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transformers prime meet arcee autobot

Arcee sees Optimus Prime as a great leader and friend, even stating to . The two were together during Jack's initial meeting with the Autobots and fought. After the repelling the Decepticon attack on the Ark, Optimus Prime . Cliffjumper met Arcee again when he was taken on board the Nemesis. Jack spills all about the Autobots, but when Arcee refuses to they go to the Autobot base so she can meet the rest of the Autobots. . Optimus Prime, Ratchet , Bulkhead, Raf, and Miko all cameo at the end, but have no lines.

This is not just established by Exodus and the War for Cybertron games, but was also part of the live-action film series canon and IDW Publishing 's earlier Generation 1 comics.

The image of Cybertron from space that appears during Optimus's exposition reuses the model from War for Cybertron. In this series, Energon is represented as a naturally growing blue crystal.

transformers prime meet arcee autobot

This is not the first time it has been represented in this way. Jack's statement "The first rule of robot fight club is that you don't talk about robot fight club" is a reference to, well, Fight Club.

transformers prime meet arcee autobot

Miko's cellphone ringtone is a section of the sample tune " Motocross " from the iMovie library, which was recorded in early at Abbey Road Studios. Errors When Ratchet attempts to scan for Cliffjumper's life signal, only five Autobots are shown on his screen, despite there being a total of six Autobots in the range of his scan including the soon-to-be-dead Cliffjumper. This might be explained as being because Ratchet's own life signal doesn't appear on his own scanner.

transformers prime meet arcee autobot

After Arcee initially drops off Jack in a side-street and threatens him against telling anyone, and then starts to move off, the Vehicons are shown to very quickly speed up to and pass the position she had been; one of them would have even had to double-back.

However, in her rear view mirrors, they're shown still approaching, and one of them simply splits off. During the scene where Arcee attempts to talk to Jack in the alleyway, her rear end clips a bin. They jump into a web-shrouded ravine, but the three soldiers are snatched from the ground and stuck on one of the webs by Airachnid.

Silas takes a shot at her, but is promptly thrown against a rock wall and webbed there. Jack arrives home with Arcee, to find his mother mad that he's been breaking curfew and neglecting his job and schoolwork.

She believes he may have been racing his motorcycle and grounds him for the next few weeks—with no motorcycle use. Arcee says she'll miss Jack during that time, but he points out that if she doesn't stay in the garage, his mom will think he's breaking her rules. Arcee promises she'll try to be back in the garage before his mom gets home each night.

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This must be some form of abuse, surely. The next day, as Jack's leaving KO Burgerhe gets a call from his mother, who is on her way home early to make dinner for him. He frantically contacts Arcee, who's with Bumblebee in the middle of a fight with some Vehicons.

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Arcee leaves Bumblebee to it and bridges out. June arrives home to find the garage empty, and she blows up at Jack as he arrives on his bicycle. Arcee bridges into the garage behind her, but this merely results in June thinking one of Jack's friends snuck the motorcycle in. Jack spills all about the Autobots, but when Arcee refuses to transform, Jack's mom asks if he's been hanging out with a science fiction club. Meanwhile, Prime, Arcee and Bumblebee arrive at the dock where the Red Energon's been moved, and discover Starscream is already there.


He reports back to base what's happening, and Smokescreen wants to go help, but is overruled by Ratchet.

Having dealt with Optimus, Starscream climbs up the crane after Arcee and Bumblebee. At base, Bulkhead urges Ratchet to let him go help, but Ratchet ignores him until they realize Smokescreen is missing.

Ratchet finds him in the storeroom looking at the phase shifter. Meanwhile, Starscream reaches Arcee, only for Optimus to punch him right off the crane. Starscream tries to grab some of the Red Energon on the way down, breaking off a chunk. As Optimus starts hauling up the basket with the energon in it, Starscream grabs the bottom of the crane and tips it. He's interrupted by the arrival of Smokescreen through the GroundBridge.

Using the phase shifter, the new Autobot kicks Starscream right out of the Apex Armor. While Smokescreen stands triumphant, Starscream fires off a missile at the crane, the ensuing explosion destroying the Red Energon meteor.

Though the Autobots atop it survive, Starscream gets away with a chunk of Red Energon he broke off.