Kipper the dog introduction meet

Dog of the Week: Meet Kipper – What Lola Likes

kipper the dog introduction meet

Wearing Le Motto Tee, Clothing James Jacket, Dittos Brand Jeans (old), Skechers boots. I'd love to introduce you to the sweet, Kipper. Floppy, Kipper. Biff, Chip. Wilf, Wilma. Anneena, Nadim. Dad, Mum. Gran. Learn more out about the characters in 'The Magic Key' by clicking on the buttons on. Buy Kipper - The Classic Collection [DVD] from Amazon's DVD & Blu-ray TV Store. Introducing Fire TV Stick 4K The most powerful 4K streaming stick with all-new .. In 'The Bleepers' the playful pup meets some visitors from another planet. . The fussy behaviour of the actor playing Tiger is just right for a dog who is.

Maisy's world comes vividly to life with whimsical animations and bright, inviting graphics.

kipper the dog introduction meet

Activities gently encourage resourcefulness, independence, curiosity, and confidence. Maisy herself is a little white mouse; she and her animal friends explore places and activities of interest to toddlers.

kipper the dog introduction meet

In this game the player is introduced to three rooms in Maisy's house; in each room are many clickable animations to explore with the mouse - drawers and cabinets open to reveal items, water runs and the toilet flushes, toys move and lights click on and off. There are three levels to choose from, and at the 3rd level Maisy will enter the room and perform an appropriate activity, such as taking a bath or donning outdoor clothing. In the top left of each screen is an easel icon which brings the player to a page of seven mini-games: Gingerbread Cookies - piece together broken cookies and then decorate and print; Hide and Seek - find Maisy and her friends hiding on the page; Painting - find the picture that doesn't belong in Maisy's painting; Clean-up - click on Maisy's toys to put them away in her playroom; Getting Dressed - choose the appropriate clothes for Maisy to put on for a specified activity; Train - help Maisy's friends board her train; Coloring - listen to directions to help Maisy finish a painting or print out to color later.

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The focus of this game is on the preschool skills of color, shape, and number recognition, following directions, and creative play. Sound Source Interactive, Inc. All rights go to appropriate owners.

I do not own any of the material.

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He often gets muddy and likes to chase cats. Floppy carries 'The Magic Key' on his collar but would rather be burying a bone or having a nice snooze than going on adventures; he knows there will always be trouble, with a capital T!

kipper the dog introduction meet

Kipper is five years old and the baby of the family. He is very mischievous and is always getting into scrapes. He has a good imagination and loves the world of make believe.

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He takes his teddy bear 'Teddy' everywhere with him. Biff is seven years old, like her twin brother Chip. She has good ideas but is sometimes bossy. She is an action girl but can be very clumsy; if there is a hole to fall into, she will fall into it! Chip is seven and Biff's twin brother. He is quieter and more cautious than the others but is good at stopping their quarrels.

Kipper's New Pet: Mick Inkpen: Books

Chip likes to take time to think about a problem. He is artistic and funny. Wilf is seven years old.

kipper the dog introduction meet

He is clever, in fact he is a walking encyclopaedia of facts! Wilf has a good imagination and likes to perform; this can be useful if the children find themselves in a difficult situation! Wilma is eight and the oldest of the children.

Kipper: Imagine That!

She is very determined and likes to boss the gang around. Wilma is practical with bright ideas and common sense, but she always thinks that she is right. She likes to try to do things in the neatest possible way.