Movie theaters meet the mormons

Meet The Mormons - In Theaters Now

movie theaters meet the mormons

Church members living outside of Utah are encouraged to participate in a “ demand it campaign” to draw the Church's new documentary to. Meet the Mormons examines the diverse lives of six members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In theaters October 10th. Watch the trailer. The latest LDS, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Mormon Visitors can meet the guide inside Door 15 of the Conference Center. . A new movie depicting Joseph Smith's First Vision will also be shown in.

Meet the Mormons: New Faces / New Stories (Coming to Temple Square and LDS Visitors Centers)

The Saratov Approach — Based on the true story of two missionaries kidnapped and held for ransom while serving LDS missions in Russia in The Prodigal Son — After asking his father for his inheritance, a careless wanderer loses everything in life and tries to forgive what he's done.

Freetown — Based on the true story of a group of native Liberian missionaries traveling from Monrovia, Liberia to Freetown, Sierra Leone during a time of civil war in The Cokeville Miracle — based on the true story of the Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisis and the miraculous spiritual experiences that happened there. Just Let Go — Based on the story of Chris Williams who forgives a young man after they each faced a devastating incident.

De Azevedo released a remake of the movie in She falls in love with two different men and must choose between them. Charly — A movie, based on a book by the same name written by, Jack Weyland; about a man who has all of his life planned.

Mormon cinema

His belief, and life. It all changes when a girl walks into his life and changes it. Comedy[ edit ] Several comedies, mostly produced by Dave Hunter, have also been released. Because the humor of these films often relies on specifically Utah-centric Latter Day Saint culture, they tend to have a smaller audience than the other LDS subgenres, even among Mormon viewers.

A comedy with romantic aspects. The Home Teachers — Slapstick comedy about polar opposite home teachers that "fulfill" their responsibility on the last day of the month.

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Walk-in guests are allowed based on availability. The cornerstones were laid on April 6,and President Wilford Woodruff dedicated the building on April 6, The walls are 9 feet thick at the base and 6 feet thick at the top, according to templesquare.

Although the temple is not open for tours, the grounds around the structure are open every day from 9 a.

movie theaters meet the mormons

Joseph Smith Memorial Building observation deck Provided by templesquare. An observation deck is located on the west side of the building, which provides a clear view of the temple. The site also houses a monument that honors the 6, pioneers who lost their lives crossing the plains. The Mormon Pioneer Memorial Monument is open daily until 8 p.

The choir can be seen Sunday mornings during the live broadcast of "Music and the Spoken Word" at 9: The choir practices are generally held at the Tabernacle but move to the Conference Center from June 1 to Sept.

Legacy Theater - Meet the Mormons Movie | Temple Square

The choir does not have performances or practices while on tour. Click here to see a calendar of upcoming events.

movie theaters meet the mormons

Tabernacle tour and daily organ performances Deseret News archives The Tabernacle, built inis home to an 11,pipe organ and features an auditorium that is "so acoustically sensitive that a pin dropped at the pulpit can be clearly heard at the back of the hall, feet away," according to templesquare.

The Tabernacle is open every day from 9 a. Daily organ recitals are held Monday through Saturday at 12 p.

movie theaters meet the mormons

Model of Salt Lake Temple Provided by templesquare. The model was added to the visitors' center on May 28,and is a permanent exhibit. Hinckley, executive director of the Missionary Department, told the Mormon Newsroom.

Many rooms in the temple are shown, including the baptistry, ordinance rooms and the assembly hall, as well as rooms where the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles meet. According to the Mormon Newsroom, paintings, lamps and chandeliers like those found inside the temple are included in the model.

The South Visitors' Center is open daily from 9 a. Base and Meridian Deseret News archives On the southeast corner of Temple Square is a small statuette called the Base and Meridian, which was installed in and is the point from which all Salt Lake City streets were named and numbered.

movie theaters meet the mormons

The grid system for the Salt Lake Valley originates from this location, where the coordinates are 0 East, 0 West, 0 North, and 0 South. It is located just south of the Church Office Building on 67 E.

The Beehive House displays objects that belonged to President Young and his family, according to Templesquare.