How to meet happiny in pokemon platinum

Where can I SEE Happiny and Skorupi? - Pokemon Platinum Version Answers for DS - GameFAQs

how to meet happiny in pokemon platinum

Pokemon Platinum Version - Pokemon of the Day: Happiny Find here all you ever need to know about Pokémon moves, battle strategies. Hi I can't seem to find these Pokemon that I have listed below: Cranidos Shieldon Misdreavus Murkrow Glameow.., Pokemon Platinum Questions and answers, Nintendo DS. Happiny. When you go to catch Happiny, Chansey, or Blissey, there is a 50% chance that one It is found with the Pickup ability (Level 51+) in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

Pokémon Season: 10

After meeting up with Brock and Dawn, Ash and co are then chased out of the forest by an Ursaring. Paul defeats and catches it, indicating that the Ursaring was worth capturing. Ash then challenges Paul to a battle again. Paul ends up winning against Ash which makes Ash upset. They say they are going to help out when Ash and Co. Piplup used a move that Dawn was teaching it to win the contest. Piplup perfects the move and makes Dawn very proud.

However, that wasn't the one Minnie was talking about. They then find a fake gym being run by Team Rocket and their new Croagunk. Brock finds a heart in Croagunk and decides to catch it, in which he succeeds. Croagunk then begins pulling Brock away from the girls, taking Misty and Max's role. Dawn decides to catch the Buneary. After some trial and chaos, Dawn finally captures a Buneary for her team. Buneary has a big crush on Ash's Pikachu. Ash's Aipom is also very eager to enter the contest, so Ash enters as well.

But Ash loses to Zoey in the second round and then, Dawn loses to Zoey in the semifinals. Jessie goes to the final round and loses to Zoey there. Dawn then get upset and tells her mother, who only tells her she should talk to her friends and not her all the time, so Dawn agrees. After perfecting Aerial Ace, it evolves into Staravia. Brock's Bonsly evolves into a Sudowoodo. Paul wins the Coal Badge using methods Ash does not like, but before he leaves, Ash challenges Roark to a battle.

Then seeing Paul, Ash and him argue, then a kid approaches Paul and thanks him for giving him the Azumarill that Paul used in the battle. The trio are then in the Gym where Ash faces Roark. Ash uses Aipom, Turtwig, and Pikachu. It takes Dawn's new combo and Roark's newly evolved Rampardos to completely stop them, leading to a new style of training.

Decisive Battle with Rampard!! After defeating him, Ash earns the Coal Badge.

Where do I find Happiny?? - Pokemon Platinum Version Answers for DS - GameFAQs

No Need to Worry!? Dawn captures it, but her attempts to control it, has her questioning her capabilities as a trainer. Meowth and Ash's Pikachu are taken by the hunter and her henchmen. In order to get Pikachu back, Ash's group forge an alliance with Team Rocket.

how to meet happiny in pokemon platinum

But Team Rocket tries to steal the strongest Magikarp and the most beautiful Feebas. Dawn plans to use her new Pachirisu to challenge the contest. However, on their way to the village, Aipom falls off the cliff while playing and is saved by Jessie of Team Rocket.

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Dawn and Jessie challenge each other in the final round, but Aipom manages to defeat Pachirisu and Jessie wins many bunches of bananas. But before they leave, Aipom rejoins Ash.

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Protect the Bipper Village!! Bippa no Mura o Mamore!! However, behind them is a very angry Steelix on a rampage, due to the fact that they accidentally jammed their shovels onto Steelix's head.

She's in trouble because her Aunt Abigail's Pikachu named Sugarwho helped make cakes in her cake store, suddenly disappeared. When Pikachu is captured, Abigail's newly evolved Raichu returns to save the day. To get to the next room from the current room, simply go to the red door with the same pattern as the blue mat on the floor.

The details of the battle with Fantina are on a separate page.

how to meet happiny in pokemon platinum

Cuteness As you head south, Rival will show up to challenge you to a battle. In Platinum, you'll find Rival inside the southeast gate.

how to meet happiny in pokemon platinum

He uses a lv. In Platinum, he uses a lv. Remember, this is specifically for trainers who chose Chimchar as a starter. After defeating him, go north to Amity Square, where you can take a stroll with one of your cute Pokemon if you have one and pick up items. If you're in need of a cute Pokemon, go back a little to Route to catch a Psyduck.

You and your cute Pokemon will then take a walk together and talk to other people with their cute Pokemon. If you go to the northwest corner, you'll see two ruins with a Spooky Plate next to one on the right. You can find a hidden Amulet Coin in the other one if you go in, walk around, and press "A" a few times. If you try talking to your Pokemon, it might give you something it picked up from the ground! After that, it's time to head east to Route Talk to the Fisherman looking east; he'll give you a Good Rod.

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Cross the bridge and go north for a Chesto Berry and a Leppa Berry. Go east from the Pikachu look-alike trainer to pick up a X Accuracy. Keep going east and then go north.

How to get a Happiny Egg in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Pick up the Razz Berries and the invisible Awakening in the pit. For the next item, you'll need some pretty good biking skills. Shift your Bicycle into the fast gear and try rushing up the slippery slope. Although it may be difficult, the reward is good: All the way north, cut the tree and pick up TM47 - Steel Wing.