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The crux here is: Currently, Hannes does most of the estimation himself, relying on experience, looking at similar efforts done in the past, considering roughly what a story or entire epic will involve.

Can we do it in a different way? Any thoughts on what you could do to make estimations more realistic?


The more time we invest in breaking things down and discussing it upfront with the whole team, the more accurate estimates will get. However, time is valuable and should rather be spent on building stuff, so bringing the whole team to each planning meeting would be impractical. A feasible approach would be to bring in people for short time periods to answer specific questions that help with estimation. Another option might be to get the team to estimate one roadmap backlog item each sprint, so by the time a planning meeting rolls around, we have a backlog that is already estimated.

The other aspect to this is: This is when they get to defining releases: Releases are driven entirely by the scope rather than a strict cut-off date, as it has to make sense as a package to give value to customers.

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For example, now is a great time to ask for ranked quarterly business priorities, or to ask for help in broadcasting decisions across the organization. After the meeting, MaryLauran also sends a leave-behind document that captures the decisions that were made, and links directly to the presentation.

After all, reducing the time in between meetings achieves the following: Maintains a clear narrative over time on what the product team is tackling Reduces number of open action items per meeting, which reduces stress levels and increases velocity Opens up more communication opportunities between product and the executive team, to ensure communication and alignment The tradeoff, of course, is that these meetings are extraordinarily expensive from a resource perspective.

To ensure that time is used wisely, send out the agenda and presentation before the meeting, so that executives have the opportunity to review ahead of time and prepare questions.

Sundar Pichai as VP of Product Management at Google I O 2010

Generally, these meetings should take no longer than one hour when meeting each month. That way, executives are less likely to have scheduling conflicts, and are more likely to actively participate. If there are truly that many topics that require discussion, consider holding a separate special session to knock out particularly high-priority items with the relevant execs.

Our agenda usually runs something like this: This way, we have an actionable measure of success. The goal here is to check whether executives would prefer to focus more heavily on particular topics, or whether they agree with our priorities for the discussion. If you do feel that executives are completely out of the loop, try circulating internal release notes each sprint instead, with highlights of what business impact the sprint delivered. If you can mitigate risks without needing input from the exec team, then the expectation is for you to have already handled it.

Of course, if you really can only conduct executive product review meetings once per quarter, I would suggest extending this meeting to 2 hours.

popunie meet the product

The agenda should look something like this for a quarterly product review: Highlight areas of concern and get prioritization on where the product team should be focused, as well as commitments from the execs on how they can support e. Taking a break is critical, especially since the upcoming sections require intense concentration and participation from all attendees. Ensure that everyone comes back on time. This section is collaborative, so be sure to jump out of presentation mode.

popunie meet the product

Using a live document, ensure that business priorities are rank-ordered appropriately. Get buy-in on proposed mitigations. Analysis Effective product review meetings share a few core principles.

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First, product review meetings work best when all attendees agree on the logistics and agenda topics to be discussed. Setting these expectations upfront is crucial. After all, imagine that one of the executives has a burning topic that has broad product impact e.

Second, product review meetings are expensive. Such discussions are not a good use of time.