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meet hiro hamada sad

A tombstone where Tadashi Hamada's name was engraved. For Hiro, it felt It's me," Hiro said, smiling sadly as he stared at the tombstone before him. "Do you To end my life, just so I could meet you and be with you again. Hiro Hamada feeling sad in his expression as if by saying, "Baymax is gone." Hiro is starstruck at finally meeting his robotics idol! Too bad he turns out to be a. Rated: Fiction K - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Hiro Hamada, Tadashi They were about to leave and go meet their Aunt Cass when Hiro slammed . He felt a mix of anger, sadness and pain as he tugged the bed sheet to.

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Hiro had never thought he would be wearing one someday. And that someday was tonight. Hiro stood in front of the oval mirror in his room, wearing a black V-neck, black jeans, and cream coloured cardigan. The cardigan that his dearest big brother always wore when he was still alive.

meet hiro hamada sad

After he died 2 years ago, none of Tadashi's belongings were moved out. He begged to Aunt Cass so he could keep them.

Aunt Cass, of course, didn't have the heart to say no to her nephew, her only family left. She allowed him to keep them all. As long as he took a better care of them, and stop mourning because he had school and life. It had been several hours after his graduation ceremony finished.

He had gotten his Bachelor Degree of Robotics Engineering now. He finished his college just in 2 years. He even got an award from the mayor himself. A College Genius Award. Aunt Cass and the gang congratulated him and told him how proud they were. He looked at the clock and it showed 6: He put on his red sneakers. After that, he put on Tadashi's baseball cap and walked downstairs. He saw Aunt Cass was busy preparing dinner for both of them.

When her back was facing him, he sneaked away and went out. Hiro let out a sigh after he had successfully sneaked out without Aunt Cass noticing.

He just wanted to go out for a bit. Then he started walking. He wanted to go somewhere, alone. After 10 minutes of walking, he saw a gate with 'San Fransokyo Graveyard' on top of it. He went through the gate and walked toward his destination. Right in front of a tombstone. A tombstone where Tadashi Hamada's name was engraved. For Hiro, it felt like the fire that killed his big brother had just happened yesterday.

He saw Tadashi's name on it. He took a breath and crouched down. His right hand rubbed that tombstone. It's me," Hiro said, smiling sadly as he stared at the tombstone before him.

I finished college in 2 years. So much for a genius like me, huh? I even got a College Genius Award. Can you believe that?

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His eyes softened, "You know, my days were never the same since you were gone. My tomorrows were never as great as when you were still alive. Years ago, I always felt annoyed hearing your loud snores, or when you tried to wake me up and got me out from my bed, or when you scolded me for bot fighting instead of using my big brain for good things like you.

After you're gone, I always woke up alone. Without you sleeping on your bed, or you trying to wake me up with that goofy smile of yours. Sniffled as he continued, "I really missed you, Tadashi. I missed everything you did when you were still alive. I missed hearing your loud snores, your laugh, your attempts to wake me up and get me out from my bed, your attempts to brush my messy hair.

I also missed how you always ruffled my hair, how you hanged me down on your shoulders and shook me when I need new ideas or when you found out that I put a prank on you. How happy you looked when we were able to spend times together after all of the busy schedules and homework.

I even missed your smile and voice. But it's not the same. And it will never be the same. Because they're not you. And they could never be like you. I could follow you if I want to. But I'm sure you wouldn't want me to do that.

To end my life, just so I could meet you and be with you again. Nii-chan, I really, really missed you.

meet hiro hamada sad

I wish I could have you back. I will do anything, anything at all, to have you back. I really missed you, nii-chan. He could feel tears streaming down on his cheeks.

Letting all the tears to come out from his eyes. Letting the stars in the sky know how he really missed Tadashi. The wind blew around him. He could feel the wind. The wind blew softly, as if it wanted to calm him down. Hiro is based on Hiro Takachiho from the Marvel comic of the same name.

Contents [ show ] Background Hiro was born in San Fransokyo, and notes that he's never been outside of the city. Over the following decade, Hiro managed to graduate high school when he was thirteen, but refused to attend college out of arrogance.

He instead spent much of his time participating in illegal bot-fights across the city, where he'd con local gangsters for their money. Tadashi—who came to act as a surrogate guardian alongside Cass—looked down upon this lifestyle and worked to steer his brother down a better path. Official Description Robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada has the mind of a genius—and the heart of a year old: Fortunately, his big brother Tadashi redirects Hiro's brilliance, inspiring him to put his brain to the test in a quest to gain admission to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

When a tragic event changes everything, Hiro turns to a robot named Baymax, and they form an unbreakable bond—and two-sixths of a band of high-tech heroes on a very important mission. For example, he graduated from high school when he was Because of this, he can be rather brazen and cocky especially when he was seen to be bored during his bot fight with Yamabut never to the point of being annoying and insufferable.

He spent much of his time using his technology to win money through illegal bot fight bets he states that bot-fighting isn't illegal, but betting on it is, though he still did bet on bot-fighting illegallysomething he prided himself on, though his older brother Tadashi heavily disapproved.

While Tadashi felt that his brother had a greater purpose and should attend college, Hiro believed that he held the knowledge of all that there is to know in the world, or at least all that any school can teach him, showing a strong sense of pride, as well as possible past experiences of school being redundant, unchallenging, and boring for him.

Despite his bold nature, Hiro has a much softer side to him, as he's shown to sometimes be rather shy in front of crowds and during the process of making new friends, as well as socially awkward at times. Even so, he is very compassionate, which, in the beginning, is mostly seen when dealing with his older brother, Tadashi who despite his brotherly nagging, holds a special place in Hiro's heart as the latter's best friend and inspiration.

When with Tadashi, Hiro's true colors emerge, showing him to be free-spirited, innocently sassy, warm and ultimately very loving and appreciative. Such aspects wouldn't be seen again until the void left by Tadashi's demise is eventually filled by the lovable Baymax, who cares for Hiro in the same sense, forming a strong companionship. However, while Hiro has a kind heart, he is a very complex character, and is far from perfect, engaging in some darker behaviors when highly provoked.

At certain points during the movie, the boy genius allowed his anger to cloud his better judgment and commit acts normally out of the question. He is similar to Yokai the villainous mastermind responsible for the death of Tadashi in this respect, as both experienced the loss of a loved one, thus mutilating their hearts to the point where they sought revenge against the wrongdoers responsible, going as far as conscious murder, rather than bring Yokai to justice.

However, what separates the two and ultimately classifies Hiro as a hero and Yokai as a villain is the fact that, unlike Yokai, Hiro not only learns the error of his ways, but he makes a serious effort to right the wrongs he caused as quickly as possible.

Such revelations are mostly due to the comforting nature of Baymax, the legacy of Tadashi and the support of his closest friends, resulting in a newly-reformed young prodigy who values the lives of all human beings and refuses to carry out acts of justice through the use of violence and murder.

As time would move on following the events of Tadashi's death, Hiro would slowly shape into a heroic, wise and inspirational leader, following in his brother's footsteps.

Such traits passed down include Tadashi's philosophy of "looking for a new angle", as well as the devotion to doing whatever is necessary to help others and make the world a better place for all, especially the innocent and deserving. As mentioned above, Hiro would notably organize the Big Hero 6 team, vowing to protect the city of San Fransokyo in order to fulfill Tadashi's lifelong dream of helping others. Physical appearance Hiro is a young year old boy.

meet hiro hamada sad

According to official sources, he is 5'0" cm in height and rather slender. He can often be found in a blue hoodie jacket, a red shirt with a humanoid robot on it, long dark beige cargo capri shorts, and dark brown trainers with yellow laces.

He has fair skin, brown eyes, and messy black hair. His eyelashes and eyebrows are somewhat thick, and his eyes are a rounded almond shape. When he smiles or opens his mouth, a gap in his teeth can be noticed along with a slight overbite. Hiro's super-suit is made of primarily purple with red accents and black armor, with black clothing underneath that covers most of his body up to his knees, and steel-toe black sneakers.

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On his suit are red magnetic pads, used to carry onto Baymax's armor for transportation and battle purposes. It was when something inside the school exploded, pushing its way outside; knocking Hiro's body. He flew back a substantial length, smacking his head on the ground and blacking out for a moment as his body hurt from the impact. He opened his eyes for a second, looking at the building that was quickly collapsing, every single part of it going down in mere seconds.

And it trapped Tadashi inside, burying him in fire. The tears started to go down his face as he held the hat against his chest, unable to move. He tried to call for his brother again, only to find himself chocking when he tried to breath, his throat locked up by his tears. The last thing he was able to think before closing his eyes and passing out was that nothing he could do would be enough to bring his brother back.

meet hiro hamada sad

His head collapsed to the floor, his eyelids going down as all he heard and saw was transformed into a blur. Tadashi was sitting on the same chair he would sit every day for the last month, never taking his eyes off his unconscious little brother.

He couldn't help but think how fragile Hiro looked when he was laying down on that hospital bed, seeming to be so small next to those beeping machines and with all those cables attached to his tiny body.

The older one sighed again and caressed Hiro's face. The raspy noise he heard every time the air went in and out Hiro's body through the oxygen tube let him know his brother was live, but it also remembered him he had failed.

He failed to protect his brother. Tadashi closed his eyes as he recalled everything that had happened that night. He left the building with his brother after Hiro had been invited to join the college. They walked together to the bridge and talked a little.

They were about to leave and go meet their Aunt Cass when Hiro slammed his forehead and gave a few steps back. I'll catch up, ok? They're waiting for us. He partially turned to the building, refusing to believe his sight. The building was on fire. Not a small one. Tadashi could feel the heat from that far away.

He saw people running as loud screams sounded through the air. Turning his head to the right, he spotted his friends and aunt on the corner of the college as they ran away, and he was relieved to see they were safe from the fire. But then his eyes widened as realization hit him and he stared the flames again. He got dangerously close to it, dodging the people coming toward him as he called for his brother. He didn't know how close Hiro was to the building when it exploded, but he was willing to believe he hadn't got inside it.

He begged for an answer, but all he could hear was the fire and the screams. He was about to break down and collapse in tears, fearing the worst, when his eyes caught something. Lying extremely close to the building door was his brother.

Tadashi Hamada

He didn't seem to be moving or even breathing and his face was lying down in a pool of blood that dripped from the injuries on his face. His pants were partly burnt and his left foot was lying in a physically impossible way. Tadashi took a deep breath, even if there seemed to be no good air in the middle of that fire, and stood up. The heat was making him weak and dizzy, but he found strength he didn't know he had when he saw his brother.

Tadashi ran close to the body as tears fell from his eyes. He stared at his brother's chest, not allowing himself to look away until he saw it go up and down, meaning breath. After a relieved sigh, he finally grabbed Hiro and carried him away from the fire.

He knew he had to hurry, but he also knew that running could worsen Hiro's condition. He walked as fast as he could, but when he reached the bottom of the staircase the building behind him exploded.

It knocked Tadashi, throwing Hiro away from his arms. As Tadashi fell on the floor, his heart hurt when he heard the loud thud of his brother hitting the ground. He lifted his head and saw his brother lying there, a few feet in front of him.

Tadashi got up on his knees and crawled to his brother, ignoring the pain he felt due to the fall. Blood kept coming from the injuries on Hiro's head and he didn't seem to be breathing anymore.

Tadashi grabbed him by the shoulders and slowly laid him down on his lap and he screamed "Help" at the top of his lungs.

He didn't stop screaming until he saw the firemen running toward him. You have to wake up! When the doctors finally came to help and took Hiro away from him to put him on the ambulance, Tadashi didn't want to let him go. He watched as they took his little brother away, not sure if he was alive or if he was going to be fine. Tadashi wanted to run and follow the ambulance, for he was not willing to leave his brother alone under any circumstances, but then he felt something hold him back.

He turned around and saw his friend Wasabi holding his arm. We have to get out of here! Wasabi wrapped his arm around Tadashi's shoulder and helped his friend to stand up and walk away. Being as weak and as injured as he was, Tadashi had no other option than to obey and follow his friend. They finally met the rest of their friends and Cass, who wrapped her arms around Tadashi as soon as she saw him. I was so worried!

Thank goodness you're fine! Startled, he gasped in surprise before taking a deep breath and calming down. He turned his head and saw Aunt Cass enter the room, holding a jacket and a paper bag on her hands.

It's a cold night. Unless you want me to take you home and make you eat by force. Cass looked at her nephew and sighed. He seemed so tired, so exhausted, so His eyes were opaque and dark, as if he had never felt any kind of joy in his whole life.

His hair was shaggy and messy, for he didn't bother enough to brush it. He had dark circles under his eyes from the sleepless nights and lack of rest. His skin was so pale she would think she was looking at a ghost sometimes. She then went to the bed and caressed Hiro's face.

Even in coma he had a better appearance than his tired brother. Cass sighed and tried to keep the tears from coming down, wiping the ones that eventually escaped her efforts. She smiled as she leaned closer and kissed her younger nephew on the forehead.

Hiro Hamada

He leaned his elbow on his knee, his head propped up by his hand as he looked at his brother. Cass sighed once more.

Just for one night. Then you can take a hot shower and have a proper meal. Not to mention sleep in a real bed instead of sleeping in this chair. Call me if anything happens, ok? She glanced at the clock and saw that midnight was only half an hour away. I have to work tomorrow. Are you sure you'll be ok? He heard Cass saying goodbye and the door closing behind him. Tadashi had his back slumped against the chair, his eyes shut and his head hanging off to the side as he tried to fall asleep.

He was used to sleeping in that graceless position over the last month, but it was not the discomfort that kept him awoken. It was the fear. The fear that Hiro was never going to wake up. That sooner or later, he was going to watch them put his brother in the ground to never, ever return. He had had that fear ever since the first day Hiro was brought to the hospital, but after one month, it started to get bigger and bigger. A part of him was in denial, but the part that was actually aware of the risk that Hiro could die was getting more of Tadashi each and every day.

He stood up from his chair. His eyelids kept going down and his body begged for rest, but he walked up to his brother's bed regardless. He sat besides Hiro, being careful not to sit up on any cables as he watched his brother. He glanced at the clock: After a deep breath, Tadashi started to say. How are you feeling today? Tadashi looked at his brother and started crying, shedding one or two tears before trying to make them stop. Well, I told you I made a promise that night. I promised I would never let anything bad happen with you.

That I would be there for you no matter what. Then he looked down at his brother's face again, hearing in silence as the air went in and out that small nose. I'm sorry I didn't protect you that night. You're lying down on this bed, and I'm not even sure if you're ever going to wake up, but I love you, Hiro. I love you more than words could ever describe. If only I could make a deal with God and swap our places, I would. If only I could I'd gladly take your place even if it sent me to Heaven.

I'd do anything for you, yet I'm here, impotent. I'm starting to think you may never wake up. His eyes got red and his face swelled as the tears started to go down his face and fall on the bed, creating a small puddle of salty water. I didn't spend the latest years of my life raising you, taking care of you, loving you more than I could ever love anything or anyone else to watch you fade away like that.

Tadashi Tries To Save Hiro

It nearly killed me the day they put our parents in the ground, Hiro. You were so small; you didn't even understand what was going on.