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Shot by his sister Geeta Patel, “Meet the Patels” follows Ravi and his family . Ravi Bhalla Endorses Fellow Indian American Suraj Patel for NY. Made by Geeta and Ravi Patel, the fly-on-the-wall documentary is a it won an audience award), Doc NYC and most recently the London Indian Film Festival. How did you keep it fresh, engaging as well as relevant?. Ravi Patel is an Indian-American actor, writer, director, and hybrid but it could not be more like L.A., New York, and it could not be more, like.

You and your sister debated this in the film a bit — what the challenges were for her, too, in terms of love and marriage and dating. Do you think it is actually more difficult for Indian-American women to find love in this context or is it easier?

I would have loved to switch roles. I think arguably it would have been a better story because I think it's harder when you're older and it's harder in our culture specifically if you're female, and Geeta's both of those things. There's a point in the movie where she says she's been on over first dates. Yeah, so I think, I'm not sure it would have been as funny, but it would have potentially been even more poignant. What did you learn through the process of making the documentary that'll inform what you guys are doing for this new movie?

I'm not sure there's a list of things I learned. Physically, it occupied a huge chunk of my life. I learned how to edit, I learned how to write and direct a movie. I read every book on story and character development. I watched hundreds of docs and films to develop a palate and instincts, and over that course of time as an actor, I came along quite a bit.

We want it to be as creative and open-minded about the stylistic techniques we infuse into it. We just want to be super creative in the storytelling and like the documentary, we want it all to be rooted in a real, emotionally intellectual dialogue. We want the characters to be really grounded, and we want people to come out of the movie laughing, and we also want them to cry at some point, and feel. We want them to be thinking. It's scary, I personally have never written a movie, but I'm super stoked and [Fox] Searchlight is kind of a dream destination to make a movie.

They're the one place I've always wanted to do something. OK, just one more question about Meet the Patels.

What you think has been more exaggerated in the past: Or is there even any difference? Then I got laid off and spent a year off doing random stuff, and anytime I wanted to get a job, I would get it by just lying altogether. I was really a corrupt young mind. I can't get arrested for that now, can I? Eh, I think you're in the clear. It's been like a decade. For what it's worth, I think I'm doing really good with it. So switching over to This Bar Saves Lives.

Talking Life, Love, And First-Generation Americanism With "Meet The Patels" Star Ravi Patel

It's really all in the name. Can you talk a little about how the company came about and what its mission means to you? That's 20 million kids under the age of 6 every year. So one day Ryan sends Todd an email — and I've seen it — and the subject heading says, "Just a little idea to save the world.

The problem we have here is not that people are starving, it's that people are eating the wrong food. It's a real one-for-one. Not just because for every bar you buy we donate a life-saving meal packet, but also in terms of the ideals themselves. So what would you say is the ultimate goal? Other than that, I think, in getting to see our entire family as characters in a movie, we both got a chance to be truly grateful for how lucky we are to have such a wonderful family.

What an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do this, and make your family closer.

Meet the Patels

Oh, and mom and dad are famous now. I get calls every day from people wanting to cast them in all kinds of things. Do you have an especially favorite scene? Just a…few things have changed in your lives since the filming stopped. What updates can you share with us? What did you learn while shooting a personal film like Meet the Patels that helped you with your approach to filming TV shows? I just kind of filmed Ravi as I filmed mom and dad. When we came back from India, we showed the footage to PBS.

And two, the relationship between you and your brother is really strong. But we both thought about it, and even though it is quite a sacrifice and inconvenience to tell the story of your own family, especially being from a private, difficult culture to document, I wanted to make the film that I wish was around when I was going through this.

So that feeling overpowered the sacrifice and inconvenience. The reality television way of doing things would be that the moment someone is about to cry you bring the camera out. Very early on we had decided that the family comes before the film. We wrestled with it. We actually met with him.

In ‘Meet the Patels’, American siblings lay bare the secrets of bride-hunting

Our goal was that the animation was not going to be gratuitous or boring. And I think the animation added a whole new dimension to the film. So I learned that putting your own restrictions like that can actually lead to something really great. I also learned that if you are a director, learn the business side. Did making that film change how you see the acting business? Did it change how others saw you? Our relationships are going to last much longer than this movie — it was important for us to do right by our loved ones.

Family members also tend to perform for the camera — did that happen here too? I see why you think people might perform. Honestly, it mostly happens out of nerves, and we would make sure we had our tricks to make people comfortable.

Surely, we burned some film waiting for people to be themselves. The film tackles a subject that has been dealt with in fiction and documentary in the past.

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  • Talking Life, Love, And First-Generation Americanism With 'Meet The Patels' Star Ravi Patel
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How did you keep it fresh, engaging as well as relevant? The other thing we focused on was just cutting everyone without making them seem crazy or antagonistic. The use of animation creates bridges between sequences as well as provides visual relief.

Was its use pre-decoded?

In ‘Meet the Patels’, American siblings lay bare the secrets of bride-hunting

Oh God, NO, I wish. We tried five other things before we landed on animation. Of course, these are often the biggest moments in the film, so we had to find a way to tell these plot points in a way that would hopefully feel richer and not surrogate.