Skills needed for level 5 gymnastics meet

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skills needed for level 5 gymnastics meet

Personally, I just love attending her gymnastics meets, as well as her . Here is a summary of requirements for a Level 5 bars routine for girls. Level 5 Gymnastics skill requirements on each of the four gymnastic events- vault , bars, beam and floor plus .. Here is our Cheerleading Competition Checklist!. The Level 5 boys compete in a full meet schedule of meets beginning in Skills to know. Floor. Handstand Forward roll; Round off back handspring; Front.

Levels 6, 7, 8, and 9 have difficulty restrictions, while Level 10 has no restrictions in the skill choice. Composition is evaluated at Levels 8, 9, and Refer to the Jr. Olympic Code of Points for a complete explanation of Level rules. Additional competitive opportunities are provided for Levelswith the Level 10 competitive season culminating at the Jr. A non-competitive educational Jr. Olympic Dance Workout Program Workouts is also available to provide proper dance training for gymnastics.

Each state has the jurisdiction to determine its state calendar, according to the needs of its members. Age Requirements and Mobility Scores In the spirit of good sportsmanship, fairness to all athletes and competitive balance, the mobility system within the Jr.

Olympic Program should be followed in the manner that it was intended: Before moving up a level, every athlete should show proficiency at her current level. Once a high level of proficiency is achieved at the athlete's current level, she should strive to move up to the next level, as long as it is done safely.

For athletes to repeat a level with the intent to gain an advantage over other competitors or teams IS NOT in the spirit of the Jr. Olympic Program or youth sports in general. No mandate scores are permitted at any level. Age Determination and Regulations All gymnasts must reach the minimum age for the level before competing in any USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition see chart below.

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Level 3 State meet date is Dec. She is ineligible to compete in the qualifying meet, and therefore does not have the opportunity to qualify to the Level 3 State Championships that season.

For invitationals and qualifying meets below the State Championships, the Meet Director may determine the age divisions and must publish such information in the pre-meet information.

For all meets under the jurisdiction of the State or Regional Administrative Committees, the respective committee may determine the method of determining age divisions. There are basically two options: Age groups for the season: At Level 9 or 10 State meet and below, age divisions may be combined if the number of athletes is small. The gymnast's age for the competitive season is determined by the date of the final day of competition at the culminating championship meet for that level.

The gymnast must have reached the minimum age for her level prior to entering any qualifying competition. Gymnasts at these early levels will develop a familiarity with the four Olympic events in which girls compete: In gymnastics levelsall athletes learn and perform the same skills at gymnastics meets. The routines are called compulsory, in that the gymnasts are directly compared against each other as they execute a pre-choreographed series of skills; on the floor exercise the same music is used for each competitor.

The minimum age for competition for level 4 is 6 years of age. For levels 5 and 6, you must be 7 years old to compete.

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From level 4 through 6, you will see similar skills, but they build on each other with respect to difficulty. As a gymnast moves through the compulsory gymnastics levels, the routines will look much the same, but - for example - level 4 requires a round-off back handspring, while level 5 requires a round-off back handspring series 2 back handsprings.

Level 6 requires a round-off with 2 back handsprings and a back flip. Levels 7 and above are optional competitions.

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Gymnasts choreograph their own routines on each of the events. However, the skills performed on each of the four events must meet optional rules established by the Federation of International Gymnastics FIG.

Rules pertain to compositions, degree of difficulty and execution which correlates to scoring. For level 7, the minimum age for competition is 7; for levels 8 and 9, the age is 8.

Level 10 gymnasts must be at least 9 years old. It is generally the highest level in many gyms and is considered to be a pre-elite level.

My daughter has one Level 10 gymnast at her gym, and two Level 9s. Beyond Level 10, there is Level 11, which consists national and international competitions. Child National Elite years old and Junior National Elite years old compete through skill testing and optional routines.

For those amazing athletes at Junior International Elite years oldthey compete optional routines. Senior International Elite compete at the Olympics and World Championship if they are chosen for the teams.

Teams march in prior to the start of a Level 5 gymnastics meet Source Team stretching before a meet Source Level 5 Vault The level 5 vault in girls gymnastics is a front handspring. After being called by the judges, the athlete salutes, then runs down a run way, hurdles and jumps onto a springboard, up to a handstand from which they "pop" their shoulders and land onto the mat on the other side.

Scores are awarded on a scale of Every gymnast starts with a 10 and the judges take deductions from 10 to arrive at a final score. The USAG allows 2 vaults at each competition. The highest score of the two vaults performed counts there is no averaging. If a gymnast touches the springboard or the vault without going over, a score of zero will be given - for that vault.

skills needed for level 5 gymnastics meet

Points are deducted for poor form including bent legs, legs apart, body rotated, toes not pointed, sluggish execution and failure to stick the landing. Here is a summary of items judged at competitions in Level 5 Vault: From the spring board to the vault.

The gymnast's arms must swing forward until the shoulders are extended and open.

skills needed for level 5 gymnastics meet

Head must remain neutral, while the body is tight and straight no pike position. A close-to-vertical position is optimal. The gymnast must block pop their shoulders against the vault without bending arms. Much the same as pre-flight with tight, straight body position. Land and stick without stepping out. The routine requires gymnasts to execute two glide kips - one onto the low bar and other up to the high bar.

It also requires a cast to squat-on on the low-bar, jump to high bar and both front and back hip circles.

skills needed for level 5 gymnastics meet

Once again, the gymnast starts with a total possible score of Deductions are taken for elements that are not properly executed until a final score is reached at the end. Again, the gymnast waits her turn until called by the judges. She will salute the judges and then begin the routine. At the conclusion, she will salute again, and then leave the mat. Here is a summary of requirements for a Level 5 bars routine for girls gymnastics: The gymnast must take off of both feet at the same time.

Maintain a straight, tight body position with straight arms while going around forward around the uneven bars and finishing in the same position CAST: Immediately following the front hip circle, the athlete must cast from the bar and reach a horizontal height straight from shoulders to feet.

skills needed for level 5 gymnastics meet

Tight body and straight arms are a must. From a second cast, place both feet on the low bar at the same time and balance so that you can execute the next skill - jump to high bar if you fall off the bars here, it is a.

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Maintain tight, straight line swinging twice first to 30 degrees below height of high bar and second to 15 degrees below ; Tap swing is scored by ensuring that gymnasts' feet reach the height of the high bar DISMOUNT: After reaching at least 45 degree angle below the high bar, half turn and re-grasp the high bar then drop to the mat and stick landing.

Just 4 inches wide and standing 4 feet above the ground, athletes tumble, pose, turn and leap on the beam. The mount and dismount also count towards the final score.