Matilda the musical meet matildas

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matilda the musical meet matildas

Meet The Matildas | Ballroom Dancing. 17 Nov It is no secret that Mrs Wormwood loves to Ballroom dance and so we took our new Matildas, Lily – Mae . The RSC's Matilda The Musical website has tickets available for the West End . to the Olivier awards the BBC's David Sillito went to meet three of the Matildas. The first four Matildas for our UK and Ireland tour of Matilda The Musical have been announced.

Some of the Sydney child cast members reprised their roles for selected performances in Melbourne; for example, certain performances featured Molly Barwick as Matilda. Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland: A new season was announced to start in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Auckland. The show ran in at the Civic Theatre in Auckland until 22 October Further venues were announced on 13 March The tour completed its Leicester run on 24 March This run marked Matilda the Musical's Irish debut.

Moore, who had been contracted with the show since her departure in March, had covered several performances on the West End since her last show. Philippines[ edit ] Matilda had its Asian premiere [79] in the Philippines on 10 November The production closed on 10 December This production was the first licensed production; it was not produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company, and has no links to the original production except for the score and script.

The Manila production also had a child strong cast alternating 8 other student roles. The production will be in arrangement with the RSC and be the first non-English version of Matilda produced.

matilda the musical meet matildas

International tour[ edit ] South Africa: Following the Singaporean runs, the international tour will run across 13 cities in China from June to January Philadelphia's Walnut Street Theatre is producing Matilda with performances beginning on 6 November for a total run of 2 months. Village Theatreoutside of Seattle, Washington, is producing Matilda, opening on 8 November for a three-month run.

Holly Reichert and Nava Ruthfield will be playing Matilda. Wormwood gives birth to a baby girl called Matilda. The doctor thinks Matilda is the most beautiful child he has ever seen, but Mrs.

Wormwood is only worried about a dancing contest she has missed. Wormwood—a used-car salesman and television addict—dismisses the child when he realizes she is a girl 'Miracle'. Five years later, Matilda is an avid reader and lives unhappily with her parents and her older, gormless brother Michael. The Wormwoods are oblivious to her genius and frequently mock and verbally abuse her.

Matilda adds some of her mother's hydrogen peroxide to her father's hair oil, leaving Mr. Wormwood with bright green hair 'Naughty'. At the local library Matilda tells Mrs.

Meet the Matildas

Phelps a story about a world-famous acrobat and escapologist couple who long to have a child but they can't. To distract themselves from their sadness they announce to the world's press that they will perform an exciting and dangerous new act.

matilda the musical meet matildas

The next day is Matilda's first day at school 'School Song'. Her teacher Miss Honey is impressed by Matilda's precociousness and ability, so she recommends that Matilda is moved to the top class with the older children 'Pathetic'.

Meet our new Matildas - Matilda The Musical London

However, the child-hating, disciplinarian headmistress Miss Trunchbull dismisses Miss Honey's suggestion and lectures her on the importance of following rules 'The Hammer'. At the Wormwood's house, Mr. Wormwood is frustrated about losing a sale of worn-out cars to a group of rich Russians.

He takes his frustration out on Matilda and destroys one of her library books, prompting her to put superglue around the rim of his hat and fix it to his head.

matilda the musical meet matildas

At school, Matilda learns of Miss Trunchbull's cruel punishments, including Chokey: Matilda sees Miss Trunchbull spin a small girl around by her pigtails and throw her across the playing field. Meanwhile, Miss Honey decides to visit the Wormwoods to express her recommendation that Matilda be put in an advanced class.

Wormwood and her dance partner Rudolpho.

matilda the musical meet matildas

It soon becomes apparent that Mrs. Wormwood doesn't care about her daughter's intelligence, and she mocks Miss Honey and Matilda's interest in books and intellect 'Loud'. Phelps more about the acrobat and the escapologist. The acrobat's sister, a former world champion hammer-thrower who loved to scare small children, has arranged their performance.

The escapologist announces that the performance has been cancelled because the acrobat is pregnant. The crowd is thrilled but the acrobat's sister is furious at the prospect of refunding the crowd's money and produces a contract binding them to perform the act or go to jail. At school, Bruce Bogtrotter, a boy in Matilda's class, has stolen a slice of Miss Trunchbull's personal chocolate cake.

Miss Trunchbull punishes Bruce by forcing him to eat the entire cake in front of the class, who bravely support him 'Bruce'. After Bruce has finished the cake, the class celebrates his success but Miss Trunchbull drags Bruce away to the Chokey.

Act II[ edit ] Mr. Wormwood advises the audience against reading in favour of watching television 'Telly'. Lavender, a girl in Matilda's class, tells the audience that she is going to put a newt in Miss Trunchbull's jug of water later on.

The children gather and sing about their hopes for when they grow up 'When I Grow Up'. Matilda resolves to end Miss Trunchbull's cruelty. Phelps more of the story of the acrobat and the escapologist. Bound by their contract, they perform their feat, which goes well until the last moment when the acrobat is fatally injured, living just long enough to give birth to a girl.

The escapologist invites the acrobat's sister to move in with him to help look after his daughter. Unknown to the escapologist, the girl's aunt is secretly cruel to her, forcing her to perform menial tasks and abusing her verbally and physically.

Meet The Matildas | Ballroom Dancing

Wormwood returns home from work pleased because he has sold his worn-out cars to the wealthy Russians, having used an automatic drill to wind back their speedometers. Matilda is annoyed at her father's deceit and scolds him, which angers him and he locks her in her bedroom. That night, Matilda continues the story of the acrobat and the escapologist. After years of cruelty, the aunt's rage has grown; one day she beats the child, locks her in the cellar and goes out.

That evening, the escapologist returns home early and discovers the extent of the aunt's cruelty. As he comforts his daughter, he promises her he will always be there for her. Filled with rage, he runs out to find the aunt but is never seen again 'I'm Here'. Miss Trunchbull discovers the newt in her jug; she accuses one of the boys, Eric, who has already riled her during the lesson.

Meet the Matildas | Matilda The Musical | Royal Shakespeare Company

She starts to punish him. Matilda scolds Miss Trunchbull for being a bully. Miss Trunchbull verbally abuses Matilda, but Matilda discovers she can move objects with her mind 'Quiet'. She tips over the water jug and the newt lands on Miss Trunchbull, and climbs up her leg.

After Miss Trunchbull leaves Matilda demonstrates her powers to Miss Honey, who is surprised and invites Matilda to her house for tea. On the way Matilda admits that her father is not proud of her and calls her names. Miss Honey tells Matilda of her cruel and abusive aunt, who looked after her as a child after her parents died.

When Miss Honey first became a teacher, her aunt produced a bill detailing everything Miss Honey consumed as a child, along with other expenses, and forced her to sign a contract binding her to pay it all back.

Desperate to escape, Miss Honey found refuge in an old farm shed which she moved into and lives in abject poverty. Despite this, Miss Honey finds beauty in her meagre living conditions 'My House'. In December, the same year, folowing nine nominations, Matilda won five Broadway World: UK Awards including Best Musical. There are filmed interviews with Tim and Dennis Kelly, who wrote the script adaptation, and as they bring their storytelling methods to life, with the help of comprehensive teacher notes, they aim to give teachers and children insights into the creative processes involved in writing and staging Matilda.

The voting breakdown is here. On March 23rd,with a host of stars in attendance, the th West End performance of Matilda The Musical took place! The casting of the principal roles and the ensemble was announced in December with Lauren Ward, reprising her West End role as Miss Honey.

Meet The Matildas - UK & Ireland Tour - Matilda The Musical

The full Broadway cast list can be found here. Opening Night on Broadway Following months of preparation and rehearsals, the New York production of Matilda The Musical opened at the Shubert Theatre on Broadway on the 11th April to delighted cheers and a full standing ovation from the star-studded audience and press.

The show immediately saw a host of marvellously glowing reviews across the board.

matilda the musical meet matildas

Opening night on Broadway. Matthew Warchus, Dennis Kelly and Tim joined the cast on stage. A raft of major US theatre award nominations quickly followed: The award wins rolled in throughout May