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meet the meat tv tropes

A page for describing PlayingWith: Let's Meet the Meat. Basic Trope: Edible animals or talking food want to be eaten. Straight: Alice and Bob find a talking . The Real Men Eat Meat trope as used in popular culture. That cow? Food. That dog? Food. That grizzly bear? Food. That roadkill? Eh food. If you're a man, . "So eat me! I'll become delicious, oven-baked apples for you! Doesn't oven- baked apples and your dear daughter make for a wonderful dessert? Aren't you a .

Arthur and friends find themselves sharing a field with a herd of such creatures. The herd is owned by a cheese-worshiping cult which won't slaughter them, and the creatures are miserable at the prospect of never being eaten. Ford and a by-now jaded Arthur are more than happy to oblige.

In the Clifford Simak short story "Drop Dead", stranded planetary explorers survive by eating a native Shmoo-like animal that conveniently drops dead when approached. Turns out that the meat contains bacteria that transforms anything that eats them into the same species. Dick where some people go to an alien world and find a pig-like creature.

The captain orders it killed and cooked, despite protests from the crew. The twist comes when Peterson, the protagonist, realises that the pig has mind controlled the captain into doing so, and is completing the process of possessing him by eating its former body as the Captain resumes a conversation that Peterson had been having with the Wub before it was "killed".

Hitler would have run retching. The Magic Puddingin the novel of the same name.

meet the meat tv tropes

It helps that the pudding is capable of regenerating itself. In The Other Sinbad by Craig Shaw Gardner, a character is shipwrecked on an island with trees full of talking figs that beg to be eaten. Unfortunately the figs turn out to be addictive and also to have an, um, intense laxative effect.

The poor guy ends up as a giant ambulatory talking pile of feces. In the unexpected twist, the Dragons are perfectly okay with being hunted and eaten, as they view this as a moral obligationand generally consider death differently from the all other races. Yes, they are weird. In Through the Looking-Glass at the feast in honor of Alice's coronation, she's introduced first to the lamb rack and then to the pudding.

Both meals are then immediately carried away before Alice can slice a piece, because it's very rude to go at people even if they are food with a knife, right after you've been introduced to each other!

Inverted in John Dies at the End with this scene from the very beginning of the book. A dead guy, another dead guy. Now we can see things.

I have a dead cat that follows me around, wondering why I never feed it. Oh, and I had one hamburger that started mooing when I ate it. When he keeps changing his mind and is not satisfied, his food tells him off and wants him to eat it. In Harriet the SpyHarriet and her classmates are playing vegetables for a Christmas play that are going to be eaten for Christmas dinner, but don't seem to mind.

The teacher tells the students to imagine that they've woken up as the vegetables and are "waiting for that glorious moment [they] will be Live-Action TV Parodied in Monty Python's Flying Circus Series 1, episode 13, January where a naked man named Hopkins in a large dish is pushed into the restaurant, describing himself as "the special" and asks patrons to choose him as their meal.

To elaborate on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxymentioned above. The Dish merrily goes on to explain, "I'll just nip off and shoot myself.


Don't worry sir, I'll be very humane. He orders a salad, which causes the talking soon-to-be-entree to roll its eyes and remark that the vegetables wanting to be eaten are unable to express their feelings, and that's why "it was eventually decided to cut through the whole tangled problem and breed an animal that actually wanted to be eaten and was capable of saying so clearly and distinctly. Which in turn can be read as ironic considering the joke from the first book: Episode 26 of Monty Python's Flying Circus has the sketch "Lifeboat Cannibalism ", where five sailors in a lifeboat starving, decide to resort to cannibalism.

They begin arguing about who they should kill and eat. I wish you'd all stop bickering and eat me. Also parodied in a Saturday Night Live fake-commercial for "The Cluckin' Chicken" — an ad for a chicken restaurant featuring a chipper cartoon chicken describing the entire gory process of how he's slaughtered, plucked, gutted, quartered, cooked, eaten, digested, and excreted.

When asked to recite the slogan, he responded "Welcome to Big Big Burger. I'm the big Big Burger.

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They have biographical information on the chickens, and a couple even leaves their table right in the middle of dinner to go visit the farm where the chickens were raised. While Buffy doesn't actually want vampires to drink her blood, she sometimes enjoys taunting them by pointing out how good her blood would taste. At one point, this trope was played completely straight when she violently forced Angel to drink her blood.

meet the meat tv tropes

Music The Superfast Jellyfish in the music video for the Gorillaz song of the same name don't talk, but they seem way too happy to be featuring in a music video for a song about the benefits of grinding said jellyfish up into breakfast foods.

They continue bouncing around cheerfully even after they've been microwaved. Mythology and Religion Some of the Norse deities had magical boars or goats as their faithful steeds and chariot-pullers, which apparently didn't mind being butchered and eaten nightly by their owners.

In one of the Anansi The Spider stories, Anansi finds three villages of talking food: They even beg him to stay and eat them when he goes on to search for the next village. Puppet Shows Any time talking food appears on Sesame Street they usually talk about how they're someone's meal or how healthy they are for you. The Far Side A comic has a cow and man starving in a life raft.

The cow pictures the man as covered in grass and flowers. Another strip references this trope: Happens just about every time Garfield is dieting. Fanfiction In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "A Haunted Christmas", Nabby starts hallucinating that he's seeing food everywhere, even his fellow Smurfs, when he eats his stash of smurfnip during a Christmas famine.

In Slipped Harry drinks some of Jacob's blood in an emergency situation, then pretends to go into a trance as a prank.

He didn't like the way that Harry was looking at him, it reminded him of one of the cartoons where the wolf pictured his best friend, who just happened to be a sheep, walking around looking like a steak. Films — Animation Madagascar: An interesting twist, in that the character in question a lion is looking this way at a zebra, which in the wild would have been among its prey, but they're from the zoo and don't seem to know that.

In James and the Giant Peacha starving Centipede first sees the Grasshopper as cheese and a bottle of wine, then the Earthworm as a hot dog, and finally a seagull as a roast chicken. He almost eats the last one.

Winnie the Pooh of, well, Winnie-the-Poohbegins hallucinating that his shadow, his friends, and everything around him are honey pots when he's starving. In MinionsStuart hallucinates that Kevin and Bob and Bob's teddy bear are bananas while rowing across the ocean. To be fair to the beast, the lady's wardrobe seems to consist entirely of dresses that are deliberately colored and patterned to look like vegetables.

meet the meat tv tropes

In the movie City HunterJackie Chan hallucinates that a woman's bodily parts are food the breasts are burgers, the legs are chicken legs. The woman is pulled away before he can even attempt to eat her.

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Another live-action example in a Little Rascals short where Stymie and Spanky are living on the streets Stymie briefly imagines Petey the dog as a hotdog. When Bob and Doug forget to feed their dog Hosehead, the dog sees the duo as giant steaks. Vampires Suck has Becca's face morph into a hamburger during a parody of the papercut scene from New Moon. Cat's Eye has a tobacco variant. You love your wife.

Your beautiful, succulent wife. Your beautiful succulent delicious wife.

Real Men Eat Meat

Your succulent delicious steak. You love your steak so much. Hang on a second. Were you just imagining your wife as a steak? You should know better then that. You should never imagine your steak as a steak. Comes up in Dinoverse. Pragmatic Janine, after Mike is put into the body of a Tyrannosaurus, sets up a first priority for the group.

meet the meat tv tropes

Father Ted Played with in an episode: About halfway through, Ted sees Jack as a giant cigarette, Jack sees Dougal as a giant pint of Guinness, and Dougal sees Ted as a giant rollerblade. Weirdly subverted in another episode, "The Mainland": I'm so hungry I'm beginning to hallucinate". Ted then steps into the shot having turned not into food but Abraham Lincoln.

Referenced in an episode of Friends. Joey and Chandler have been waiting a long time to be served at a restaurant, and Chandler quips, "If this were a cartoon, you'd look like a ham by now.

meet the meat tv tropes

Parodied in an episode of The Mighty Booshwhen the main characters are trapped on a deserted island; before long Howard wants to eat Vince and the camera flashes to Vince made of food. Then the camera goes to the regular Vince, who says "Hey, Howard, why don't we eat this guy? He's made of eggs and sausages. Soon, Bobby becomes a giant chicken rotisserie.

An interesting example in that Stephen is already established as an occasional cannibal — and then we come back from the final commercial break to find him licking barbecue sauce off his fingers. Bobby, it turns out, has tendered his resignation, and in a later episode, Stephen eats Bobby's ghost.

When the New York Times reported the number of weeks' pay that a worker would receive for losing a limb, Stephen chopped up the article with a paper cutter