfriend flirt

It sounds like you felt that way before, but the fact that your old feelings of disatisfaction returned almost immediately after resuming your relationship is clear proof that you did not yet find your answer.

Time apart can be a valuable thing: Notice how neither option is terrible. Break clear for a while, think about what qualities you value in romantic relationships, what is worth pursuing in love that will bring you happiness You may lose that love, but if you value yourself as much as you should you should be willing to take this risk. Maybe you will get her back after losing her. But even if you lose her forever by taking this risk you will, at the very least, know what will make you happy in love and that is the biggest reward love has to offer.