Sports meet closing ceremony speech for seminar

Closing Ceremony - Chairman's Speech | IIGA

sports meet closing ceremony speech for seminar

They have played an orientation game and some other sports. While they were performing these activities, the teachers joined in the workshop, where we. Opening and Closing Ceremony Speeches from President Shieu-ming Chou, D.S.N. for the 35th Sports Day of Wenzao Ursuline University of. Chairperson's Closing Speech on a Sports Event Respected., teachers, students and guests. The fun filled sports week (or name of the event) comes to a.

I think you're familiar with. So, this is the synopsis and we are glad to invite, a research engineer from the Natural Language Processing Department of Institute for Infocomm Research, Mr. Tan Zongying to come on the stage. Piano is considered the staple of the western classical repertoire. And today we have also invited another musical instruments. I mean for the people who are from Asia you would know Erhu which is the violin of the East.

Sports day and closing ceremony | Tecnos International

And that is very popular existing almost in all Chinese operas. In the composed music you can hear the sound of Erhu.

Today we are very glad to have invited intern student from the School of Computer Engineering Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. Actually he's my student, Mr. Lei Wenqiang please come to the stage.

Wenqiang and Zongying they are very dedicated members of our community. They spent their past a few they're going to present a duet. Erhu is having a dialogue with the piano. This is a very famous piece of music. It's composed by a Japanese composer Yukiko Isomura. And the title is Street Where Wind Resides. Singapore is a place where the East meets West so not only in speech and language, it's also in music.

Next we will go to proper program. So, we start with the President's address. So, I'm not sure how it feels to you but I feel that I've just stepped up here to do the opening ceremony together with Haizhou.

sports meet closing ceremony speech for seminar

So, I feel that the conference really was over in a blink. To my taste it could last another four days but I'm not sure how excited Haizhou would be about that one.

And for this purpose I would like to ask Alan Black, our board member for grants and awards, and also later on Martin Cook, our board member for publications, to come up to the stage to announce the winners of the paper awards. This is always a good part of the being on the ISCA board, not that the other things are not good.

Closing Remarks

You should all consider being on the board at some point. But this is where we get the opportunity to recognize young members of the community who are producing excellent work and what actually happens for the best students.

Paper award is the area chairs and program committee actually make recommendations and we put together shortlist. In this case twelve papers. And then during the conference various people are going and listening to the presentations so we take that into account, where we actually been selecting the best papers.

Now, of these twelve we select three as the best papers and I'd like here to announce three best papers from different areas within our field, so that's good. And I believe students are actually here.

For the first paper. She's actually not here but I can actually see her on Skype. She's sitting in the front row. And I'd like to ask her??

Closing Ceremony - Chairman's Speech

And for the third paper Zoltan Tuske and Pavel Golik. If you're here please come up. There are two best paper awards and these are selected by the respective editorial boards of Computer Speech and Language, and Speech Communication independently. As the best paper published in the preceding three years, so the awards are gonna be for the period andat least in the case of Speech Communication.

Now, neither of these authors are here unfortunatelly. I have communicated my They are delighted of course. I don't have them, at the moment, on the laptop anywhere unfortunatelly to congratulate them. But next year I think I'll do that. And so, I must. Okay and now for Computer Speech and Language.

Sports day and closing ceremony

The editors of Computer Speech and Language have asked me to point out this award is not just a lovely piece of paper but also carries a financial reward of a thousand euros, so anybody who's got an excellent paper and wishes to gain that award, then you're encouraged to submit it to Computer Speech and Language. Preferably though with perhaps few of them too?? So, it gives me great pleasure in announcing for Computer Speech and Language the paper by Dan Povey et al.

I believe that three or four of these authors are around.

sports meet closing ceremony speech for seminar

Dan isn't unfortunatelly but if you see your name on that list, so half the room perhaps, come to the front to receive the reward. Configurations to all authors and thank you Martin and Alan for presenting the awards. Now, as you know there will be. So, what would I like to do now is to present to you the next Interspeech events. They will be represented by the chairs of the conferences and we'll start from the one which is the furthest away, that is Interspeech in Stockholm.

And move our way towards So, the Interspeech The conference will be on this base at the university campus which is in a Stockholm's Echo park, national city park, but it's only ten minutes away from the city. And we will have our. And we have plenty of space for social activities and the congress reception and the auditorium, This auditory takes twelve hundred seats for plenary sessions. By the way this is the place where the nobel prize laureates in physics and chemistry give their lectures in december.

So in they will have something to live up to after Interspeech in summer. And this is Stockholm and we welcome you to Stockholm. And by the way this boat is not regular boat.

And does not have enough space for all of you in there, so if you want to live in this nice boat in the middle of the city you have to take a note of the date and book it now. And you can also come to San Franciso a year earlier.

sports meet closing ceremony speech for seminar

When you come visitors after a long line of visitors going back to the Gold Rush in the 's and hundred years later. It's a lovely place. At this conference, the representatives of South Africa invited the sponsors and all those who attended to come to this beautiful and important country. The planning of a conference is paved with difficulties.

sports meet closing ceremony speech for seminar

This especially so if most of the work is done in a place that is 11 hours flying time from the venue, and also 6 hours flying time from the sponsors. With the advent of time, changes took place, and we were very glad that the organizers located Professor J F Prinsloo of the University of the North as the Chairman of the Organizing Committee. In the last few weeks, we were very fortunate to meet Professors Casey and Jacobs and also Mrs.

Steenkamp of the University of Pretoria along with Natasha Harris of the University of the North who helped us significantly to make this a reality. On behalf of the sponsors, the International Nature Farming Research Center, it is with humility that I thank all of these people.

sports meet closing ceremony speech for seminar

You have defeated some of them and you have lost against others. Thats how sport works. Your weakest competitor is your best friend because he or she will make you stronger. Thanks to the competition you will grow.

Please take this last opportunity today and say hi to someone you never talked with before. That will make both of you stronger and in due time friends. The NatWest Island Games in Jersey has reach the end and we are grateful for the time we have all spent together.

You have competed, you have laughed, you have cried, you have suffered and you have cheered.