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19 Swedish Bloggers You Need to Follow in

meet the bloggers stockholm

Meet our DIS Stockholm student bloggers and hear what they are up to by reading their study abroad blogs. Sooo, after living in the capital of Sweden for two months, I've managed to get some cool pictures to share! Stockholm consists of several. Award-nominated fashion and travel blogger Fanny Lyckman is an Instagram model and aspiring designer from Stockholm, Sweden. She has.

One of the most amazing ways of being inspired is through contacting people you admire on Instagram and being able to meet up — then you have a new friend and colleague.

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I don't know very many other industries where you can do that, where everyone is so accessible. What's your favourite thing about being a blogger? What I love is the versatility of daily life — my days never look the same and I learn new things all the time.

Of course, getting the right formula takes practice, but it's definitely never boring. It's a bit scary sometimes and often is time-consuming. You really do end up mixing your personal life with your business life, but I'm the daughter of two artists [ Helene Billgren and Ernst Billgren ], so I don't know what a 'normal' job looks like!

The most rewarding but also most frightening blog posts have been the most personal, the most honest. If you want to make it work, you have to let your readers see more than just the superficial topics, but it's key to meet the balance between being honest and being private, keeping control of your content but also being open with your readers.

meet the bloggers stockholm

It's really useful to me to have dialogue with my followers — I have really smart readers who would never accept anything stupid from me… they're like my grandmother, keeping me in line! Sounds like busy work! On the flip-side, what would you say is the most challenging thing about being a blogger? Needing to reinvent yourself every day is challenging — you have to be very adaptable and follow the stream of what's interesting at the moment, while also being in touch with — and true to — yourself.

You need to be a real chameleon, without losing your truth. Victoria Tornegren Victoria Tornegren's super popular blog was created in April Known for its stunning lifestyle photography, her blog also covers everything from food and fashion to home and beauty. She also has an impressive Instagram following.

19 Swedish Bloggers We Can’t Get Enough Of In 2018

Fanny Lyckman Award-nominated fashion and travel blogger Fanny Lyckman is an Instagram model and aspiring designer from Stockholm, Sweden.

Janni Deler InJanni Deler started her blog to document her travels and share them with the world, but it quickly expanded to include her love of fashion, leading to numerous collaborations with top fashion brands. Alexandra Nilsson Alexandra Nilsson, known by most as Kissie, runs one of Sweden's most famous blogs with overreaders a day, covering fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and more.

Jesper Ingevaldsson Jesper Ingevaldsson is a journalist that works in communications and runs his blog, Shoegazing, on the side.

meet the bloggers stockholm

As you may have guessed, Shoegazing is all about classic, quality shoes made by traditional methods of construction, and it has quickly become one of the largest blogs in the world about classic shoes. If you like shoes, you'll LOVE his site. In addition to our events, we started to receive requests from brands on how to work with social influencers. We started to help them and discovered a new vertical for Meet the Blogger. We have introduced Social Influencer Programs and Blogger Engagement Programs for many brands and nowadays this Influencer Marketing practice is growing rapidly.

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Meet the blogger: Elsa Billgren - The Local

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