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downshift meet december 2012 nerd

Obsessed with books? So are we! Check out these fun book quotes for the book nerd in you! | See more ideas about Book quotes, Book nerd and Book worms. RICHMOND HILL SUBARU /Jun 26, . When you get into the meat of the power band beyond 3, rpm, the boxer four is asking It doesn't always allow downshift multiple gears at once, but there are times .. Subaru is slowly and steadily moving away from interiors that look like the design work of nerdy engineers. Damian by Jessica Wood Meet Damian Castillo. . This is what I'll be reading on December I love Georgia Cates and can't wait to devour .. Book Lovers, Literature, Boyfriend, Fiction, Literatura, Bookshelves, Book Nerd . Crushing Misery by Kinsey Taylor Contemporary Romance Release Date: August Have you.

Bush administration in its approach to fuel economy laws in trying to broker agreements between industry and environmental players. Agreed upon by the agency and automakers in as part of the auto bailout, the midterm review required that market data be reviewed in to determine whether the Once the midterm review data is in, the panel expects new rules by April of next year.

Granted a long-standing waiver to set its own emissions targets because its environmental rules pre-date federal laws, California has pursued an aggressive campaign to mandate that automakers not only meet Currently, only 3 percent of California sales are electric vehicles — about double the national number. Panel members said their automotive clients are committed to greenhouse gas reduction.

Finely tuned supercars with deep baritone pipes, gorgeous luxury sedans, land yachts as tall as skyscrapers. But like a Shakespeare play, there will be plenty of meat for the masses at the Jacob J. To keep customers coming to the box office, automakers are introducing new variations of popular crossovers at the show which opens to the public on Saturday.

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Luxury crossovers in particular will have their day in spotlight: Shoppers from the Empire State and California buy a quarter of all luxury vehicles sold in the U. S, according to IHS Automotive.

New York City alone accounts for 14 percent of national luxury sales, so Javits — like the Los Angeles Show in the fall — is an epicenter for pricey new toys. Buick has been setting the auto world on fire in recent shows with the introduction of gorgeous car concepts like the Avenir and Avista. The wraps will be taken off the second generation of the full-sized Enclave SUV this week.

A new Avenir edition should take Buick to a new level of luxury. Lincoln is expected to introduce the latest generation of the Navigator full-size SUV.

downshift meet december 2012 nerd

Infiniti is teasing its big hunk, the QX80 sport ute concept, with a refreshed wardrobe for its plus-sized bod. It will debut Tuesday night before the show. That should get the kids to soccer in time. Genesis will debut an all-new sequel to that show-stopper this year. Mercedes will not rest on its laurels as it unwraps a squadron of new cars: The TLX sedan will showcase the latest Acura design look, first seen on it MDX crossover last year Amidst all the Broadway glitz and muscle, some smaller-size players will also get their time in the spotlight.

Honda will drop yet another variation of the all-new Civic: Subaru will show an all-new version of the Crosstrek crossover which has vaulted to stardom in crossover-crazed America. The Japanese maker will also show a refreshed version of its popular Outback wagon. Other expected reveals of note: Hyundai and Volkswagen will stick to basics with a refreshed versions of their Sonata and Golf cars. The Mazda arrived in my driveway the morning of an ice storm. But even in such conditions, the 3 begs to be driven aggressively.

Like all Mazdas these days, the compact hatch is gorgeous. My hot-hatch preference is for the Volkswagen GTI for reasons to be detailed laterbut there is no better-looking compact car out there than the 3 — even when painted gray to match the weather.

It has a shark nose, flowing lines, slit headlights. Earlier in the afternoon, The All-American Rejects did have something to promote, their most recent record Kids in the Street.

However, they mostly stuck to the hits "Swing, Swing" is eight years old now, and I am therefore somewhere around 75 or Jimmy Eat World followed them up, and continued to ride the waves of nostalgia from the 10th anniversaries of their two best records - Clarity and Bleed American. The band only played one song from 's Invented there's rumored to be a follow up by the end of the year and mixed in a couple of hits from Chase this Light, Futures and the aforementioned emo touchstones the band used to reach big success at the turn of the century.

With the group headed towards their 20th anniversary together, it should come as great comfort to fans that they appear to have a renewed energy and fierceness, and that people still love singing along to "The Middle". The most curious case of The Bamboozle were New Jersey homeboys My Chemical Romance, who are nearly 18 months away from Danger Days, and got called in to play their first show in three months when Travis Barker came down with tonsilitis, forcing Blink to pull out the beach was littered with "who cares if the drummer got tonsilitis?

My Chem, having done a great deal to help build The Bamboozle in its earliest days, then using 's fest as a giant victory lap for The Black Parade, acquitted themselves wonderfully, owning the crowd as much as any band not called the Foo Fighters did.

They, as did Jimmy Eat World, mixed in something from every record, and "Teenagers" is still a total jam. Given the short noticed, you couldn't have asked for a better performance. But, then again, we are all currently living in the world of the Foo Fighters. Up to the 6th station, the track was very wide and the ground was very soft and consisted of volcanic ash.

However from the 6th station onwards, the track became much thinner and a chain began to assit climbers.

downshift meet december 2012 nerd

The ash turned into volcanic rock, and at many points, I was on my hands and feet. At this station, I ran into some other climbers that made it to the summit early in the morning. They advised me that the track was completely covered in ice and that they had to climb off-track to get to the top, something I was not prepared for in any sense.

downshift meet december 2012 nerd

I decided that M was a good milestone and that I would return to make it to the top. You hear far too many horror stories of hikers being blown off and sliding down the mountain. Returning back to the hostel at around 11am, we all headed straight to the local bar for some well deserved and very early drinks.

This mountain overlooks Lake Motosu on a clear day, however being the rainy reason I was not blessed with clear views of the surrounding lake or Mt Fuji. This mountain has an interesting story: Before the latest eruption of Mt Fuji inthere was a single lake at the base of the mountain, said to be the greatest in Japan. After the eruption, the lake was split into 5 different lakes, Motosu, Shoji, Saiko, Kawaguchiko and Yamanakako. Within the original single lake, there lived a dragon.

When the lava flowed into the river, he surfaced and rested on the land. His final resting location was next to Lake Motosu or so the story goes. Returning to the hostel for my final night, the staff helped me prepare a traditional Japanese dish, takoyaki. Returning to Tokyo the following morning, before departing later that night, I opted to spend the rest of my time in Akihabara. This is essentially the electronic, nerdy, anime, gaming-oriented area of Tokyo.

Cosplayers, cafe maids and mascots are all the norm in Akihabara. Unfortunately most of these are guys who have lost some sort of bet, being forced to dress up as female anime characters and picking up litter off the streets.

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Luckily for me, it was a Sunday, which meant everyone was out to show off. Delta Integrale, however this was the second I spotted in Japan! The new M5s from BMW were also very popular!

Monthly Downshift Meet and BBQ, March 2012

Saw one in every shade. Everytime I board the plane back home from Japan, I am already writing a list of the places and things I need to see next time I return. It is an amazing country, which has so many different aspects. There really is something for everyone.

downshift meet december 2012 nerd