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meet the muppets vhs

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Wiggle and Learn Closing Song: Goodbye from the Wiggles Description: Sam Wiggle replaces Greg as they do a brand new series on teaching kids how to read, dance, and have fun.

Season 6 Nursery Rhymes Anthony introduces three guests, one of whom is Captain Feathersword in disguise.

meet the muppets vhs

Wags and Dorothy do an educational skit. Captain Feathersword tries to guess what Anthony is dressed up as. Murray and Jeff paint a picture using music.

The Wiggles play different games. Season Seven - Ready, Steady, Wiggle! September Canadian version aired: June on Treehouse US version aired: Instrumental of Theme Song Description: Join Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony on new adventures.

Season 7 Intro; Who Am I? Season Eight - Ready, Steady, Wiggle! January US version aired: May on Hulu Number of Episodes: Video Organization Videos are generally placed at the end of each series. Many airdates listed try to match the first Disney Broadcast or US video release.

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If it has the Wiggly Dancers it'll be season 3 or later, otherwise the video fits in season 1. If it has Sam Wiggle or the newer Greg, it'll be in season 6. The regular seasons were painstakingly collected from the various TV guides and correlated with actual viewings of the show over a period of several months.

Season 5 codes come from a media marketing site. If you have a better scheme for the videos please contact the editor.

His hobby is doing magic tricks. He can make things disappear, but it'd be once in blue moon if he ever succeeds in pulling a rabbit out of his hat! He also plays some guitar and keyboard. People might recognize him as a Wiggly Dancer and Professor Singalottasonga in the earlier series. His hobbies include eating and generally being silly. His appetite can get in the way at times. He usually sings and dances with Greg. In the newer seasons, he also loves to use a low bass voice and to roll his r's.

He also plays some guitar and some other instruments. One time he even used Greg's magic properly! Murray also loves to speculate on different things in life, like what if we didn't have elbows.

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He also loves to play well known guitar riffs. In fact, he spent a whole episode asleep once! He may be the goofiest of them all. She replaces Greg and Sam in the newer episodes. He always sings in a low bass tone and plays a game called Simon Says. He sometimes sings when Simon's not singing. He's best known for doing improvisational acts and voices, thanks in part to his Magic Buttons on his vest.

He greets everyone with "Ahoy There, Me Hearties! She has loved roses since she was a young child. And not just to smell them, but she uses them to make rosy treats! She is also the only female among the main Wiggles group, and has an infectious giggle.

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In Australia, she even has her own TV show! Wags the Dog Wags is a cute dog about the size of the Wiggles. In the early seasons, he only speaks to the audience, and woofs for Captain Feathersword and the other Wiggles.

But in the later seasons, he talks like everyone else. He's a very resourceful inventor, and he also likes to goof on Captain Feathersword, refusing to just obey. He's also in charge of the three little pups known as the Wagettes.

Henry the Octopus Henry leads his own underwater band.

The Muppets

He joins the Wiggles in a bunch of different songs and dances. In the early seasons, he is both a puppet and a mascot.

meet the muppets vhs

His favorite word is "Bree-Boop! She's dressed like a Keystone Kop, and mostly mimes. The men and women who dance around in marching band uniforms. They start appearing in the musical numbers from the Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles season.

The men and women who dance around and help Captain Feathersword during one of his featured skits. Many of the folks are Wiggle Dancers, but some are dedicated crew members representing a worldwide populace. Since the show is all about the kids, many of the videos feature children dancing and participating in activities.

This is the morning segment of the Disney Channel in the USA that's geared for pre-schoolers and toddlers. Because Disney is privately owned, they only air commercials for their own Disney shows and products, but during the Playhouse Disney segments, The Wiggles shows run about 25 minutes straight with NO commercials!

Disney used to run the Wiggles at all sorts of morning hours seven days a week. In its prime, the Wiggles should show up from two to three episodes a day: In series 5, The Wiggles ran at 7am weekdays, and a different time on weekend mornings. In series 6, the Wiggles ran at 7am weekdays and weekends but in January 5,the Wiggles ran at We had a listener write in, regarding a live band for Mickey's Birthdayland.

meet the muppets vhs

How recalls this and also potentially knew somebody who was involved in the show. Another listener wrote in, regarding an SNL skit where 20, leagues kept popping up, throughout the sketch. Sounds pretty funny -if you have a link, please share it with us. Listener Mail Our first message is from one of our newest binge listeners. Jacob's first visit was earlier than our era, but he has really enjoyed catching up with all the history shared. He is curious about the two levels, if it has always been for an arcade and even why We weren't totally sure, but maybe a listener or former cast member can chime in.

Our friend Reese wrote in regarding a sentence or wording on the Progress City display, while riding the Peoplemover.

Todd did some investigating and so did a few others, so we are going to dig into this a bit more, but we have some information for you right now. Keith Beaulie has been doing an amazing job, transcribing our episodes into a legible and functional set of documents.

We wanted to give him a shout out and also tell him thank you for taking the time to get this going. The automatic systems just weren't cutting it, but Keith has really done an amazing job.

meet the muppets vhs

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