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Explore Misfit_37's board "Hawkman (Katar Hol)" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Comic art, Comic books art and Hawkgirl. As a young woman, Shayera became a Wingmen and eventually meets Katar Hol again. She considered reborn Hawkman Carter Hall and Hawkgirl Kendra .. (also known as Spartan) Hady, Sebastian Hag (also known as White Witch. As Kendra tried to reach for the dagger, Savage dropped the act and Whilst attempting to flee, Savage was confronted by Hawkman and Hawkgirl, with . tested when Black Canary, Speedy and Spartan appeared and attacked him, and .

He appeared in four issues of this series, and teamed up with Adam Strange in some of these adventures. Murphy Anderson took over the art for this series with Gardner Fox continuing as writer. Hawkman occasionally teamed up with The Atom and Adam Strange in his title. Hawkman's comic book would continue for less than five years before it was canceled at issue This series was canceled as well.

It was not until the mids when Hawkman received his own title again. It lasted seventeen issues and one Special before it, too, was cancelled. While this series was originally meant to just be a retold origin of Hawkman, it spawned yet another Hawkman series. In DC created the Hawkworld monthly series.

This series had two volumes, but was eventually canceled. However, none of them were of much importance. With all of the different series, Hawkman had been part of, his origin and story had become rather complicated and confusing. At the end of his 3rd series, Hawkman was physically dissolved into nothing.

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However this added even more complexity to Hawkman, and the series was canceled. His new comic book was titled The Savage Hawkman. Although this Hawkman was the most simple version of the complex character, the series sold poorly and ended after twenty issues.

However this series concerned Carter Hall the reincarnated Egyptian prince version of Hawkman rather than Katar Hol, or Silver Age version of the character. Fictional character biography Silver Age version Katar Hol was the imperial prince of his home planet of Thanagar.

His father was Paran Katar, renowned ornithologist and inventor. When Katar Hol was eighteen, an alien race called the Manhawks invaded Thanagar and began looting the planet. Paran sent young Katar Hol to infiltrate their nest and bring back information on the aliens.

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Using this information, Paran created a hawk-like battle suit containing advanced technology like his " Nth metal ". Katar used this hawk-suit and Paran's advanced weaponry to drive the Manhawks away from Thanagar. That, however, was not the end of the problem. Some Thanagarians had learned the concept of stealing from the Manhawks. Due to the amount of crime, the Thanagarian government created a police force.

In honor of Paran Katar and his achievements, the new police force began using his hawk-suit and equipment. Paran headed this new police force, named the Hawk-Police or Wingmenand his son became one of the first recruits. Katar soon became one of the most skilled of the Hawk-Police. When a group called the Rainbow Robbers began committing crimes, Katar was teamed up with rookie Shayera Thal to track and apprehend the criminals.

During the case, Shayera saved Katar's life, and the two soon fell in love. A few weeks later, Katar proposed to Shayera and the two got married, working together as partners-for-life in the Hawk-Police. After ten years of marriage and in the force, the pair were sent to Earth [15] to capture the shape-shifting Thanagarian criminal Byth.

During their mission, they meet George Emmett, commissioner of the Midway City Police Department, and told him their alien origin.

With Emmett's help, the pair took over his retiring brother Ed's place as museum curators. They adopt the identities as Carter and Shiera Hall. After capturing him and sending him back to Thanagar, they elected to remain on Earth to work with authorities to learn human police methods. The two acted publicly as the heroes Hawkman and Hawkgirl later Hawkwoman. Art by Murphy Anderson. The rest of Hawkman's supporting cast consist of Mavis Trentmuseum naturalist and diorama artist who flirts with Katar; Joe Tracy, the museum's publicist; his commanding officer Andar Pul; a large red hawk named Big Red who lives in nearby Hawk Valley; and teenage orphan Charley Parker, the Golden Eagle.

Katar joined the Justice League of Americawhere he befriended the Atom. As Hawkman was a conservative, he frequently verbally sparred with his fellow Leaguer Green Arrowa left-wing liberal.

Hol left the Justice League for a time when Thanagar was hit by the Equalizer Plague, which caused all Thanagarians to change so that their physical and mental talents, and even their heights, became the same. With the help of the JLA, he was eventually able to reverse the effects of the plague. However, in the wake of the plague, Thanagar adopted an expansionist outlook, and went to war with the planet Rannwhich orbits Alpha Centauri.

This forced Katar and Shayera to choose to fight for or against their own planet, and they elected to oppose Thanagar, becoming exiles on Earth. Following the truce between Thanagar and Rann, Thanagar began to secretly try to take over the Earth. Hol opposed their efforts in a furtive "secret war" for several years.

Initially, the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkwoman were kept in continuity unchanged. They took Superman to Krypton now a gas planet ,[16] briefly joined Justice League Internationalteamed-up with Atom,[17] and helped Animal Man defuse a Thanagarian bomb during Invasion. However, DC reversed this decision and rebooted Hawkman continuity after the Hawkworld miniseries.

Originally, Hawkworld retold the origins of the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkwoman, but following its success, DC Comics launched a Hawkworld ongoing series set in the present, resulting in a complete reboot of Hawkman continuity. By doing so, several continuity errors regarding Hawkman and Hawkwoman's Justice League appearances needed to be fixed. A regular ongoing series of the same name followed from —, which was then followed up by Hawkman vol. Katar Hol and Shayera Hol.

Art by Graham Nolan. In this new version Katar Hol was a young police officer on the planet Thanagar, and a child of a privileged family being the son of Paran Katar.

Thanagar was a planet which conquered and mined other worlds for their resources to maintain its high standard of living, and Hol realized that this was wrong. He rebelled against the system and favored the old days of Thanagar. He became a student of history and archaeology, and admired Thanagar's legendary hero Kalmoran. Hol became addicted to a recreational drug, and was manipulated by the renegade police captain Byth into killing his own father, and was sent into exile in the Isle of Chance.

During that time, he found one of the island residents in robes fashioned a pair of wings.

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Katar, disillusioned, killed him and took his wings. He learned the wings were meant for Hol and that the robed man had natural wings on his back. Horrified on what he has done, the brother of the man he killed helped him deal with withdrawal symptoms from his drug addictions and he made peace with himself.

When his sentence was up, Hol was sent to Downside. However, he managed to escape and uncover and defeat Byth, who had gained shape-shifting abilities. As a result, he was reinstated in the force and given a new partner, Shayera Thal - a young woman from a lower class of society. Just after Fel Andar left Earth, Katar and Shayera were sent to Earth, where they served as goodwill ambassadors for their home planet and remained for some time fighting both human and alien criminals in places like Chicago's Netherworld.

In one adventure, Carter took an injured Katar to be healed by an old friend, a Cherokee shaman named Naomi "Faraway Woman". Katar discovers that she had known Paran Katar, his father. She and Paran fell in love, and the two eloped with the Halls serving as witnesses. The Witch Doctor Flash Comics 97 July Famous explorer Craig Evans donned a giant witch doctor mask to try to force Hawkman and Hawkgirl to reveal where they had hidden jewels stolen by his gang in a hold-up aided by an elephant stampede.

Hyathis Justice League of America vol. Kanjar Ro Justice League of America vol. Byth The Brave and the Bold 34 February—March Thanagarian thief who stole for the thrill of the adventure, who stole a pill from the scientist Krotan that gave him shapeshifting powers and fled to Earth, pursued by the Thanagarian police agents who would become Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Hawkworld 1 August A corrupt Wingman commander who rises to power by manipulating Katar Hol into killing his father, becomes the Administrator of Protection, and then gains shape-shifting powers from a new drug called Krotan.

The Matter Master The Brave and the Bold 35 April—May Scientist turned alchemist Mark Mandrill accidentally discovers a new substance he dubs Mentachem, which he fashions into a wand that gives him the power to reshape, transmute, or levitate any matter. The Shadow Thief The Brave and the Bold 36 June Career criminal Carl Sands was conducting experiments on shadow projection while in prison, when he made contact with an alien explorer named Thar Dan from the Xarapion dimension, who rewarded Sands for saving his life by giving him a Dimensiometer and a pair of ebony gloves that allows him to hold objects while in shadow form.

The Manhawks The Brave and the Bold 43 August - September An alien race of bird-like humanoids that in the wake of a war with the reptilian Lizarkons have spanned the cosmos looting planets. Mystery in Space 87 November Small-time crook Ira Quimby becomes superintelligent, but only for short bursts of time, after exposure to a rock imbued with Zeta Beam radiation. He was usurped by his people when they used one of his potions to give him amnesia.

Hundreds of years later, his memory returned when he discovered one of his ancient weapons and sought the rest of his arsenal which caught the attention of the Hawks. The Wingors Hawkman vol. Hawkman stumbles into a battles between the two powers and agrees to help stop C.

Fal Tal Hawkman vol. Boras Boran Hawkman vol. The Shrike Hawkman vol. He came into conflict with the Hawks during a global crime spree stealing Aztec artifacts that Shrike believed were stolen by the white man.

Burns also created a psionic construct of Johnny that wanted to reform and when in the presence of Toyboy, Johnny was reborn as a man seeking redemption for his crimes. The Falcon Hawkman vol. Queen Elda of the Infinite Empire Hawkman vol. In recent history, he organized Hawkman's enemies to eliminate the hero such that he can take his place. The Fadeaway Man Detective Comics September Art historian Anton Lamont comes across the Conjure-Cloak of Cagliostro, which gives him the ability to teleport to another dimension, and which he uses to embark upon a life of crime.

She later makes an attempt on the lives of the Hawks but Hawkman uses Psion technology to strip her of her powers. Fel Andar The Shadow War of Hawkman 1 May A Thanagarian spy that sought to infiltrate Earth's heroes for an invasion from a coalition of alien races that feared the threat Earth posed should it develop technology that permitted them to travel through space en masse. The Tigress Infinity, Inc.

The White Dragon Hawkworld vol. Ricochet Hawkman Annual vol. Count Viper Hawkman vol. One of the greatest threats to ever face the planet, Synn can steal the life out of the living to fuel his strength and return them as an undead servant.

One of Hawkman's recent reincarnations was attributed to be Thanagar's champion against Synn and his armies. Kristopher Roderic Hawkman vol. The Headhunter Hawkman vol.