Self sabotaging relationship patterns of the astrological signs

self sabotaging relationship patterns of the astrological signs

Sep 5, Most Common Ways We Self-Sabotage Relationships Every Single . If we want to avoid repeating our unhealthy relationship patterns, we. Apr 18, "Paranoia is the number one sign of self-sabotage. psychotherapist, author of The Self-Aware Parent, and co-star on WE tv's Sex Box . It's easier to spot if you look at your patterns and behavior over the long-term. Jul 16, You feel that compromising this part of your life is a sign of weakness. philosophical construct, you are only dooming yourself to deep and profound unhappiness. In many cases, Scorpios repeat the same tired pattern with new lovers. Most horoscope signs don't operate at that high intensity level.

Right now, you treasure the idea of being able to pick up your life and move anytime you want, or to be able to quit your job and travel for three months if you really wanted to.

self sabotaging relationship patterns of the astrological signs

You find so much joy in nights out with your friends, little and big successes in your career, upcoming trips you get to look forward to, cozy nights in. But once an actual relationship gets established and things grow comfortable, you get bored and antsy. You no longer find first dates to be refreshing or exhilarating.

self sabotaging relationship patterns of the astrological signs

Virgo You really, really want a relationship, mostly because you literally cannot handle the anxiety that comes with the initial stages of meeting someone and possibly falling in love. Love has never been something that makes you feel giddy, lighthearted, and head-over-heels. To you, love is terrifying, anxiety-inducing, and full of needless moments of stress and overthinking. You love the feeling of being on a path, of knowing where your life is going, of having a plan.

self sabotaging relationship patterns of the astrological signs

Which is why you are searching everywhere you can for the right someone. You have a hard time not believing that your life path should follow a linear pattern of college graduation, career, engagement, marriage, children. You want your timeline to go a certain way, and in your head, a relationship and eventual marriage is a huge part of that.

Cosmic Patterns of Astrology

There are lots of gray areas. There are lots of neutral territories in this world.

Why You’re Terrible At Relationships, Based On Your Zodiac Sign ?

You should be able to give people the benefit of the doubt. You have to understand that not everything that happens in your emotional world is intentional. If you are able to allow yourself to believe this, then you should be able to forgive. This is extremely important because your inability to forgive poisons your relationships. It makes you very vindictive. It enables you to push people out of your life.

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These may be perfectly good people. These may be people who can lead you to that higher emotional plane you deserve to be on. Most importantly, these may be people who could help you mature as a human being.

You are an emotional fireball.

Scorpio’s Three Bad Habits That RUIN Relationships

In fact, this is what makes you a really good friend. Scorpios are very loyal. They are friends you can count on. They are friends you can go to hell and back with. However, that level of loyalty comes with a steep price.

self sabotaging relationship patterns of the astrological signs

They look at their relationships based on their own standards. They expect the same intensity back.

This is a problem. So this kind of standard is always going to lead to all sorts of problems down the road. In many cases, Scorpios end up abandoning friends because they feel that their friends are not reciprocating the same level of intensity.

The truth is their friends are perfectly loyal. Their friends are perfectly helpful. Never measure your relationships based on your own emotional intensity.