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sfm meet the demoman

Steam Community: Team Fortress 2. Time to hop onto the remake-meet-the-team -because-I'm-dead-on-ideas-train! (Uploaded to both the SFM. I wish now that they reuploaded the "Meet the" shorts in this quality. . to a lot of experience for the facial expressions/speech in the SFM shorts. The title card displays "COPYRIGHT LOLOLOL" on the bottom right corner, a recurring joke throughout the "Meet the Team" videos. During the.

During the video, the Demoman can be seen with blank badges on either shoulder. The ending shot of all nine classes shows the Demoman with his original dynamite badge, later changed to a generic bomb and finally to the current Stickybomb shoulder badge. The teams' roles are reversed from what they are in the game's Gravel Pit.


Several crates of beer can be seen behind the Demoman. These are made by ' Red Shed '. The Demoman's unused Dynamite Pack weapon can be seen on his desk, most prominently at 0: The Demoman's grenade bounces, then explodes on contact with the enemy Pyro.

The ability for grenades to detonate on contact after the first bounce was removed in the September 28, Patch for the PC and a different patch for the Xbox The closing screen features the following disclaimer: It is submitted to the possibility of errors, omissions, or nerfing without notice.

sfm meet the demoman

In the next shot when the Demoman destroys the Sentry Gun, the Dispenser is gone. When the Demoman shoots his grenades at the Sentry Gun, he only shoots one grenade, but in the next shot there is another grenade that appears out of thin air.

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When the Demoman fires his grenades at the Sentry Gun, it targets the grenades once they're in range and ignores the Demoman. Valve teamed up with KritzKast and ran a contest to decipher what the Demoman said during those few censored seconds.

sfm meet the demoman

Winners were selected for the most humorous but clean lines, the most obscene lines, and the lines most accurate to the original script.

So far though, it's only ever been seen in the Engineer Update teaser as a foreground object, which partially obscures the scrolling camera. Engineer stole Gabe's Own Lathe?

sfm meet the demoman

Even though it wasn't implemented ingame, it can be seen in the first page of the Engineer Update. Unused, untextured Sentry Gun model. Working Keypad Well, sort of.

sfm meet the demoman

Once used in SFM, you get an option of 12 skins to use, each corresponding to a separate button being lit up on the keypad. What's even weirder is that the passcode to access the BLU Intelligence Room in the Meet The Spy short, ismaking the process of lighting the other buttons up useless.

As a bonus piece of trivia, it's subtly revealed in Expiration Date that both teams use the same passcode on each team's respective door keypads, as the 1 button is noticeably worn out in the two shorts.

sfm meet the demoman

The keypad is also seen on the Team Fortress 2 Item The Scrumpy Strongbox, bearing the same keypad and worn out "1" button. The keypad has buttons!

Meet the Demoman

Pyroland Flower Spy Appears to be a giant flower with a Spy's face. Despite the model's overall theme and style, it was not used in the Meet the Pyro video. So that's what he was reading.