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The greatest day in history,. F2. Death is beaten, You have rescued me. Am7 F 2. Free at last, meeting face to face. Am7. I am Yours, Jesus, You are. F2. mine. Great Is The Darkness Lyrics, sheet music and chords Noel Richards {Verse 2} May now Your church rise with power and love, This glorious gospel proclaim. Our great commission complete, Then face to face we shall meet. Brazil, British Antarctic Territory, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Brunei. Alexandra Burke - Say We'll Meet Again (Letra e música para ouvir) - They tell me that you're leaving / That you might slip Where the ocean meets the stars.

I'm lost without you I'm desperate for you The main problem with this song, which is why I do not recommend it for worship music, is that it tends to portray God in a pantheistic way. The authors may or may not have intended it this way and the lyrics can be taken figuratively, but this song sung over and over again brainwashes people into thinking that God is in everything.

Therefore if the air that you breath is God, then logically since everyone breaths air they must be part of God. These types of ideas are all leading to a false world religion under the antichrist. Smith, who popularized this song, is himself working with Third Wavers and does concerts in their churches, on TBN, etc.

Benny Hinn demonstrated this idea of God being in breath when he was famously filmed blowing on people and even on himself to slay them in the spirit. Smith would have been aware of this idea when he picked up this song to perform it. Many Christians who have sung this song assume it is speaking figuratively about Jesus meaning everything to them. Another problem I have with this song is the assertion of a "believer" like Smith that he is "desperate" for God.

It can sound like he really wants "more" of God or like he has perhaps not really connected with Jesus Christ. Yet he states that this experience is his "daily bread" without mentioning the Scripture.

The Bible is our bread, not breathing in air. You don't get your "word" out of the air or an experience Those who believe that they can get truth through somehow breathing in the Holy Spirit will be desperate for real truth and will end up feeling very lost unless they allow the indwelling Spirit to teach them through the Scriptures. The reason for the one star rating is the repetition of the worst lyric in this song.

Build Your Kingdom Here Lyrics available here. This is a good example of how an otherwise good topic can be misapplied and misunderstood by those singing this type of song.

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God is in the process of establishing His Kingdom now in the reborn spirits of men who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. He will not establish His physical Kingdom on earth till Christ returns.

He will not "heal our streets and lands" until the Millennial Kingdom. Right now we are to preach the Gospel whereby the Holy Spirit changes people who commit to Jesus Christ from the inside out. The "atmosphere" of the world will not be changed until the Millennial Kingdom because right now it is under the dominion of the evil one. The Holy Spirit does not "invade" people, and if they are being forcably "invaded" it is another spirit. These ideas are misapplications of the Song of Solomon.

Thus we have, in direct order, Christ about to come, and the cry for the advent; Christ finishing His work on earth, and the last supper; Christ ascended, and the call of the Gentiles. The interpretation is twofold: Primarily, the book is the expression of pure marital love as ordained of God in creation, and the vindication of that love as against both asceticism and lust: The secondary and larger interpretation is of Christ, the Son and His heavenly bride, the Church 2Co In this sense the book has six divisions: The bride seen in restful communion with the Bridegroom, 1.

A lapse and restoration, 2. Joy of fellowship, 3. The bride seeking and witnessing, 5.

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It is quite a stretch, in fact patently bad hermeneutics, to teach that the Song of Solomon is painting a picture of lust and love between a human individual and God rather than a picture of the relationship not sexual between the Church and Christ. To profane this wonderful prophetic book, a picture of both earthly human marriage and the marriage of Christ and His Church is sickening, in fact blasphemous.

Ooh, Ooh how great your love is for me Ooh, Ooh how great is your love Chorus 2: God does not "ravish" the hearts of His followers. He does not take them over, taking away their will and making them do things they have no control over.

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The Bible specifically states that the fruit of the spirit is self-control Gal. Those who sign this song are unaquainted with Jesus Christ. It all is about GOD. No wonder we have so many experience based churches where many are not even saved but relying on an experience.

RickNovember 9, at 9: Through the death of my wife, I have always taken great comfort from the Hillsongs Church. If you have so much issue with Hillsongs the why dont you do what the Bible says when it instructs us that if we have problem with another christian brother that we should go ourselves directly to that person to sort the matter out. This all sounds like a very strong case of professional jealousy of breaking down another christian brother because you are bitter about how God is using the Hillsong ministry.

Why must I stop singing Hillsong just because one bitter man hates Hillsongs? You seem to be hiding behind conservative doctrine but your true face looks bitter, angry, resentful and full of jealousy. Why tell the world about how much you hate Hillsongs? Why dont you do what Scripture in Matthew 18 tells you to do to go and sort it out with the leader of the Church yourself?

Why impose your bitterness and outrage against another Christian brother on all of us who are seeking to live a God glorifying life? Leave behind your weight of sin and focus on Christ. This is the commandment from the writer of the Hebrews. If you claim to be so based on sound doctrine then why dont you take heed to the Matthew 18 principle and the instruction given from Hebrews that I have already mentioned?