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pony meet katowice 2013 ford

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Rumor also is that we will be getting another US person to run the solutions business, despite the last one managing less than two years with questionable performance.

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Maybe we are the guinea pigs for the US. The story also is coming out about India, maybe more of looking for a scapegoat than getting caught with your hands in the cookie jar. How different it all looks from the record-breaking days we used to enjoy. It does show how RA has lost its way. I looked at the acquisition we made last week and when you really look, we have bought a Siemens distributor with a repair business attached. Is someone dreaming they will capture that Siemens business?

Or is our CSM business about to become a competitor to our distributors again? But I guess this uncertainty does lead to higher pay because they are afraid of losing more people. This week we have had very bad weather in the area. On Wednesday after yet another tornado warning the fire alarm goes off. What do the powers that be do? Send us out in the pouring rain and thunderstorm 10 minutes after a tornado warning.

I would not have a problem with that if it was a real fire and everyone had to stand in the rain. Only a handful of people were told to get outside and everyone else sat dry in the lunchroom. Calls were made to a supervisor and we were told to stay outside. Way to go Twinsburg - you took the cake with this blunder. Friday, May 27, I also have been reading this blog for a while and think that the reason for more negative feed-back is that it is very human to give negative feed-back, more than positive.

It does not mean that there is nothing positive to say. I would not ask people to restrain from giving honest feed-back about Rockwell. This is a good forum and I will continue to read it. Thursday, May 26, I read through these posts every week or so - and for the past few years the same themes appear to be espoused by contributors. It's not getting old. With all due respect - I do recognize the first amendment and we are all entitled to our opinion; but I ask that we each make some sincere attempt to turn this into a respectful source of knowledge exchange.

The same posts - just different days. Overall, Rockwell is a great place to work. Rockwell is a publicly traded company which answers to the shareholders - for this reason, tough decisions need to be made as jobs are sourced out-of-country.

Is it a double-edge sword when trying to generate ROI for shareholders particularly in challenging economic times while reducing expenses i. Granted - Rockwell can be a complicated and often frustrating organization; but there is a reason why we are and maintain our position as a best-of-breed organization. Sorry if I have vented - but I have submitted several posts in the past which run against the grain of the typical on this site.

And the overwhelming negativity dilutes the opportunity for reasonable and professional exchanges. Wednesday, May 25, Rockwell Automation is well known for lots of parties and free drinks etc. Don't get confused though. We local employees rarely get to participate; just the Managers and foreign visitors.

I am sure it happens in a lot of companies. What they don't realize is that we see and we observe and rarely do we respect. The worst offenders are nearly always the most senior and they think they are buying trust. What fools they are. Just attended their partner conference and wow they know how to throw a party.

The party was free, or at least until 4 am, and I have never seen such merriment from a company who obviously must be raking in the dollars. Our partner program is not doing that well, but 10 out of 10 for the beer, wine and fun.

Great break from work and paid for by this great American Icon! Wednesday, May 25, - To: You might want to read up on coaching and mentoring and find a good one of either.

This is not even in the zip code of ethics. It is common RA behavior and poor motivation and management practice but not unethical as it does not really break any policy or laws. As for the last advice. Listen for the bullet. Leave before you hear it. Tuesday, May 24, - To: You are unfortunately missing the point. I too was a subject of such treatment and did not see the signs for what they were worth. You are being targeted for reduction by being made insignificant to even inform.

The manager in question is using the tried and true RA tactics to minimize your impact, so that the decision to walk you out the door will be easy. Your best move at this time is to start looking for a job while you have one.

You may also want to start looking at the severance package details. HR will try to make you sign a package that benefits them.

Wreck-It Ralph meets My Little Pony

Monday, May 23, I would like to have a topic added to the ethics training and to make this part of the ethics training obligatory for RA managers. I really do not think that RA is an ethical company and will tell you why.

Ethics is also about respecting employees and what they do.

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Here just a few things that have happened to me lately: It was agreed that I have region wide responsibility and it was documented with the US team in a powerpoint. I exercised this responsibility a few years, until was suddenly told that the process has changed a long time ago and that I am no longer responsible.

I was the last to be informed. And informing me was not planned but accidental. It was agreed that I have a responsibility in a project and for once it was also announced officially to the project team. But the bitter end was that everybody forgot to involve me in the meetings and I had to run after what had been discussed and decided and keep trying to find out when is the next meeting.

I am constantly being forgotten, walked upon and ignored. What I am responsible for nobody cares or takes notice. In my opinion high ethics in a working environment is also to respect what people have been made responsible for, and respect what they are doing, and seeing to it that the responsible persons are informed first.

This is what I as a project manager try to remember every day. And every day I see that these principles are being walked upon, not just me being a victim, but many others too.

Sunday, May 22, I am not sure it's lack of transparency - it's more lack of trust. The senior leadership is convinced that no one person except Keith should have all the pieces to the jigsaw and therefore only he knows what the picture looks like. What he doesn't realize is the picture is no different for most other players in this space, except they perhaps get to play as a team.

The illustration is that as a Sales leader, I am responsible for a number but I am not allowed to see what is in each product business growth plan and so I can only play blind; so I play low. The neurosis about functionality comes because Keith actually thinks that sales leaders like me are incapable of running a business, and so I should concentrate on calling on customers, selling product which I can affect the quality, delivery or specifications.

One can only conclude that its experience that tells him this and that experience comes from one head of sales which we all know has his limitations.

The incident in India is just a result of this utter confusion, coupled with the fact that we probably pay the Indians below market so they have to seek compensation in other ways. After last years, incident we were informed India was having special reviews because they were so off-market. What do we expect when we run our company this way? I work in the USA and we take recompense another way - we work minimal hours, nod and say yes and hope that someone will rescue us.

I was once proud of our logo, proud to serve under Davis and I feel bothered by having to acknowledge who runs our company today. Friday, May 20, I agree with the previous blogger - RA thinks it is above transparency. I am an employee in Asia and we know that many of our colleagues in Finance 4 leaders were terminated a few weeks ago for gross wrongdoing.

This follows a major investigation last year that the Milwaukee people undertook and found nothing. Its a symptom of our company being out of control. It's run by the function of the day, and not by one leader.

In my country Finance is the leader; in India it is Sales, and in Australia its anybody. It's madness that destroys our ability to team, and our ability to attract and keep world class talent. I wonder how long it will take for the real India story to appear and how RA will brush that under the table. Frankly I hope they don't think we will win one of "the most ethical company awards this year either".

The other concern is that there is no independent investigator at RA. They advertise one, but we have seen many times he acts as image protector not investigator and he certainly does not act as an independent. Wednesday, May 18, Sounds to me that RA thinks it's immune to the feelings of the decent world. The way it treats employees is just another testament of how wrong this management team is.

The real issue on China five years ago is that they didn't know because they were not close to it, because Bejing is not downtown Milwaukee. This is the most under-traveled management team on the planet. Less than 10 between them in 5 years. Tuesday, May 17, No one is righteous or condoning this. You were simply wrong in stating that nothing had been mentioned for 5 years. Self reporting was the right thing to do. It did not take away the offense but Siemens certainly did not self-report and was caught.

In fact, I was not a Rockwell employee and am not a Rockwell employee. There was publicity several years before this. You do NOT fool anyone.

Friday, May 13, - To "You might want to brush up on international business": Sounds like you know an awful lot about all this. And you are trying to justify it.

What else do you condone? Friday, May 13, You people who think self reporting is still cheating are right. Th DOJ likes it when you police yourself. For the person who said it went unmentioned until - well, you must have been in a cave in Afghanistan. No one reports any of this until the DOJ, which is a governmental agency and moves glacially, sets down a ruling and defines the penalty. You might want to brush up on international business. Thursday, May 12, 5 years that says it all.

Wednesday, May 11, - Re: Rockwell pays penalty, forfeits profits in SEC settlement: This "violation" was in Why 5 years before it's announcement? The only ethics I can surmise is that the issue was left untouched until a point was reached where it had to be admitted in case it was found out in a more official capacity whereupon the penalties would have been much larger.

RA plays it clever once more? Wednesday, May 11, A company with ethics? Give me a break - they break the law and because they self-report they have ethics? I think you need to take a class on ethics. Monday, May 9, Big difference between Siemens and Rockwell is scope of penalty and integrity breach. RAs was isolated to China, the appropriate people were fired and fines levied. Rockwell is still thought of as a company with ethics.

Thursday, May 5, Leaders won't issue a statement because that means they would have to admit fault. It ain't gonna happen. He has always made the statement that this is one of the key differentiators between RA and Siemens, yet we find he also is fined for supposed wrongdoing.

This negates his whole argument about the violations being greater by Siemens. The big difference with Siemens is that they acknowledged there was a serious problem and heads rolled. At RA the same senior leadership is in position doing the same jobs as at the time of the alleged incident in So we are at a time when the stumbling at RA are becoming too many, too often.

Will anyone ever have the strength to change the top? The shareholders are obviously voting, even though some commentators think they have jumped the gun. We know our leaders read this column, so I wonder if they will issue a statement. Then we can wisely vote on our ks. Tuesday, May 3, From the Emerson blog, I couldn't have said it any better myself: Ego leads to the ultimate destruction of empires. This piece says it all.

Monday, May 2, Can anyone out there give me the elevator speech of the value of integrated architecture? What is the value of RA versus B and R? I am sure there are valid reasons but I am failing to grasp them.

Wednesday, April 27, Having had time to digest the earnings call and the public charts shown on the RA website my conclusion is in line with previous posters.

pony meet katowice 2013 ford

Growth year-on-year is broadly in line with competitors and increase in margin is one off gains in cost cutting, but is probably unsustainable. Worrying is the A and S margin decline sequentially on higher volume.

pony meet katowice 2013 ford

So I guess the posts about the effect of leadership change could be true. So when your flagship is ailing and you are slowing in the fastest economy you need to heed the warning. Take cover; these guys dont know how to grow and so the solution will be else where. Wednesday, April 27, It was an analyst call true to form, lacked confidence, lacked drive and showed yet again the parochial limitations of the senior leadership at Rockwell.

The stock plunging and again catching out those who thought they were in safe hands. Of course Keith and his merry men sold out weeks ago. Thinks valuations are high,look at ROK, and he intimates that he sees those valuations easing. ROK also report today and all ears will be on comparison to competitors and long term outlook. My feeling is RA is running out of organic and margin growth and the bull run is over, with sharp correction in valuation in Q3 or Q4.

Question will be if the value becomes attractive for predator, which is unlikely considering the pot louden of businesses in RA with no successful linkage.

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As a side note, look at the share sales of RA execs that are at the end of their career. Not a sign of confidence as we go forward.

Bob Ruff's visit here was courteous enough, but had no element of reassurance,no element of belief and no element of growth that previous regimes bestowed on us. Even the distributor meeting was below par as we saw RA going into a multi year holding pattern until a new president of Asia is appointed. All because Senior leadership in Milwaukee had their heads in the sand and wouldn't fight to keep the passion and belief we used to have.

Now we are content with spreadsheets, ratios and how do you do more with less. However colleagues, do not worry, with South Pacific in growth mode elsewhere we can all get new and exciting jobs and you will know who I am when I announce my leaving. Have faith and follow. At least, if senior management read this you will get a pay raise. Enjoy the holiday my colleagues and friends. Thursday, April 21, The downward spiral continues. Product development has slowed, market share lost and we are nearly dead in the water.

Whilst we take on water and begin to list, management can be trusted to rearrange the deck chairs. Wednesday, April 20, It is amazing that Twinsburg employees are complaining about overtime when so many of us were let go. I would gladly take your place to have my seniorty and vacation back.

You don't know how good you do have it. In all my years at Twinsburg, I know that the same people complaining about the overtime are the first people to complain when there is none. If you are so unhappy then leave and give someone else a chance that does need "just a job" right now. Tuesday, April 19, RockwellAutomation is really dying its own death.

No big aquisition in recent years, no big innovative ideas, even after selling a brand like Reliance Electric. It's losing its market very fast. Wwhere were we years ago, and where are we now? But its not really a job fair, its a blitz to quickly bring in more contract temps they have already been scraping the bottom of the NE Ohio barrel for the past 5 or 6 years.

This is needed because the permanent employees are tired of the constant manadatory overtime. So be prepared to work your life away. There is no career here, just a job. So if you absolutely have to have a job with no good expectations except experience - take a job there.

Unwarranted extreme negativity and language not published. Thursday, April 7, Now all the readers have had an ability to state why they are better than senior leadership who have doubled the stock this year and increased dividend. What more do people want? Even the socialist organizations in the municipalityies lay off more than Rockwell. So, be content and let's make a better product before it's too late.

From my view, its already too late.

pony meet katowice 2013 ford

No innovation, no risk, no go-getters left. And so the real advice is sell, and look for a company that will win - to work for Eaton, Schneider, GE or even Siemens. It's not if, but when. Tuesday, April 5, Darwin didn't get it right! Just wondering how long it will take before folks "Get It" that there are no big things going on in Mayfield Hts except for new Kids at the top. Soon the Darwin folks can go down to the shore and wait for new products to be created from the sand The Mayfield Hts and Cheeseland products and those who design them will be gone.

But then again, some people resent that Darwin got it right. Survival of the fittest It is the best and perhaps only solution to insuring Rockwell's continued success. Left to the laggards and slackers it would close quickly. Wednesday, March 30, It's amazing how RA employees, including the senior leaders, are so parochial and small minded.

Whilst the argument on this blog discuss actions at a fairly irrelevant manufacturing site, Schneider acquires another energy service company and GE Energy acquire a major drives company, catapulting them into a position way ahead of Rockwell in the industrial space.

Reality is that we at Rockwell are withering and dying. We should hope someone will buy us that has vision, hope and is brave enough to drive for leadership. I have no doubts that the discussion within RA will be small minded and tactical.

Do you think the CEO has ever heard of the companies acquired this week? Tuesday, March 29, - To: So, you took half baked information and made a case for quality. Then you threatened that if quality does not improve, jobs should be outsourced and offshored. If this is your concept of effective, informed and aware leadership, you seem to be more of the problem. You have effectively caused a morale issue that was unnecessary, when a little honesty and thought could have been better tactic.

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