Team fortress 2 meet the blu

Happenings At TwoFort Chapter 1: Meet the BLU Team, a team fortress 2 fanfic | FanFiction

team fortress 2 meet the blu

Enter the Meet the Team shorts, showcasing the mercs in their off-hours— arguing with their parents, barking orders at their head collections, or just strumming a. Finally i get to upload my story! I love Team Fortress 2 so much i decided to write my own original storyline using the characters and settings. Meet the BLU Team is a series of videos by DrClay modelled after Valve's Meet the Team shorts, only instead of showcasing their abilities and making them .

The vast fortune of the Mann brothers cannot be based on that useless gravel alone. The mercs have distinct personalities, they have backgrounds, some of them have names we know, and they refer to repeatedly killing each other and being killed over and over again in both their voice lines and in the comics i. Spy in the Shadow Boxers comic.

team fortress 2 meet the blu

These are always the same nine men, literally fighting themselves when killing their counterparts. If there was no respawn, the Meet the Team videos and Meet the Director comic would be useless because the characters they show to us would have died gruesomely shortly after first setting foot on the battlefield and the game would only feaure replaceable nameless mooks.

team fortress 2 meet the blu

In that case, what would be the point of establishing any character history and personality for the mercs? There are the same nine men, being reborn over and over, existing twice. Remember, that war over useless gravel and inherited real estate in the Badlands is a fake, a joke; only Blutarch and Redmond don't know they're being played.

The bases are stages to stage a fake war on. They all outfitted with surveillance cameras and loudspeakers operated and monitored by the Administrator alone, as we've seen in Meet the Director and other comics. Presumably the bases have to be repaired on a regular basisafter every time the fighting mercs have trashed the place.

team fortress 2 meet the blu

It has also been established that the mercs are being paid handsomely: In the Bombonomicon comic which accompanied the Halloween event, the flustered Heavy hands 7. If there were thousands of mercs, the Administrator would never be able to afford that.

These aren't conscripted and badly paid soldiers. These are professionals who get days off from fighting to visit their elderly mother or go to Vegas and visit gun shows We know from Loose Canon comic that Dell Connagher was first hired as an engineer by BLU in and given his grandfather's notes to repair Blutarch's longevity machine.

In the time between and he presumably built an improved model, the respawn, for Helen the Administrator, just as Radigan Connagher was persuaded to build two longevity machines, one for both Blutarch and Redmond each, by the Administrator's predecessor grandmother? So the only worthwhile speculation is the question, which mercs are the originals and which the respawn clones?

Both the Heavy and Medic gave the young man a stern look, "Zat is vat ve vere about to do until you interrupted us!

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Must I explain everysing to you! The Scout holstered his Pistol and opted to use his Scattergun for the mission. He loaded a few rounds in to it and looked over at the Medic, "Ready when you are doc. The Demoman opened a secret pocket in his flak jacket and pulled a small bottle of hard liquor from it.

He quickly down its contents and tossed the bottle in to the water at his feet. The Spy rolled his eyes and took a puff of his cigarette.

team fortress 2 meet the blu

Eeet eez going to get eizer you or us keeled one of zeez days. The Demoman grinned devilishly at his colleague, "Quit yer frettin' boyo, ah know what ahm doin' when I get drunk.

You just worry aboot yer job an' ahll worry aboot mine! The three then started to shout and bicker with each other, and the BLU Pyro stood there in silence as his allies quarreled with each other.

When they finally finished, they advanced further in to the sewers until they eventually reached a staircase which led up in to their enemy's base.

Team Fortress 2-Meet the BLU Team

We've been planning this day for months. So let's not let our Leader down and secure make sure that intel gets to her hands! The Spy flipped open his disguise kit and sorted through the various disguises until he came across one he liked. He burst in to a cloud of blue smoke, and when it dissipated he was disguised as a RED Pyro.

This is not part of the plan!

team fortress 2 meet the blu

The Spy flicked his cigarette at him and laughed, "Do you sink I am going to sit here and miss all ze fun? Now let's wait fer Heavy and Medic to come chargin' through the front door.


Meanwhile, the Heavy, Medic, and Scout had just entered through the front door. The Heavy yelled aloud as his Minigun whirred, but was surprised to find no resistance in the immediate vicinity. As they continued onward their ears caught the familiar beeping noise of a sentry gun.