Inter iit sports meet 2010 ford

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inter iit sports meet 2010 ford

in the Inter-IIT Sports Meet, securing 3rd position in the Inter-IIT Cultural Meet of autonomous vehicle research group at the US-based Ford Motor Company. . (Dual/PhD/CSE//) named the winner of the ACM India Dissertation. Inter IIT Sports Meet is the annual sports tournament of the Indian Institutes of Technology. , 21, Kanpur, Bombay, , 46, Delhi, Madras. , 22, Delhi. Shri Ukabhai Solanki has joined the IIT Gandhinagar Benefactor Advisory Committee. An electrical founded in , organized its third annual. 15, Prof. Tom Chackalackal (Ford India, Manufac- . 48 Inter IIT Sports Meet

IITGN has come to be widely recognized by its peers for its vibrant and innovative environment and culture. The trend to pursue higher education remains strong among our graduates. Industry placements are growing with several prestigious Indian and multinational companies recruiting IITGN students. The Institute thoroughly revamped its PhD curriculum with numerous innovations. The Centres on Safety, Design and Innovation, Biomedical Engineering and Archeological Sciences have begun undertaking significant initiatives, including conducting workshops and conferences for professionals, projects and research initiatives.

inter iit sports meet 2010 ford

The Institute continues to build its career faculty strength through aggressive recruitment efforts both in India and abroad. As of March 31, the Institute has recruited 62 career faculty. The Institute also attracts dozens of visiting scholars from all over the world, contributing to the diversity and vibrancy of the campus.

A number of novel global partnerships have now started to mature.

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The Institute has built a rigorous fund-raising programme to support its novel initiatives. IITGN will take the next major step in its evolution when it moves to a new campus next year. The acre campus on the banks of the Sabarmati River draws inspiration from traditional Ahmedabad architectural styles, such as internal courtyards, colonnades, gates, jaali systems, and the like. All this could happen only because of tremendous support and participation of numerous friends, well-wishers, and donors of the Institute, enthusiastic participation of the faculty, staff and students in all its endeavours, and an extremely supportive Board of Governors.

We have received tremendous warmth and support from our hosts at Chandkheda: The Central and the State Governments have continued to be most generous in their support and encouragement. It is a rare privilege for all of us associated with IITGN to contribute to the creation of a top-of-the-class university.

We recognise the tremendous expectations of societal impact that our countrymen have at us in view of the huge investments being made on the Institute.

We are committed to prove ourselves worthy of their confidence in us. The major developments and initiatives undertaken in are outlined below. Prof Achal Mehra, dean, strategic planning and special initiatives, represented the institute at the awards ceremony. The agenda this year included criteria and process to be followed for faculty promotions and evaluations, diversity in faculty, and the concepts of departments and centres in the IITGN context.

The conclave discussed ideas related to attracting more philanthropic funds, engaging with donors, internationalization, and external communications.

In his convocation speech Dr Kakodkar emphasized the fact that technology was changing the lives of the people faster than one had imagined. Field trips included the Ahmedabad Heritage Walk and day-trips to historically significant places such as Patan, Modhera and Lothal.

inter iit sports meet 2010 ford

The new students also participated in the street cleaning drive, local demographic data collection, tree planting at the new campus and the filming of Gandhi Katha. The event came to a fitting end on Aug 24, with a programme named Eureka that was organized by the students of the new batch. The event included an exhibition of art and craft in which the students displayed the skills that they had learned during these five weeks and a cultural show.

inter iit sports meet 2010 ford

These researchers had the opportunity to learn about and discuss new possibilities and challenges in academic life in India through panel discussions and talks on funding opportunities, collaborative opportunities, returning to India and initiating research activities in India.

They also got the opportunity to interact closely with faculty and students of IITGN through various interactive sessions in this two-day event. GridAnts, started by four students of the pioneering batch of BTech students has found a large customer in Mumbai and has relocated there.

The second incubatee, TinkerTank, was started by Keshav G, also from the pioneering batch. TinkerTank aims at reducing the drudgery involved in several cottage-based industries in the country and increase and generate livelihood opportunities by developing and commercializing sustainable technologies. Doopica is designed to meet the needs of about 1 million women workers who are involved in this labor-intensive industry.

It helps them make incense-sticks faster and with less physical effort, and eventually helps them earn more. He is an industry veteran of more than 40 years, who specialized in optical fiber preform 16 manufacturing technologies. He has founded multiple successful technological start-ups. He is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in dealing with venture capital companies.

He has successfully raised corporate capital for start-ups and has experience with boot-strap financing of start-ups.

inter iit sports meet 2010 ford

Around 60 people attended the workshop. The business plan competition received 32 applications. Dr Vedam has nearly 15 years of experience in transitioning technologies from research to market in the context of large multi-national corporations, small and medium enterprises and in academic settings.

Prof Jaswa, a visiting faculty from the Silicon Valley is an accomplished technology entrepreneur and investor. The workshop brought together experts in technology incubation from around the country and abroad to the campus to discuss various issues surrounding technology incubation.

Fifteen students from the California Institute of Technology Caltech and IITGN were introduced to a vast range of themes including Indian mythology, arts and crafts, classical music, popular culture, religion, philosophy, architecture, civilization, politics, and business through field visits and interactions with at least 15 renowned speakers from diverse fields.

The programme was inaugurated by Prof Roop Rekha Verma, former Vice Chancellor of Lucknow University, as well as a philosopher, writer and social activist. The meeting afforded the IITGN faculty the opportunity to get a glimpse of frontier areas of research in mechanical engineering as well as the opportunity to gain insight into the workings of the PACs of DST.

South Asian literature who work on a broad range of Indian languages and genres. Publishing houses such as Oxford University Press, Penguin, and Orient Blackswan released some of their translation titles during the festival. FTAG is a series of meetings of researchers in India working in various aspects of gravity. Design for the Developing World. Prof Pickar and 14 students from Caltech and Art Center College of Design visited the institute during Dec, to identify opportunities for design intervention.

A half-day symposium on Design for the Developing World was also held on Dec 21, A pilot project for the engineering institutes in Gujarat was scheduled during Novwith the Gujarat Technological University GTU providing logistical support. The workshop also included pedagogical sessions that focused on innovative ways of making lectures more engaging. The event was coordinated by Prof Arup Lal Chakroborty.

Applicants were asked to choose among 65 project titles offered by IITGN faculty spread across various disciplines. A total of online applications were received from both IITGN and students from other institutions at India and abroad. Towards the end of SRIPan event featuring research domain-based presentations was organized.

These sessions showcased the research outputs of the summer interns and notably emphasized the synergy between external and IITGN interns.

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Successful SRIP interns who submitted their final reports were awarded certificates. Prof Bhaskar Datta coordinated this event. An MCM scholarship carries tuition fee waiver current value Rs 90, per year and Rs 1, per month for ten months. In addition, tuition fee waiver freeship was awarded to 21 students who did not qualify for MCM on merit but needed financial assistance.

An MCM scholarship carries tuition fee waiver current value Rs 90, per year and Rs 1, per month Scholarship for Excellence IITGN has instituted several merit scholarships for outstanding performance in academics, sports, arts and culture, and social work and leadership.

These scholarships are different from the Meritcum-Means scholarships and are awarded only on the basis of achievements in respective fields. The scholarship carries a stipend of Rs 2, per month for 10 months. Excellence scholarships for the academic year have been awarded as follows: Bhaskarjyoti Das was awarded the scholarship for Excellence in Art and Culture for the year Scholarship for Excellence in Social Work and Leadership The Scholarship for Excellence in Social Work and Leadership is awarded up to two students for outstanding leadership exhibited by the students either in institutional affairs including organizing events and in discharging responsibilities in managing students officeor in social work.

Scholarship for Excellence in Sports The Scholarship for Excellence in Sports and Games is awarded to a maximum of six students for outstanding performance in sports based on their performance at the inter-IIT sports meet or similar national events. Parth Sane and Animesh Kumawat are awarded scholarship for excellence in sports for the year This scholarship carries an amount Rs 1, per month for ten months. Bhargav Chauhan was the recipient of this scholarship for the year The meet was attended by about participants from at least 10 institutes in Gujarat.

Conferences, symposia, workshops and seminars on focus themes are vital academic activities that help stimulate discussions on different areas of importance. The following activities were organized during Brainstorming seminars on Biomedical Engineering were organized on April 1, April 18, and May 17, to discuss the different areas in biomedical engineering, the current status of biomedical engineering research in India and how IITGN can make a mark in this field.

A two-day Chemistry Research Meet was held during May The event sessions included talks by faculty, oral presentations by research scholars, a workshop by Schrodinger Inc, poster presentations and a symposium on Drug Discovery - Bench to Bedside. The workshop was organized by Prof Malavika Subramanyam. A one-day workshop on Technology Incubation was organized on Oct 12, Prof Ramakrishnan also conducted a two-day hands-on training for engineers from Peass, Navsari during Dec A two-day music symposium held during Janincluded a performance of Hindustani classical ragas with Dr Matthew Rahaim, University of Minnesota vocal ; Nitin Mitta, former faculty at the Learn Quest Academy of Music, Waltham, Massachusetts tabla ; and Prof Srinivas Reddy sitar ; a lecture titled Authority, critique, and revision in the Sanskrit music-theoretic tradition: A workshop on Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics for practicing engineers from industry was conducted by Prof N Ramakrishnan, Feb SHORT COURSES A variety of short courses are offered throughout the year in order to increase the choice and flexibility of course offerings, as well as to benefit from the expertise of visiting faculty and experts from varied backgrounds who may be on campus for shorter durations.

The following short courses were delivered during by recognized experts in their respective fields. Around 30 members attended the programme. A short course on Data Analytics: Directional data on smooth manifolds: The workshop was attended by 20 invited engineers and academics from India and abroad. A short course on Self Exploration by Meenakshi Kirtane, founder-director of Maanas, psychotherapy and self awareness organization, March Climate variability and the population dynamics of infectious diseases in changing human landscapes by Prof Mercedes Pascual, University of Michigan, April 12, Crystallographic texture, microtexture and stresses: Tracing the growth of iron technology in ancient India by Prof Vibha Tripathi, archaeometallurgist, Aug 7, Sustainable infrastructure and environment: Decompositions of even degree regular graphs and multigraphs into small trees by Prof Shailesh Tipnis, Illinois State University, Aug 26, What ails the Indian reform story?

Should I stay, should I go? Measuring the impact of court judgments: Plugging into 72 trillion economy: Mapping of brain oxidative stress and pH with alzheimer disease progression: Vitamin D and breast cancer: Low-energy computing; and Approximate computing for energy-efficient errorresilient multimedia systems; and Spin as state variable for computation: Systems engineering approach to the design of complex engineered systems; and Design of a modern combat aircraft: A panel discussion on Rethinking Engineering Education: It covered various aspects of teaching environment in different types of courses.

He founded the company in The compound is said to be 2 to 10 times more effective than tracers currently approved by FDA. Department of State and the U. Agency for International Development. Currently, he is the Winthrop E. She becomes the first woman to receive this honour. The expedition also has a Zero Waste journey. Zero Waste Solutions is an initiative where she is working to tackle issues of waste management and pollution in India.

Currently, he is serving as the Executive Director of the company. Currently, he is serving as an Additional Chief Secretary with the Kerala government. This elevation is seen as a recognition of Mr. He specializes in string theory, cosmology and particle physics. Distinguished Alumnus Award Prof. Awarded for Academic Excellence. Awarded for Entrepreneurial Excellence. He is armed with 35 years of diverse experience in the hydrocarbon sector. Awarded for Professional Excellence.

Founded in to engineer innovative and relevant solutions for meeting the energy requirements of tomorrow, the company has grown into a respected Power Transformer manufacturing company.

Currently, he is a Professor with joint appointments in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University.


Inhe was appointed as the first Director of the Institute and continues to nurture it to the best of his abilities. In recent times, he has been instrumental in some key policy initiatives of the Narendra Modi government such as Digital India drive and local electronics manufacturing initiatives. Awarded for Management Excellence. Dubey Memorial Award Dr. Despite facing intense pressure from the government, he exposed two of the fraudulent companies of the group and held them liable to refund investors.

IIT Kanpur has conferred upon him the Satyendra K Dubey Memorial Award for displaying highest professional integrity and honesty while serving his duty. The company will be involved in the operationalization of the project across 25 schools in Kanpur and Madhya Pradesh.

The scholarship will start from the first academic year and will be provided maximum for four years, subject to continued meritorious performance.

He primarily works in the areas of gene therapy and human molecular genetics. Currently, he is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include IC engine combustion, biodiesel and biofuels, homogenous charge compression ignition and others. Manindra Agrawal awarded the 'Goyal Prize' by Kurukshetra University for his research on polynomial identity testing. His research interests include nanomaterials: Currently, he is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry.

His research interests include neurodegenerative disorders, stress biology and human molecular genetics. Currently, he is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering. Started in April with a vision to automate all the administrative procedures in the institute, the project will be implemented in three phases.

This project has a lot to offer for everyone — faculty, office staff and students. Presently, Phase I is underway, which primarily deals with procedural and accounting requirements.