The balm meet matte hughes sephora birthday

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the balm meet matte hughes sephora birthday

Buy The Balm Meet Matt Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Singapore,Singapore. SOLD- Meet The Seller S$ Brand new from sephora beauty pass birthday set. Sephora Sitemap page. This page lists the sites in Better Than Birthday Sex Mascara - 20 Year Anniversary Glitter Version (Limited Edition ) .. Demi Goddess Collection · Demi Matte Cream Lipstick · Deodorant Spray · Derma .. Meet Matt(e) Ador Matte Eyeshadow Palette · Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid. AUTHENTIC FROM SEPHORA!! ONHAND!! manufactured date EXPIRATION SIZE ml each THE BALM MEET MATTE HUGHES MINI SET.

For some reason, this color dries out kinda fast on your lips and if you reapply it ends up feelings uncomfortably caked on and, sometimes, it cracks.

the balm meet matte hughes sephora birthday

I also always use a black lipliner for extra drama. This ish is super pigmented. Baracuda by Colourpop Cosmetics- Admittedly I bought this because the company sent out this really cool newsletter saying what the best color was for each sign. For Pisces it was this one. However, when I got this?

I fell so in love it was ridiculous. This lip goes with almost everything. This is the first lipstick I grab. I love the way it goes on and lasts. Mind you, the bottom two are from before I got my makeup game on point, but Left to Right, Top: Comitted and Velvet Teddy. Snow White and Crush 4.


Bright pink is not me, nor is it really in my color wheel. She got Committed and I got Charming.

the balm meet matte hughes sephora birthday

About a week later we realized that Committed looked better on me and Charming looked better on her. The Balm has one of my favorite formulas for a liquid lip, plus it smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but not overwhelmingly so. It was too bright. Then I found this.

theBalm Meet Matte Hughes Long-lasting Liquid Lipstick Honest

Joel called it my Snow White complexion. I ended up buying crush and, with lip primer, not only did it last, but the coolish berry tone suited my skin beautifully.

Diva by MAC- This is another ironic shade. As a general rule I swatch first and look at the name of the shade only if I like it.

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  • theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Kit Volume 1 2day Delivery

What can I say? I call this "love at first swipe". Problem is, it was out of stock.

the balm meet matte hughes sephora birthday

I checked again a few days later. Finally checked yesterday, 1 left. So of course, I snatched it.

My perfect dusty rose match: Meet Matt(e) Hughes! Isn't he "Charming"?! | Floraful

Matt e Hughes "Charming is described as a rich mauve shade according to The Balm website. I love the sassy names and the vintage packaging, which mimics the actual illustrations of the 40's—60's than Benefit Cosmetics does.

The Balm Meet Matt e Hughes is based of a fictional character, obviously Matt Hughes, and is a collection of 8 liquid lipsticks, with shade names based off of his characteristics.

the balm meet matte hughes sephora birthday

In the wishlist, I wanted the shades "Adoring" and "Honest". What I want you to know is that for the first few seconds of application, you'll feel a minty sensation. Not everyone will like this, but I love how it feels. The summary of the products here says that they are vanilla mint.

Big-Ass Birthday Beauty Haul! Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Ulta, MAC & The Balm | The Makeup Case

Of course, like most liquid lipsticks, these dry matte and are very long lasting. I was eating a big bag of Hot Cheetos and drinking lots of water, I had dinner, and my dogs were licking me and they still stayed. I have lots of liquid lipsticks but I shy away from them because of how dry they are. But I will make an exception to this.