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reviews of Barbell Brigade "I am no stranger to gyms over the decades and “4 deadlift platforms, a competition bench, and multiple squat racks (I didn't count, . -Common Accessory machines with Powerlifting machines like the Pit Shark, .. After following the brand and the owners, Bart and Geo, I couldn't pass up. I competed in the Barbell Brigade Open over the weekend. Lord Eliot ran a great meet and I had a meet PR in every lift. Having not been on a. I had the chance to visit Barbell Brigade in L.A. Barbell Brigade is pretty Now I' ve been following owners Bart Kwan and Geo Antoinette What was even better was, I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with them and even meet and bring you a premier powerlifting gym which feels like home.

My first meet I squatted benched and deadlifted Name me one assistance exercise that you swear by for the Squat, Bench and Deadlift 1 for each. Squat — Paused below parallel Bench — db incline press Deadlift — stiff leg pulls Can you give me a quick cue for trainees to engage their lats during the squat? Tuck the elbows under the bar and actively pull the bar into your back How much could you currently OHP and how many vertical pressing variations do you usually incorporate in your programs on average?

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Usually I do seated military once a week and switch between Dumbbells and barbells. Conversation I had with my coach who felt that it translates better to bench that standing OHP.

Seems to be paying off for me. Do you ever include any rack pulls into your training and if you do then do find that they have any carryover to your deadlift? What do you do for direct grip work and do you like farmers walks? Keeping my head down. I have a tendency to lift my head up and it was pointed out to me by one of the best benchers in the world that I could be loosing tightness in my back. No matter how wide-shouldered you are, there is a lot of bar to your right and to your left when you unrack it.

That means that the athlete-barbell-system ABS is basically a "T", or a pole thanks to our complete bipedalism with a cylinder on the top of it, the cylinder being longer than the axis. This is a nice structure to provide wide bar sleeve travel around the axis, creating disaster. You are the axis, so you want to avoid that.

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What does a judge see? People unracking the bar on a quasi-sumo stance basically their final start position so that no matter how hard they try, some hip rotation is going to happen. The side judges see that bar waving around. It can be scary.

It is clear that the person measured the rack height while standing with parallel feet, but as they unracked the bar with a wider stance, it turned out to be too high. Sometimes this is so exaggerated that the opposite happens: Sometimes the instability is not as pronounced as to justify a re-rack command, especially if the head judge has already understood that Stevenson is very anxious and has little control of the bar.

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How do you avoid a walk-back disaster? Optimize your axis role in the ABS by unracking the bar with feet as aligned to your shoulders as possible Tighten up your hips and brace yourself to minimize hip rotation. Take as few steps as you can. Tall people manage even two steps, which are slightly emphasis on slightly diagonal so that the final stance is your preferred squat stance.

Shorter people take three or four steps. The three-step strategy widens the stance at each step. The four-step strategy is usually a walk back with parallel feet and a two-step stance widening. I personally dislike this last one, but some experienced lifters do that. A competitive lift is supposed to be close to your maximum effort load. The last thing you want to do is lose control of the descending or eccentric phase. It also ensures that the bar will accelerate down at 9.

What do judges see? Many, if not most, novice lifters allow the bar to decide what to do; they just drop along.


Hips and knees alternate back and forth until either the excruciating upward motion is completed or it just fails. During this clumsy process, sometimes the bar goes down and, as you know if you are a powerlifter, any downward movement of the bar while ascending gets a red light. Listen to the commands! Control the bar on your way down until you feel you reached the accepted depth. This is not a paused squat. Immediately start the upward motion, making use of whatever elastic energy you have. Again, stability is the mother of strength.

Keep it under control until you reach the final position, with locked knees and hips. USPA judge Jeffrey Winkler finding a position for the best view of the squat from his right-side place. Sign up for the Latest News and Offers Subscribe. Visit our booth at the event, or our website at www. It helps you lock to the bench during presses and grips the bar across your back during squats. Perfect for slippery commercial benches and bars with poor knurling.

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