Kidcrusher meet the monster song

Kidcrusher - Meet The Monsters Lyrics

kidcrusher meet the monster song

Kidcrusher Meet The Monsters lyrics & video: Into my mind Falling apart All that I loved Is left behind Stolen provoken Lost and heartbroken Words that I've. KidCrusher is a musician and producer from Adelaide, South Australia who has released – KidCrusher – Cannibal Clown; – KidCrusher – Meet The Superstars – Sydney; – KidCrusher – Juggalo Monsters Ball – Sydney. The Monstors lyrics. Exposed Lyrics - Song Lyrics & Lyrics Meanings Lyrics > Kidcrusher lyrics > Meet The Monstors Lyrics. img You can meet the monster.

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This is your year. This is your home. He breaks down his legendary set up and more here: The Revolution 3 Tour: All you have to do is swipe up.

kidcrusher meet the monster song

CT3 has the best vibes on stage. Well, all the time, but especially on stage.

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See you out there! A beautiful evening in Henderson— thx for having us and thx for coming out x https: Need more proof that a… https: Pre-sale starts Tuesday 10AM Local. See you at the abbycentre. I would have to say Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid are probably my biggest influences for pursuing my dream and creating KidCrusher as I never felt so connected with any other music, it made me want to represent their following and become a part of their world.

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  • Kidcrusher - Meet The Monstors lyrics

How would you describe your personal music style? So my album can go from straight hip hop, to metal rap, to death metal, to Dubstep, to industrial, to comedy skits. Overall people would consider me apart of the Horrorcore genre and a Juggalo rapper. Have you played on or written any songs used for film, television or commercial projects— if so, can you tell me which songs and which projects they have been used in?

The video came together after I requested to produce a song for the soundtrack of a film they were developing. Fangoria Magazine also covered the production. The video brings in more of a serial killer tone than the original; the song alone is about killing evil people in my home town on Christmas eve. We shot the video in an abandoned building and the song is about my struggle with depression over not being able to perform for my fans in the United States and being treated like an animal and drowning in the past.

The song was released as a single and given away free online. We also had a DeLorean in the video and special effects.

Kidcrusher - Meet The Monstors lyrics

The clip was shot entirely on green screen as me as every member of the band, and I have future releases from this project coming into the mix in What do you think separates you from other musicians?

What makes you good at what you do? What other artist has done 12 studio albums in 10 years, and produced movie grade music videos and scores for films? Has toured with major artists and did it all without management, a label, or basically buying their way on stage or into promotions.

In the tunnels we run and you will find me, under the ground. Was it something you had to get used to, or were you immediately comfortable in front of the crowd?

kidcrusher meet the monster song

Most of my songs are too difficult to perform live as well so there is only a small list that works. I write all of my music, usually the beats as well. Inspiration comes from various things in most cases when I first started KidCrusher, I studied a lot of serial killers and cannibals through documentaries and online. Not because I love or support it in anyway, but because of the shock factor in entertainment.

Meet The Monstors Lyrics

Other inspirations come from real life situations or movies which I twist into an original tale. What do you hope to achieve in your career as a musician? Continue to have a die-hard fan base and of course touring the world and making music full time.