One piece meet frankie perez

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one piece meet frankie perez

Apocalyptica is a Finnish cello metal band from Helsinki, Finland, formed in The band is . "Broken Pieces" is a collaboration with Flyleaf singer Lacey Mosley. Their eighth studio album, titled Shadowmaker, with Franky Perez singing on all vocal tracks, was released through Better Noise imprint of Eleven Seven. I'm watching the Kings Of Chaos concert out in LA and Franky Perez takes the Last month I had the pleasure of talking with Perez on one of his rare .. year, where the world was, and they made this beautiful piece of music in spite of it all. My father was the biggest fan of music I've ever met in my life. Home / Oral Histories / Frank (Frankie) Perez. Frank (Frankie) Perez (After what my father put us through, Marine discipline was a piece of cake.) When there.

He's the only one to not be at least average height in his typical form. He's the only non-human member of the crew, though the Human-Human Fruit gave him the ability to turn into a human-like form and gave him human intelligence. It's a wonder how those little legs support that Hulk-frame. The hat he wears was given to him by the deceased Dr. Hiriluk, who was also Chopper's father figure. He has an extremely minuscule bounty.

That said, his transformations can kick as much ass as the rest of the Straw Hat crew. This is what kept him in the "weakling trio" with Nami and Usopp before the timeskip. He's got super strength in several of his battle forms, but he wasn't trained in any combat styles and his battle plan amounted to: Aim fist and 2. Averted after the Time Skip when he's shown to have become very proficient in kung fu.

Jury's still out on whether or not he's still in the "weakling trio", however. Eating the Human-Human Fruit gave him human intelligence, as well as the ability to take on two different humanoid forms. Chopper keeps his high voice regardless of whether he's in his adorable man-beast form or his badass battle forms. Averted in the 4Kids dub, where Chopper in his huge humanoid form sounds rather manly indeed.

Also averted with Monster Point post-time skip where his voice is digitally lowered to sound deep. Chopper's primary fighting style relies on his hybridization and augmentation of human and reindeer parts.

After the Time Skiphe no longer needs the Rumble ball for six of his transformations. He develops a crush on a Reindeer Mink named Milky, getting heart eyes whenever he talks to her.

Wrestler in All of Us: He occasionally performs some pro wrestling maneuvers while in Heavy Point, once notably putting Zoro in a Boston Crab. On one occasion in Thriller Bark, he teamed up with Robin who likes to do submission holds to do an aerial suplex.

Younger Than They Look. May be Justified due to Reindeer aging faster than humans. Chapter MangaEpisode 67 Anime "I can live? I never dared to wish for something like that, the world had denied me that hope. But now if I'm allowed to say my wish just this once then I Take me with you take me away from here!

one piece meet frankie perez

ExpositionNico Robin is one of the darker and more enigmatic members of the Straw Hats. Despite some initial mistrust, she gradually settled into the crew.

one piece meet frankie perez

Since those early uncertain days, she's become something of the crew's Team Momand occasionally plays the role of Cool Big Sis for Nami. She is twenty-eight years old thirty post- Time Skip. Unfortunately, her past eventually caught up to her and it was revealed that she's been on the run from the World Government for twenty years, after her home island of Ohara was razedand a large bounty was placed on her head. However, after the rest of the crew proved that they were willing to essentially declare war on the World Government in order to get her back, she realized that she had finally found her place in life, and that she was not a burden to her new friends.

Her dream is to learn the history of the Void Century, a passage of time blacked out by the World Government, which is said to be written in a lost language inscribed onto huge stone cubes called Poneglyphs. Simply learning the language of the Poneglyphs is a capital crime, and is the reason that everyone on her island, including her mother, were killed by the Marines. She is now one of only a handful of people in the world who can read them, allowing her to not only discover the true history of the world, but also to potentially revive a lost superweapon.

Her first bounty was 79, berries given to her at the tender age of 8her second bounty was 80, berries, and her third and current bounty is , berries.

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She currently holds one record for her bounties, being the person with the most known bounty picture updates with 3. Depends on the outfit, but it shows up quite a bit. Her first post- Time Skip outfit is the most infamous example. Despite the versatility of her Devil Fruit, it has limits as to where she can sprout limbs: She's a sea-faring pirate, former assassin, and the Straw Hat's resident well for information on all things historical.

Notably though, she technically subverts this trope because she actually employs the methods and ideology of real archaeologists rather than the "Indiana Jones" methods; destroying ancient artifacts and sites is a major Berserk Button of hers and she spends hours quietly studying books about history. Arguably, she is this, considering she joined the crew right after the previous second girl Vivi left.

However, she's far better handled, better developed, and more sympathetic than standard examples. All of the Other Reindeer: She was marginalized on Ohara after eating the Flower-Flower Fruit.

It went From Bad to Worse after she was given a bounty, as people constantly either threw her away in fear of being considered criminals, or acted nice to her only to turn on her by selling her location to the Marines.


Robin detests fighting, preferring to leave the dirty business to the Straw Hats that enjoy it and saving her Devil Fruit power for support purposes. If she is pushed however, her foes will quickly discover she is not to be trifled with, as her Hana attacks are practically unavoidable and are aimed at ending a fight as quickly and brutally as possible. After Ohara's destruction, she spends most of her time being on the run with no friends of her own, until she met the Straw Hats.

Robin's the third tallest member of the crew 6'2"has long flowing dark locks, is widely considered to be the most attractive member of the crew, and has an austere and sophisticated personality. Always Save the Girl: Cares more about the Straw Hat pirates than the entire rest of the world, given that they are the only ones since Ohara to care about her. In the pre- Time Skip anime, her skin was darker than Zoro's.

one piece meet frankie perez

Her pale skin post- Time Skip which she always had in the manga threw a few people off. It's noteworthy that her skin became lighter but not outright light while staying in the snowy Tequila Wolf. Introduced as morally ambiguous, her powers make her an efficient Long-Range Fighter who can easily cripple her opponents with virtually no opportunity for resistance, with little action needed from her end.

one piece meet frankie perez

Now that she's a protagonist, her abilities are kept in check by either not giving her too many fights or somehow handicapping her when she has the opportunity. This is actually more of a case of her being very cautious, unlike the rest of the crew.

She tends to avoid fighting or using her ability at all unless she's forced to, which gives her several advantages, mainly that of ambiguity, as because she doesn't fight, no one can properly gauge her strengths or weaknesses. It's also implied that she mostly developed killing techniques during her time abroad and in Baroque Works, and there's an unwritten rule among the Straw Hats not to kill their opponents.

The Marine's believe that she's it, anyway. This all turns out to be a fabrication by the higher echelons of the World Government to cover up her ability to read Poneglyphs — and thus blow the whistle on the hidden history of the world — and ensure she has no allies to turn to.

One of the most ruthless members of the crew. Initially joined Baroque Works if for no other reason than to survive long enough to read a Poneglyph, and had no personal interest in power, until becoming an Anti-Hero. She originally began as the secondary antagonist of the Alabasta Arc.

However, even so, she was never flat out nasty to the Straw Hats, which, needless to say, worked out well for her. Despite her stoic demeanor, she is really cute, and more than capable of handling herself in a fight.

She uses her powers to break grown men's spines in half and snap their necks which is obviously either an instant kill or bound to cause a lot of painand then once the adventure is over, she kicks back and studies her archaeology and history books. She willingly becomes a prisoner to the World Government in the Enies Lobby arc.

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Happens on and off through the series. Because You Were Nice to Me: Typically abandons her colleagues to save herself when the Marines close in on her, knowing that they'd betray her given the chance. I come from a long line of musicians on my mother's side of the family, so guitar playing came easy to me.

The trio blew me away! I used to buy their rpm records and play them and replay them until I learned them. When I found out I could earn money playing the guitar, I never went back to manual labor. The only calluses you'd find on my hands would be on my fingertips.

I was only sixteen but I lied about my age. The extra money and clothing were appealing. I joined in February of and attended one summer camp. When the Korean War broke out, my mother started to worry about me and wanted for me to get out. I talked her out of it, telling her that I probably wouldn't even be sent overseas.

At that time, I was assigned to the motor pool reconditioning trucks and other vehicles that had been put in mothballs. Then she started reading about the atrocities being committed by the North Koreans. Somehow, she got the ear of a politician who then contacted the Marines.

I was only on my third week of boot camp. Anyone who is not yet seventeen years old, step out of ranks! You are going, home! So, shaking in my boots, I stepped forward and that ended my hitch in the Marines. I thought that was a dumb way to handle this.

Some of us would have been. There was quite a bunch of us. Separating us and forming another group created a lot of paperwork and lost time. Of course, I was sorry not to have shipped out with the rest of the Tucson boys.

But then maybe I was just plain lucky! I have some good memories of my short time in the Marines. I remember getting together with Gasper Eldridge, Freddy Lopez and Tudy Lopez and a bunch of Tucsonans gathering around to hear us play. The sense of humor, the jokes, the kidding, the high morale that was so much apart of our group, is great to recall.

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Maybe if they had kept us together, we would have won the war by ourselves, or When I was twenty-three years old I was drafted into the Army. I could have gotten out of it. I was married, had one child and another on the way, but I wanted to go. My brother Johnny decided to enlist along with me. My other brother, Freddy, had already left for the Air Force. It was produced by Jacob Hellner. To the surprise of many, the album includes a remake of the German version of David Bowie 's song " Heroes ".

Till Lindemann of Rammsteinfor whom they opened on the Reise, Reise tour, was the guest vocalist on the track "Helden". To endthe band toured Europe successfully, selling out many of the venues they played. Perttu Kivilaakso at the Ilosaarirock festival In Juneduring the Rock in Rio concert in Lisbon, Apocalyptica joined the Greenpeace "energy [r]evolution campaign" and played the Beethoven 5th symphony from the stage. Recently, it reached No.

Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo played on " With the shutdown, the band and all other artists previously signed to these three labels will release their future material on the RCA Records brand.

The band released an exclusive pledgers-only song "Solo Tu" featuring Erik Canales of Allison via fan-funding website Pledgemusicas part of their Apocalyptica photo book project on October 28, There were two live performances in Wagner's birthtown LeipzigGermany on July 5 and 6, Eicca Toppinen arranged and composed the music for the production.