Has been nice to meet you

How to Say "Nice to Meet You" in Dutch: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

has been nice to meet you

Find nice to meet you Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock We have images for every project, all covered by worry free licensing; Download with Related: young people greeting, businessman hello, greet, meet you. Thanks for the ride home! It was nice to meet you.¡Gracias por llevarme a casa! Fue un placer conocerte. b. fue un gusto conocerte. It was nice to meet you on. I know "nice to meet you, too" is the best response. But is it all right to reply Sometimes this also has a handshake, but not always. If we are parting, It sounds like you are saying, "It was nice to meet me too." which doesn't.

The house itself is very nice and looks great as you approach it. I loved the balcony for my room and the other balcony for breakfast. The room was very spacious and the air-conditioner works great. The owners are a young couple. He is very helpful as far as setting you up to go to all the local sites. Jeffrey, United States of America It was a really nice stay.

Sameera is an excellent host that will make sure that your stay would be as good as it can be.

has been nice to meet you

He even brought us to the train station when we couldn't catch a tuk tuk. Laurynas, Lithuania This property was one of the best we stayed in in Sri Lanka. The host was exceptionally friendly and helpful.

The room was excellent - a large bathroom with hot water, a comfortable bed, air conditioning that worked well and a private balcony. We ate both breakfast and dinner here - the meals were generous, delicious and value for money.

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The property is about a 10 minute walk from the town centre. I would definitely recommend this property. Rachael, New Zealand Extremely friendly and helpful staff. Great food, beautiful location, spacious rooms, very affordable price. Haydar, United Arab Emirates The couple who live at the property are very friendly, helpful and welcoming.

They answered all questions we had about onward travel and trips, and we organised a safari trip, as well as tuk tuk transport to Sigiriya through them.

has been nice to meet you

I want him to say he had fun and he does. I want him to say let's do this again, but instead he sends the death knell: Nice to meet you.

I'm riding into the valley of debt again so I decided I'd busy myself with cooking and baking to stop me going out spending money. I have them in every colour. I have measuring cups, spoons and jugs. Again, all in every colour.

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That's not really an effective way of saving money. Now bearing in mind that the only time I ever baked a cake was when I was 11 and my mother was sick, they are superfluous items in my house.

has been nice to meet you

And that valiant effort when I was young was an unmitigated disaster. I'm not sure where it all went horribly wrong but we have a furniture removal company called Nat Ross in Cork and they would'nt have been able to shift it.

It was like lead, and I needed help to lift it up the stairs to proudly show my mother.

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She was not impressed. I never attempted anything since. Until the other day. A friend of mine makes a lovely dessert called clafoutis. Initially, I couldn't get the name right and was calling it encephalitis, which I think is swelling of the brain.

It's simple, he said. Now given that most people would consider a Madeira cake simple too, I wasn't holding out much hope for being able to ever master it. Culinary skills aren't my thing. But it actually is simple, even for a culinary eejit like me. He taught me how to make it recently and I tried it out on dinner guests the other night.

has been nice to meet you

One of the guests couldn't quite get it right either and was referring to it as chlamydia. Just goes to show that I hang around with people who wouldn't be welcome in the ICA either.

it was nice to meet you

Anyway, it was a success. So much so that I might start using all those tins and set up a stall in the local farmers' market.

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Hopefully there'll be no soggy bottoms. Eleanor Goggin If you're annoyed, go on, give us a clue I won't pretend to know the mind or modus operandi of the Passive Aggressor but it would be very handy if, before people stop talking to you, they'd give some indication as to why they're not talking to you. There are different styles of being annoyed, and in the interest of clarity let me declare myself in the "Just Bleeding Say It" camp whose principles are a Life is too short for poncing around feeling hurt and b Passive Aggression is for imbeciles.

A crime of manipulation and emotional dishonesty, it is usually masked behind some line like, "Oh, I hate confrontation" which really means "Oh, I hate being contradicted. And that is too awful for them to risk.

has been nice to meet you

So they hurt you instead, take the moral highround and defend it with silence.