When extremes meet full episode

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when extremes meet full episode

When Extremes Meet Poster. Korra faces off with Councilman Episode cast overview: Janet Varney. Runtime: 24 min. See full technical specs». Edit. "When Extremes Meet" is the eighth episode of The Legend of Korra, which aired able to stop Korra from firebending at him despite the absence of a full moon. When Extremes Meet / 2 Jun PM PDT By Max Nicholson Note: Full spoilers for the episode follow. While the Equalists grow ever stronger in the.

One has to admit despite being a sleazy politician, Tarrlok's a really good fighter and an extremely skilled waterbender. Probably half the reason he has a fountain in his office is to defend himself against attacks. Korra says she is the Avatar and Tarrlok needs her in the Badass Boast fashion, but he quickly comments on her difficulty airbending. Korra later asks him during their fight after she gains the upper hand if she's still a half-baked Avatar.

Cue Tarrlok using his bloodbending. Korra presses Tarrlok's when she compares him to Amon for his actions taken concerning maintaining peace, while Tarrlok presses Korra's by arresting her friends as a bargaining chip then attacking her when it fails. Bloodbendingwhich is seen as this by most waterbenders, makes a return. Korra after Tarrlok defeats her. Though he nearly got his eyebrows singed for forgetting the "gag" bit when Korra spits some fire at him in her thrashing.

The episode brings back the bloodbending from the original series. Tarrlok's first attack causes this for Korra. The wall fountain in Tarrlok's office incorporates a design of two koi in a yin-yang configuration, referencing the original incarnations of the ocean and moon spirits from the first series. Asami drives yet another one of these this episode. Korra has this in angst to the airbending block before her.

Does This Remind You of Anything? Tarrlok and the police rounding up all non-benders who don't go in for curfew And the non-benders only came out because Tarrlok had their power shut off for some reason.

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Anyone suspected of helping the Equalist terrorists, or of even being the same "type" as them ie. Do we really need to spell this one out? While From a Certain Point of View the metal-benders and Tarrlok do have the ability to arrest Asami for being out after curfew, Mako and Bolin are arrested after Mako says "You can't do that" to Tarrlok having her arrested. Even worse than last episode. Asami, Bolin, Mako, and many other innocent people are in prison, and not even Tenzin can bail them out, and Korra's been sent somewhere, with Tarrlok saying she'll never see Republic City again.

when extremes meet full episode

Tarrlok imposes a curfew on all non-benders. And then goads a neighborhood full of nonbenders into breaking it by cutting off their electrical power. Korra discusses her visions with Tenzin at the beginning, though he says he's not sure what they mean just yet.

She then has another one of these but it's more intense than the previous ones and reveals that Tarrlok may have something to do with Yakone. From the Mouths of Babes: Ikki pulls this on Korra.

She reveals Korra's crush on Mako to Asami, who was unaware of the crush beforehand. Ikki also likes to comment on stuff that isn't appropriate.

  • The Legend of Korra S1 Ep8 – When Extremes Meet
  • The Legend of Korra S01E08 - When Extremes Meet

Giving Someone the Pointer Finger: As seen in the page image. Korra gouges out a landing crater in the council chamber as a show of force to Tarrlok. Asami does this a second time.

when extremes meet full episode

It seems that by the end of the episode, Korra has defeated Tarrlok. Then he reveals his Bloodbending ability I Have Your Wife: Tarrlok uses the fact he has Korra's friends in custody to blackmail Korra into serving him, but it backfires. I Am Not Left-Handed: Tarrlok reveals to Korra that he is a bloodbender. Jerkass Has a Point: He mocks Korra for not doing much in her airbending training, which is entirely true.

That is, until he locks Korra in the metal box, with the intention of kick her out of the Republic City. Most everything Tarrlok does in this episode. In order—tries to get Korra back on his task-force, imposes a curfew on all non-benders, shuts off many non-benders' homes' power at night and arrests them when they gather to protest, arrests Asami, then Mako and Bolin when Korra tries to help the non-benders, attacks Korra when she tells him he's no better than Amon, uses bloodbending to subdue her when she wins, and finally locks her in a car headed far away, saying she'll never see the city again.

That's a lot for an implied 48 hours.

when extremes meet full episode

Tarrlok briefly gains the upper hand against Korra when he shields himself with a water bubble being fed from the wall fountain. When someone knocks on the door, Korra assumes it is Ikki and yells at her to leave only to grow visibly embarrassed when Tenzin enters. Tenzin greets them and does not take offense from Korra's actions. He informs her that a new police chief will be inducted, an event they should attend. Saikhan is inducted as the new Chief of Police. He announces that all information concerning the Equalists and their revolt will be directly passed down to Councilman Tarrlokwhich angers both Tenzin and Korra.

Korra and Tenzin confront Tarrlok during which the Councilman expresses his excitement and wish for Korra to rejoin his task force with the pro-bending season now over. Korra, however, rejects his request, telling him that Tenzin had been right about him all along and further emphasizes that she does not need his help, since she is the Avatar.

Unfazed, Tarrlok denounces her statement, noting that she is merely a "half-baked Avatar in training" who cannot even airbend, asking both rhetorically and mockingly if she has made significant progress with her training. Korra reacts with dejection to these words, believing herself to be a failure. A smug Tarrlok leaves and warns Korra to stay out of his affairs if she does not return to his task force.

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As she and Tenzin leave the ceremony on OogiTenzin's sky bisonKorra asks her instructor why she cannot airbend, despite having memorized most of the forms.

When he annoys her by telling her that she merely has to work through her block, Tenzin clarifies that Aang not only had his bending teachers but also the guidance of the past Avatars. However, Korra laments that she is a "spiritual failure" as well, as she has never managed to contact her past lives. When Tenzin points out that the connection may have been subtle, Korra admits to having had hallucinations of Aang, which she is advised to meditate on.

The Avatar confesses to her friends that she feels alone and believes herself to be "the worst Avatar ever". They encourage her by reminding her that Aang had not mastered all four elements while he was battling the Fire Nation and that he had the support of his friends.

Meelo interrupted by jumping down and passing gas on their hands much to their disgust and horror. He enthusiastically agreed with them, although he had no idea what they are doing, making them all laugh. Who needs polar bear dogs when you've got wheels like that?

When Extremes Meet

It was also cool getting to see the Metalbending Police Force do some actual earthbending. I was beginning to wonder if they could even do it at all. The way they handled that non-bender rally was pretty choice.

But even more epic was Korra's face-off with Tarrlock afterwards. Korra kicked some serious butt! But perhaps the most jaw-dropping moment was when we got to see Tarrlock bloodbending Who knew the guy had it in him? It'll be interesting to see if they address how he learned that in a future episode.