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meet locals review

While some hosts we only meet briefly and exchanged hellos and got the key, we have gotten to have. 1 review for Meetlocals, stars: "the most of the lady's looking for a casual date are scam and these lady's are here for commertial purposes. Results 1 - 36 of Looking for Meet the Locals in Tokyo? Discover and book a unique Recently Reviewed white arrow icon. Recently Reviewed; Most.

We not only learned about Istanbul, we have a new friend. Thank you so much for making our trip so memorable. We recommend this tour to everyone. It was my first time in Istanbul so this was ideal! I found the guide, he showed me around and took me to buy a metro card!

meet locals review

He gave me water and explained the story of the old city. Then we walked in the square, saw the old hippodrome and finally he took me through the waiting line and gave me the ticket to enter directly to the magnificent Hagia Sophia!

It was totally worth it! Highly recommend his tour. We joined this tour on 7th April. This is especially important for those of us who must travel on a small budget.

In addition to booking fees, staying in Airbnb properties often allows you to cook your own meals and have options to wash your clothes while traveling which can save you money.

You should carefully read the Description and the House Rules section, if provided, for each listing and make sure that you are OK with all the listed conditions. If certain amenities are very important to you, it is good to not only ensure these are listed in the Amenities section of the listing but also to confirm these amenities with the host before booking. Hosts are humans with jobs, families, and lots of other responsibilities and they are living in real places.

meet locals review

Going into the situation knowing these types of things are possibilities can make it much easier to handle any small snafus that may occur during your stay. We generally try to avoid places that have strict cancellation polices or require high cleaning fees or deposits.

MeetLocals Reviewed : Read This Scam Report To Learn The Facts

If the situation cannot be resolved with the host, you should leave and immediately contact Airbnb to resolve the situation. Communicating with the host prior to booking and only booking accommodations that have been well-reviewed can help prevent such situations.

meet locals review

During any stay, be smart, follow normal safety precautions e. If a host or accommodation makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, leave and report the instance to Airbnb. Airbnb has grown and evolved over time, and so have we as travelers. We use Airbnb differently now than we did back in Here are some thoughts and observations on Airbnb: There are many more listings and users on Airbnb.

Airbnb is in almost every single country and has so many more listings! When we were first using it, few people had heard of it, now it is a very well-known company. I found lots of bargains back in and evenbut they are much harder to find now.

meet locals review

Booking fees have also increased. Some of these increases are likely due to inflation, but some are definitely due to increased demand. When we first used Airbnb it felt more like an upscale Couchsurfing, where many local people were offering rooms at low rates to meet travelers. We have had much more business-like transactions over time versus earlier stays where we often got to know the owners.

Not necessarily a bad thing, but different. The increase in Airbnb has led to a lot of conflict with hotels, other apartment booking services, and even entire cities.

Locals in many cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Barcelona are worried about many apartments previously rented out to local people are being used as Airbnbs to cater to tourists. Such practices have led to less available housing and increased prices, and many cities have increased regulation around Airbnb and similar companies. Here is a BBC article about some of these issues. Airbnb quietly discontinued their free Airbnb Concierge service. This concierge service allowed you to connect to someone who could provide local travel recommendations, help you book your travel, and help answer travel questions.

This was definitely a worthwhile bonus in the old days, but likely one that would cost a lot to support now with huge user numbers. The focus of Airbnb which was initially marketed towards more of a way to connect with locals and save money has changed. These things are still there, but there is now much more focus on showing flashy upscale properties rent an entire private islandunique accommodations stay in a treehouse!

Airbnb has add activities and local experiences organized by local people you can book. However, many have few, if any, reviews so it can be hard to judge what is a good versus bad experience. When I first started using Airbnb I was an intern on an intern salary, we loved the budget friendly offerings.

Now we are much more likely to want the amenities that come with a hotel or catered apartment than a Airbnb, especially in a city. Our worst experiences have been in large cities like London and Paris.

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We had high expectations and every day exceeded them. Read full review Reviewed on 04 Dec by Carl Borg The diversity, landscape, nature were the most memorable parts of the holiday Read full review Reviewed on 06 Nov by Nancy Murphy High quality quaint places to stay.

meet locals review

Each better than the next in terms of location, welcoming hosts and amenities. We were pleased at each location by the room and meals served. We saw local wildlife platypus, wombats, Tasmanian devils in their natural habitats, learned about the history of the island, and experienced the hospitality of the locals.

The overwhelming beauty that Tasmania has to offer - pristine wilderness combined with outstanding food and wine - friendly and generous people.

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The national parks also were always a delight. Hobart is also special. Outstanding - Ten out of ten and a gold star. Read full review Reviewed on 07 Apr by Margaret Hungerford We spent almost 4 weeks in Tasmania and had a wonderful time every day. Each area was different and we did so many varied activities that it is impossible to compare them. However, we loved the hiking that we did in every place we went despite the inclement weather.

Read full review Reviewed on 26 Mar by John Holloway This was an amazing holiday of a lifetime, superbly organised by the tour operator with excellently chosen accommodation, locations and no-hassle car hire.