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meet matte hughes honest review amazon

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Looking for a box set to fill the gaps between each new episode? Maisel Gilmore Girls fans, get this in your watchlist now. But her perfect life suddenly takes an unexpected turn and Midge discovers a previously unknown talent for stand-up comedy. The chance to see Christine Baranski reprising her role as Diane Lockhart, meanwhile, is reason to tune in alone.

And Sutton is still slogging it out as an assistant, dreaming of breaking into the world of fashion. The unprecedented access given to Amazon takes us from the Arizona Cardinals in Season 1 to the Los Angeles Rams in Season 2, tracking a year from the moment the team announces its relocation to the hiring of new head coach Sean McVay and his first days on the job.

Desperate Housewives Mixing satire, comedy and mystery, this Emmy-winning drama explores the darker side of suburbia. Here, on Wisteria Lane, homemakers tend their husbands, children and flower beds, while barely suppressing the fears, secrets and anxieties that threaten to destroy their seemingly idyllic lives.

The series is purportedly a resurrected piece of Romanian propaganda from the s, discovered and dubbed over by Hollywood A-listers for modern audiences — a process that Channing Tatum explains earnestly to the camera in the opening episode. Of course, there was no such TV show in the first place — a host of Romanian actors filmed the whole thing specifically, just so that it could be dubbed back into English for giggles.

What would Lenin do? Read our full review American Gods: Season 1 When Shadow Moon is released from prison, he meets the mysterious Mr.

meet matte hughes honest review amazon

Wednesday and a storm begins to brew. Left adrift by the recent death of his wife, Shadow is hired as Mr. He finds himself in a hidden world where magic is real, where the Old Gods fear irrelevance and the growing power of the New Gods, and where Mr. Wednesday is building an army to reclaim his lost glory… Ostentatious, impressive, timely, beautiful.

Sensitive and candid, Transparent is a deliberately opaque look at problems that are far from see-through. If you liked Orange Is the New Black, this is an ideal companion.

The show, based on Philip K. Able to make us feel sympathy with either side, this is a provocative and daring study of indoctrination, propaganda and national identity. Between the leg warmers and innocent romances, the series just keeps serving up the laughs. Following four people trying to innovate against the birth of the PC in the s, it charts everything from the rise of Apple to even the start of online gaming.

But the computers are just the key to our fascinating central quartet, who slot together seamlessly to form a wonderful tale of inspiring women, creative teamwork, and the relationship between humans and technology.

meet matte hughes honest review amazon

The result keeps on getting better with every episode. Boot it up now. Seasons 1 to 6 are available. Watch on Amazon Prime Video Mr.

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Rivalling Black Mirror for the way in which it turns digital concepts into real human drama, it drags the cyberthriller genre out of the 80s and 90s into the contemporary era of corrupt banks, anti-privacy conspiracies and masked hacker movements. The result is as tightly structured as it is thrillingly modern, with multi-faceted turns from Rami Malek and Christian Slater.

Moore, the result combines time travel, romance, historical drama and sci-fi to dizzyingly chameleonic effect; there genuinely is something in here for everyone.

The fact that the Scottish bloke Claire falls in love is the strapping Jamie Heughan is a bonus.

meet matte hughes honest review amazon

The cars have never looked better, thanks to the lavish production values, and the chemistry between the trio is still firing on all cylinders. It stars Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan as Rob and Sharon, an American and a Brit who bonk each other rotten on a business trip, only to find themselves unexpectedly having to raise a baby together. Over the course of two seasons, the familiar scenario is caustically fresh, thanks to a non-stop series of arguments and romantic apologies that tackle such minute issues that they become as absurdly funny as they are recognisable.

Apologise to your neighbours in advance: Watch on Amazon Prime Video Preacher Dominic Cooper stars in this supernatural drama, based on the graphic novels by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, which follows a West Texas preacher named Jesse Custer, who is inhabited by a mysterious entity that causes him to develop a highly unusual power.

What happens next is shocking, graphic, often funny, and completely, utterly, downright bonkers. Watch it right now. Growing from a case-of-the-week formula to over-arching narratives driven by its complex characters, its new incarnation gets better with every season — right up until the shocking, moving six-part finale. Watch on Amazon Prime Video One Mississippi Comedian Tig Notaro plays a semi-fictional version of herself, as she returns to her hometown in Mississippi, after her mother passes away unexpectedly.

As she copes with the tragedy, the series becomes a poignant and honest exploration of family and grief. And yet even the moments that do make you cry are boldly underplayed, with one scene involving a mirror proving devastating in its simplicity.

Season 2 has already been ordered. The basic set-up is the same: More recently, Athena bound her own eyesight to Diana's, granting her increased empathy. The Eyes of the Hunter ability gives Diana a full range of enhanced senses, including telescopic vision and super hearing. Hestiagoddess of hearth and home, granted Diana sisterhood with fire.

This power has been shown to control the "Fires of Truth", which Diana wields through her lasso, making anyone bound by it unable to lie. Hermesthe messenger god of speed, granted Diana superhuman speed and the ability to fly. After the relaunch of the character, Wonder Woman does not naturally possess the power of flight. She gains it once she is hit by a feather thrown by Hermes. While not completely invulnerable, she is highly resistant to great amounts of concussive force and extreme temperatures and matches Superman [] in this regard.

She is completely immune to his heat vision, virtually any damage, or even the core of the sun. However, edged weapons or projectiles applied with sufficient force are able to pierce her skin. She is able to astrally project herself into various lands of myth. Her physical body reacts to whatever happens to her on the mythical astral plane, leaving her body cut, bruised, or sometimes strengthened once her mind and body are reunited.

She can apparently leave the planet through meditation and did this once to rescue Artemis while she was in Hell. These new abilities, which included superhuman speed, durability, longevity, accelerated healing, and even flight came in addition to her previous attributed Olympian strength. She is now considered to be stronger than Hercules. In addition to her weaponry, Diana's bracelets can now create an thunderous explosion when she clashes them together.

These new abilities are attributed to being the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. Her powers are now considered nearly unmeasurable if she goes without her Bracelets of Submission, which keep her powers in check. She uses these powers in battle against the goddess Artemis and quickly renders her unconscious with ease with a series of carefully positioned counterattacks. While using her godly strength, her outfit and accoutrements lit up and her eyes glowed like her father's.

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I know all soldiers, and they know me. Each gave her powers that would reveal themselves when she needed them to. She first displays strength when she accidentally rips the bars off her cell door when visited by Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, and Barbara Ann Minerva.

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Later on a trip to the mall, she discovers super speed, great durability, and the power of flight while fighting off a terrorist attack. The continuity established by Rebirth continues across DC's comic book titles, including volume five of Wonder Woman. Prior to the comic book storyline Crisis on Infinite EarthsDiana invented the Purple Ray in order to heal Steve Trevor from injuries he sustained when his plane was shot down and he was left adrift in the sea for days.

She has an arsenal of powerful god-forged gear at her disposal, but her signature equipment are her indestructible bracelets and the Lasso of Truth.

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Personal armor[ edit ] Wonder Woman's outfit has varied over time, although almost all of her outfit incarnations have retained some form of breastplate, tiara, bracelets, and her signature five-pointed star symbols. When Wonder Woman was first introduced, she wore a heavily patriotic skirt and red top which incorporated an American eagle and elements of the United States flag, reflecting the comic's origins during World War II.

Later artists introduced what would become Wonder Woman's classic ensemble, adding an armored plate to her top whose design recalls a letter W and revealing blue short shorts, whose precise length varied from artist to artist.

meet matte hughes honest review amazon

Other artists have experimented with different looks for Wonder Woman over the years, including an all-white mod jumpsuit, a biker outfit, a variation of her mainstream depiction featuring leather pants and a jacket, and a number of armoured battlesuits.

Contemporary artists have attempted to emphasise Wonder Woman's traditional outfit as a red armored top with a blue gladiator skirt. She also had a pair of red glowing magnetic earrings which allowed her to receive messages from Queen Desira of the planet Venus. Pre-Crisis At the time of her debut, Wonder Woman sported a red top with a golden eagle emblem, a white belt, blue star-spangled culottesand red and golden go-go boots.

She originally wore a skirt; however according to Elizabeth Martson, "It was too hard to draw and would have been over her head most of the time. She wore a series of jumpsuits as her attire; the most popular of these was a white one. She wore an outfit similar to her s one, but now with a larger glowing golden belt. Similar to her chestplate, her glowing belt was also shaped into a "W".

Michael Straczynski 's run of Wonder Woman's altered timeline changed her outfit drastically. Her outfit was redesigned by Jim Lee and included a redesigned emblem, a golden and red top, black pants, and a later discontinued blue-black jacket.

During a flashback in Vol. The character's original one-piece outfit was restored, although the color combination of red and blue was changed to dark red and blue-black.

Her chest-plate, belt and tiara were also changed from gold to a platinum or sterling silver color. Along with her sword, she now also utilizes a shield. She wears many accessories such as arm and neck jewelery styled as the "WW" motif. Her outfit is no longer made of fabric, as it now resembles a type of light, flexible body armor. Her boots are now a very dark blue rather than red. The design previously included black trousers, but they were removed and the one-piece look was restored during the time of publication.

This outfit is a red bustier with a gold eagle, a blue leather skirt with gold edges with two stars, and knee-high red boots with gold knee guards and accents. Her tiara once again is gold with a red star.

She occasionally wears a red cape with a gold clasp and edges. Wonder Woman film Main article: Wonder Woman film Her tiara's signature star symbol is now an eight pointed starburst. According to designer Lindy Hemming and director Patty Jenkinsevery design decision made for Themyscira came down to the same question: It should be different. It should be authentic and real […] and appealing to women.

That makes them feel like the hero they want to be. And my hero, in my head, has really long legs. Invisible plane The Pre-Crisis version of the invisible plane was a necessity because before Crisis on Infinite Earths rewrote Wonder Woman's history — along with the histories of many other heroes — Wonder Woman could not fly.