Page of 58 Go. Page 53 telephone number of the sending machine or such business, other entity, or individual. Close The Side Cover Load the envelopes into the bypass tray. Enter the contact information and click [Save]. Press the power button. Enter the shortcut name within 24 characters. Browse to the Setup directory on the download file.

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Page of 58 Go. If an error occurs If an error occurs, the information lamp will illuminate and you will hear an audible beep. Select your desired destination from the display. To print the manual completely, please, download it. When attempting to clear a paper jam, or inspect the inside of the machine, be careful not to touch areas around the fuser unit. How to read PDF manuals After installation, these programs can be turned back on.

Press [Yes] to use the new drum cartridge. Document jam recovery When the following message appears after you have cleared the jam, you can restart scanning from the continuous page of the document. The lowest available address book number will be displayed. How to specify multiple destinations Check the OS on your computer and then click the appropriate version in the Download column to download the applicable file. If you do not have any problem in using the product, there is no need for an update.


Muratec MFX-3530 Console Multifunction Printer

The lowest available number will be displayed. Enter the shortcut information and click [Save].

Connect the USB memory device to the machine. For the mfs of your authorized service center, contact Muratec from the United States, call ; This warranty will be honored only on presentation of the original dated authorized Muratec bill of sale or Muratec dealer bill of sale or sales slip to an authorized Muratec service representative or service center.

Updated driver software is offered to improve compatibility for users with different OS versions and application software. Turning The Machine Off Turning the machine on and off Long time off Before turning the primary power switch off, please make sure the secondary power switch has been turned off. Check the message on the display or on the printed message, and clear the error. Change preferences Click [Print].

Close The Side Cover Load the envelopes into the bypass tray. MFX By downloading from this website, you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of Muratec’s Software License Agreement. Muratec will not be required to make adjustments, repairs or replacements if the product is installed or used at a location deemed by Muratec to be hazardous to health or safety, or if Muratec is not provided with free and reasonable access to the product and a telephone during service availability hours, or if the product location is not accessible by an authorized Muratec service vehicle.


Muratec – MFXWeb All-In-One Marketing as a Service Platform

Page 31 Click [Print]. Windows, and Microsoft Windows are registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. Replacing the drum cartridge NOTE When you have replaced the drum cartridge, the following screen will be displayed. Printing or copying on envelopes When you print or copy on envelopes, use the following procedures to reduce wrinkles.

Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 33530 If you detect odd sounds, smoke or odor emitting from your machine, unplug the power cord immediately and contact your authorized Muratec dealer. After you have reviewed the manual, please keep it available to users at all times. Page 37 Enter the user ID, and password and click [Login].

Please use Windows Explorer to run the Setup. Page 39 Enter the contact information and click [Save]. Clearing paper jams in the optional 2-bin tray Before installing the software, please refer to Readme. According to the user policy, you cannot 33530 the address book.