Meet the hutterites controversy

The Las Vegas Badger: American Colony: Meet The Hutterites: Another Fake Show?

meet the hutterites controversy

Hutterites (German: Hutterer), also called Hutterian Brethren (German: Hutterische Brüder), are .. controversies including the Arnoldleut/Bruderhof issue and the leadership of the Schmiedeleut elder. . On May 29, , the first episode of American Colony: Meet the Hutterites aired on the National Geographic Channel. The Hutterites of King Ranch Colony in Montana, who were featured in the them from talking openly about the controversial television production. Jeff Collins, the executive producer of Meet The Hutterites, insists that the. After the debacle of Meet The Hutterites, David Lyle — CEO of the National . Given the controversy surrounding what happened last year in Montana, why.

He said most of the homes in his community have computers and filtered Internet access — his colony even has its own network. Kenny Wollmann, who is a practising Hutterite in Manitoba, said the Internet has had a massive impact on their culture. Hofer captured this growing tension between the traditional and the modern using a Canon 60D.

Despite the outlet his hobby provided, Mr. Hofer said he never felt like he fit in with the other young men in his colony, who seemed more interested in hunting, fishing and watching hockey. All the guys are macho.

meet the hutterites controversy

Last weekend, his sister — who had left the colony when she was 16 — came home for a visit. Hofer knew he had a ride. After that on Sunday morning … and I just pretended I went to breakfast so I left my house like I usually do and I ran around the house and took my bike and then biked out to her car which was waiting about a quarter mile out of the colony.

If so, this would not be unusual, Ms. In some communities, females are starting to outnumber males. Before, when Hutterites left the colony, many of them eventually returned home, but that is changing. Kirkby said this vulnerability makes work like Mr.

Most Hutterites are actually not opposed to photography. Rather, their communal philosophy is anathema to the self-promotion that has become endemic to Mr.

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To see one person elevated through such exposure seems prideful. His success is problematic in a culture that restricts individual expression and personal property, Mr. Modern technology is our greatest fear. They followed him around Calgary for several days, recording the young man exploring his new life. The completed film is expected to be aired sometime in the fall. In front of them, Mr. Hofer said he meant no disrespect by his photographs.

National Post A practicing Hutterite in Manitoba, Kenny Wollmann, answered questions about how modern technology is affecting his community.

meet the hutterites controversy

Hutterites are a religions group descended from Eastern Europe who practice a closed, communal and agrarian way of life. Believed to number as many as 50, most of their colonies are scattered across the prairies. Wollmann responded by email to several questions posed to him by National Post reporter Jen Gerson.

The following transcript has been edited. What kind of technology is allowed in Hutterite communities? Is it safe to say that communities have become more liberal in adopting new technology? Keep in mind that I come from a more progressive community, so I am trying hard not to speak for those who are more traditional because I realize their contribution is equally important in the overall scheme of things.

I cannot call to mind a specific technology that is officially banned in Hutterite communities across the board at present.

Television and radio used to be, but now there are communities who have both. Some chose to say yes to some technologies, while others say no to the same item; some will say no to TV, but at the same time they may say yes to the Internet. That said, all technologies are regulated to some degree. Ideally, the pros and cons of each technology should be carefully considered as to how it will affect our lifestyle.

For example, in my particular community cell phones are provided to all members, male and female, who have drivers licenses or another specific need in which a cell phone would make their work easier. Some young people manage to acquire them on their own, but this is strongly discouraged because they are still immature, and to prevent foolish behaviour.

I find it fascinating that the primary concern of our leaders in this matter is not that [young people] might misuse the technology, but that they acquired the cell phone by nefarious means. Certainly an important virtue in any community! In my opinion, Hutterites have primarily adopted technology for two reasons; economic and education. As any business person knows, the use of technology improves production and efficiency on many levels.

Hutterites want apology for NatGeo television show

Since the late s, Hutterites, particularly in Manitoba, have realized the need to improve the educational standards of their communities. This need eventually evolved into the formation of the Hutterian Broadband Network Inc.

This technology overcomes challenges like low enrolment and limited resources to deliver a sound educational program with skilled teachers from within the Hutterite community to Hutterite children — in other words an education that is sensitive to the Hutterite faith and culture. Are there Hutterite communities trying to keep technology out? How effective has this been?

There are some Hutterite leaders who are particularly cautious with technology. Because Hutterite communities are quite autonomous, the means and extent by which technological limitations are enforced differ considerably. Why are Hutterites uncomfortable with photography? Today you have the full spectrum of perspectives within our communities: In addition to this biblical directive, individuals and communities struggle to navigate the tension between vanity and modesty.

meet the hutterites controversy

Finally, and much much more common in my opinion, is the simple dislike of having their photo taken. In addition to this, our elderly people grew up in an era where photos were taboo. Cameras were perhaps owned and used only surreptitiously by non-Hutterites teaching at the community school.

This seems to have put in place a mental or psychological response that triggers even today, in a time when photography is more acceptable. This area, of course, needs to be navigated with respect and dignity. It felt as though we might finally be turning a corner. As far as I know, the ratings on that were very high.


It was a big crowd pleaser. You know, a terrible accident on the highway causes everyone to slow down and stare at it. This article raises a host of new questions: Yes, of course we know about the Hutterite series. David Lyle, CEO of the National Geographic Channel, has insisted that all producers watch it, study it, and learn about what went wrong with that production.

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And we stand before you tonight with a solemn pledge that as we produce this series about the Old Believers, we will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Why did National Geographic producers tell the media to leave the meeting? The people of Homer, Alaska Re: Instead, the part TV series American Colony: Clinton driving a car without a license and then getting arrested?

Meet The Hutterites has been deeply embarrassing and painfully divisive for members of the Hutterite community. And now their pain and embarrassment has gone global: For the longer version — with supporting documents, correspondence, production notes, testimonials, media coverage, and more — please see this page.

In his letter please see belowMr. Sveen outlines the many problems the Hutterites have faced during their brief encounter with National Geographic, and respectfully asks Mr.