Where to meet hannibal in fallout 3

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where to meet hannibal in fallout 3

Anyway, I cleared it out, and told Hannibal back at their place. He said he would meet me at the Memorial now. So, I've gone there and he's not. For Fallout 3 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Answers question titled During the Head of the State quest, you'll get the objective:Meet Hannibal at the. 1 The Memorial Poster; 2 Regulator Duster; 3 killing the slavers at on the lincoln memorial; 4 Group turned around and went back to the HQ; 5 Meet Hannibal.

where to meet hannibal in fallout 3

This will still leave 4 enemies inside at the top of the monument I think there are 4 enemies outside. Once the outside 4 are dead do not disarm any mines around the back of the monument, do not go inside to fight the other 4.

Head back to metro NW and wait 1 day and Hannibal and party should show up. Talk to him and have everyone attack. This bypass's the buggy "wait here until I clear the monument area" dialogue option which sometimes doesn't even show up and everyone goes to the monument to attack.

Simply run ahead of everyone and kill the other 4 enemies in the top of the monument area before the slaves arrive. You don't want any of them actually dying do we.

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Once those 4 are dead then the mission is finished. Sad that you have to work around this new bug but hey, bugs happen. Talk to him and everyone attack then go kill the other 4 enemies. I just did this in my current playthrough so I had a chance to experiement around with the options and what was working and what didn't work currently.

Head of State

This seems to be the easiest and best way to finish this mission without running into the various bugs now associated with it. Your objective can be found in the southern room, near the stairs leading to the upper floor. Look at my screen if you're having some difficulties finding the painting. Take Lincoln Memorial poster and go back to the Temple of the Union.

He will now direct you to Lincoln Memorial. Once you've reached your current destination, try getting closer to the monument and you're going to be stopped by Silas.

I wouldn't recommend attacking him nor his colleagues, because you will be given an opportunity to choose an ending for this quest. Follow Silas to the back room, marked as Memorial maintenance room.

You'll meet Leroy Walker here who is the leader of the slavers.

Meet hannibal at the memorial?

Talk to him and decide what is your next decision going to be. If you plan on lowering your karma you'll want to join the slavers. This means you'll have to tell Leroy where Temple of the Union is located screen. It was important that you visited this area in the past, so you won't have to lose time searching for it now.

You can also mention that you've found artifact or artifacts tied to Abe Lincoln. Hand him over the action figurine found in the Museum of History, as well as other objects you may have collected. You must now travel to the Temple of the Union in order to help the slavers to get rid of Hannibal and his friends. Obviously you shouldn't waste your time trying to go there on foot.

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Instead, fast travel to the temple and wait a few hours or even a day if Leroy and his crew didn't show up. Join the fight, but let Leroy kill Hannibal and he'll reward you with bottle caps. If you plan on raising your karma you must help Hannibal and his friends to secure the memorial by getting rid of the slavers.

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You'll have to secure the entire area before you'll be allowed to go back to the temple. I wouldn't recommend choosing main stairs to the building, because they're well guarded. Instead, circle the structure and look for larger boulders screen. Be careful while trying to get on top of them, because there may be traps landmines out there.

where to meet hannibal in fallout 3

Use your primary weapons to get rid of all slavers. It shouldn't be a problem, as long as you don't fight more of them at the same time. Wait for a confirmation and go back to the Temple of the Union.

where to meet hannibal in fallout 3

You must inform Hannibal about two things - that there weren't any supermutants in the area and that you've been able to kill all slavers. Hannibal will ask you to meet him near the memorial. Wait one day and go there, but instead of travelling to Lincoln Memorial choose a nearby subway station from your list - Mall northwest metro station.